The advantages of prefabricated modular buildings – TSSC offers custom solutions

The construction industry well accepts prefabricated modular buildings. They come with many benefits, including cost-effectiveness, safe to use, faster to build, and the most significant alternative to traditional construction. When you opt for modular buildings, you can save almost half of your occupancy and time. So, if you are already planning a custom-building project, it could be a prefab modular construction. 


By choosing modular buildings, you can save 50% of your occupancy and time. These buildings are manufactured and assembled inside the factory premises with a controlled environment; then, every module is set up one by one correctly. The assembly line process is used, and it all initiates with building the frame then the process ends with building the inner space and exterior. The modules are then transported to the construction site; the transportation process is simpler. Once it reaches the construction site, they are assembled to form a building. Modular buildings have a particular benefit, the overlapping of onsite and off-site construction process overlaps. 

TSSC are the leaders in manufacturing and designing prefabricated buildings for commercial and residential purposes. We function in the Middle East, in the UAE, and we have successfully delivered so many prefab buildings for various uses. We have an expert team and implement modern techniques. We build office units, camps, labor accommodation spaces, storage spaces, dining areas, and portable cabins. We convert containers that allow hassle-free transportation and are useful in constructing high-rises. TSSC’s Flatpack modular units enable easy transportation. 

Our prefab structures are incredibly light-weight, energy-efficient, and use sturdy steel frames; they take the least time to erect, weather-resistant, anti-termite treated, and have an elegant look. We use light gauge steel for building prefab buildings; we also have a team that offers installation service. TSSC also has advanced shelters for telecommunications and for storing electrical equipment. 

There is something special about the foundation of prefab modular buildings. The foundation plays a significant role; there are two types: the grade and raised foundation. The raised foundation is ideal for permanent and temporary modular buildings. Here, the modules are placed on the concrete blocks. The structure can be disassembled without much effort, and there is no need for a crane to put the completed modules in the ultimate assembling process. 

Now, the grade foundation is the most common, and it is done by placing a foundation wall surrounding the perimeter of the building. This type of foundation is suitable for constructing the basement for buildings. The experts need to set all the modules using a crane in the final assembling step for using an on-grade foundation. 

Once the onsite procedures and preparations are complete, our experts install the building. There is a particular kind of order to deliver and stage the modules to maintain the assembling process’s efficiency and smoothness. We use a crane to put the foundation; also, the building components are attached. During this time, the interior and exterior are completed, we also connect the utility. 

TSSC has set up any prefab homes successfully in the UAE, and we have a list of so many satisfied customers. We are the pioneers in offering insulated panels, building materials, and construction supplies. If you plan to invest in a prefab home, we give you options to choose from many attractive finishes and insulating materials. 

Please discuss your project requirements with us we ensure lower cost and higher ROI. Call us today. 


TSSC manufacturing sandwich panels for cold storages and warehouses

Cold storages require solid thermal insulation, and this is why sandwich panels are used. These panels have a core that is made from polyurethane for better insulation. You can think of increasing it as you keep on adding thickness to the sandwich panels. The Middle East has extreme weather conditions, the days are very hot, and the nights are cooler. This is why there is a massive demand for these insulated panels. 

Sandwich panels for cold storage possess a consistent style of construction. Sturdy polyurethane foam is used at a very high density, and it remains in the center. Also, there are two exterior layers having cladding of galvanized steel. TSSC in the UAE manufactures high-quality sandwich panels that offer the ultimate thermal insulation, apt for refrigerated rooms and cold storages. Our sandwich panels are used across industries, including food, pharmaceuticals, health, chemists, beverages, flowers, and more. Our panels efficiently control the cooling and the heating, which proves to be very energy efficient. Its air-tight prevents heat; also, the sandwich panels are the perfect solution for cold storages. You can consider it a sound investment.   

Do you have your cold storage or warehouse in the UAE and decided to install sandwich panels? Do not worry because TSSC delivers it directly to your doorstep. Our solutions include catering to industries that include logistics, food processing, and distribution, beverages, pharma, etc.  


Are you looking for a sleek and portable solution?

You could invest in a walk-in-freezer which looks almost like a Walk-in cold room? These freezers can function efficiently at very low temperatures, between -18C to -22C. The units can maintain an even temperature that proves to be beneficial in storing products for months in hygienic and healthy conditions. 

We also have skid-mounted ones that are portable and are installed upon mobile units; you can name it as mobile refrigerating systems. You can easily lift the structure using a crane or a flatbed truck, which is very simple to use for offshore applications. The unit’s base is made of steel, and this offers ample durability and mobility. We have the latest invention, its TSSC’s pre-insulated HVAC ductwork. Our expert engineers have used the most innovative technology while creating this solution. We use PIR and PUR; the outer layers are made of aluminum sheets. 

If you are looking for insulated panels and get in touch with TSSC, we are the most prominent manufacturers of insulated panels used mainly for various applications. We offer high-quality warehouse sandwich panels that are ideal for installing in your warehouse. We offer customized solutions based on client requirements. We believe that there is no one solution for all; every requirement is different. 

TSSC has a vast customer base, and we have so many satisfied customers for more than the past four decades. We are the leaders in manufacturing building and construction supplies in the UAE. If you have a cold storage or warehouse and wish to install insulating panels, discuss your requirements. Do send us your needs and we have a solution for you. 


Modern truck refrigerated trucks by TSSC – A portable cooling solution

Cooling systems are very much preferred mainly by the food processing industry, but others need it and the pharma companies. Perishable items are stored at a higher temperature like milk items; this offers more freshness and produces lower waste. Big restaurants and hotels that have a huge catering service feel that it’s a challenge to keep food fresh and they have to store in bulk, imagine how much raw and packaged food items the supermarkets have to store. Here, having a proper cooling system to store this substantial amount is a must. 

We all have a refrigerator at home, but these commercial establishments find that space and the normal refrigerator temperature inefficient. This is where commercial cooling systems come into play. It’s a mode of remote condensing that operates with a vapor-compression refrigeration system. There are proper segregations for storing food, medicines, beverages, flowers, etc. A special refrigerant is used for efficient cooling. Refrigerators do not have to be static; there are moving ones so that items do not perish during transportation. A refrigerated truck is a van that is designed to transport perishable items at a specific temperature. These trucks differ from normal insulated vans because the latter does not have cooling apparatus attached. At TSSC, we understand your requirements; we are the biggest truck body manufacturer in the UAE. We know the Middle East is famous for very high temperatures during the day time and for those items to be transported, a refrigerated truck is mandatory. There are so many things carried in refrigerated trucks like flowers, honey bees, flu vaccines, medicines, penguins, perfumes, and lipsticks. 

The majority think that refrigeration systems create cold, but it is all about the heat energy that is absent. The heat is removed to create the cold conditions. A self-contained atmosphere is designed in a portable commercial refrigerator by insulating a compartment and then adding a seal to it. This insulation is made from polymer foam with a high density, and this polymer is also more durable. There is insulation, and there is also a seal around the door that gives a heat-tight atmosphere. We use an efficient refrigeration system with a simple mode of operation where three mechanisms function: a compressor, a condenser, and an evaporator. 

The primary function of a refrigerated truck is to keep food fresh by maintaining health standards. If food is preserved in this way, there is no growth of bacteria. These vehicles are used to ensure that the efficiency of drugs is maintained because they have a requirement of a particular temperature. 

TSSC has a lot of clients all with their various requirements. They require oversize freezers and refrigeration units, and we have experts with whom you can consult about your requirements. We have multiple units for your space and ventilation needs. It has been more than four decades to design modern and energy-efficient insulated truck bodies for our clients in the UAE. We are renowned as one of the most successful refrigerated truck body manufacturers in the UAE. Please discuss your project with us, request a quote.


Aluminium composite panels – What all you need to know before purchasing

Aluminium Composite panels or ACP are also called sandwich panels. It’s a composite material where thermoplastic polythene is used as a core, and also, there is a fire-resistant core, both sandwiched in the middle of two aluminum sheets. Polythene is not fire-resistant; thus, it can spread the fire. So, it’s essential that you have to ensure that the core material is fire resistant before ordering.


Construction projects are divided into 3 types: A, B, and C; you have to buy panels based on the type of project you have. Type A is extremely fire-resistant, and it covers buildings taller than 4 floors. Type B is for 3 storeyed buildings, and Type C has the least amount of fire-resistivity, and here one or two-storeyed construction is used. In the UAE, a non-compliant aluminum composite panel having polythene core is not used. TSSC manufactures insulated panels that are resistant to fire. Aluminum sheets can be coated with polyvinylidene fluoride or fluoropolymer resin, or it could be polyester paint. The normal thickness available in these panels is 3mm, 4mm, and 6 mm. We also provide customized sizes to our clients. 

Aluminum composite panels are used for external cladding for facades of buildings for canopy shopfronts, signage, hotels, and bars, shopping malls, offices, commercial buildings, etc. It is also used in interiors like wall coverings, cupboards, false ceiling, table-top, modular kitchen, wardrobe, etc. It’s also heavily used in the aircraft industry where weight saving and mechanical performance plays a critical role. 

Wall cladding is a very modern trend, and the construction industry in the UAE swears by it. It refers to an insulated covering that is used on material for offering protection and a decorative look. It gives stability to the interiors against harsh weather conditions. There are different types of cladding available in the market, like tiles, glass, brick cladding, fiber, cement boards, aluminum composite panels, etc. An aluminum composite panel is very widely used as cladding materials, it’s extremely flexible and lightweight and also easy to install.  

These composite panels are manufactured from two aluminum sheets that are well bonded to a non-aluminum core. We manufacture the core from thermoplastic that is non-combustible. This core has excellent insulating properties. The product has a smooth finish and comes in different colors and designs. 

Properties of aluminium composite panel:

  • Lightweight panels – These panels have low density and can be easily installed. 
  • Thermal insulation – The panels have excellent thermal insulation.
  • Earthquake resistant – The panels do not tend to fall while shaking. 
  • Water-resistant – To prevent the panels from becoming weak against humidity and rain, adequate waterproofing needs to be done. 
  • Cleaning and maintenance – Our panels are easy to clean and demand low maintenance. Dust the panels periodically for regular maintenance. 
  • Durability – The panels are incredibly durable, and can be replaced every 20 years. 

TSSC is one of the largest aluminum composite panel manufacturers in the UAE. We are an ISO 9001 certified company manufacturing building materials and construction supplies in the Middle East.


The high amount of insulation and cost-reduction offered by lightweight concrete panels

TSSC lightweight concrete panels are formed from foaming concrete, with synthetic fibers and additives. The panels have tongues and grooves on the four sides for easier and faster installation. There is very little amount of mortar needed, so debris and dust would be minimized during the installation process. This is why you do not need to conduct lengthy cleaning, thus saving the cost of construction due to minimal requirement of laborers. Our panels have brilliant physical properties, sound insulation, and high heat. The concrete panels are also waterproof, lightweight, and fireproof with high weight. The panels are produced using steel grid reinforcement, which gives a lot of safety and mechanical properties. TSSC concrete panels are an excellent choice for walls, ceilings, floors, houses, offices and reduce the time of construction.


Features of lightweight concrete panels

Speedy construction and savings in labor costs – You can imagine how fast the process can be when we tell you that 3 of our workers can construct a 15m square wall in just an hour almost. 

Easy installation – Communication cables and electric pipelines can be installed faster, cheaper, and more accessible. 

Saving of mortar – The amount of mortar required for work is only 20-25% compared to bricks and almost 50% when compared to ACC and CLC blocks. 

Energy savings – TSSC wall panels are used in high-rise buildings. It helps in saving energy bills by reducing the heating and air-conditioning costs due to excellent insulation. 

Environment friendly – Our product is environmentally friendly and an initiative to protect the environment. This process eliminates the CO2 that is emitted from clay brick production, which brings climate change. 

You can also call it a mineral wool panel since mineral wool is used for insulation. Mineral wool is made by melting basalt stone and slag that is recycled from steel mills; it is then spun into the fiber, again formed into boards and batts.

Mineral wool is known for excellent thermal insulation, which helps in restricting the heat transfer via the building envelopes. This reduces the demand for heating and cooling energy. The result is there is a year-long comfort inside. This mineral wool in-between the concrete panels improves the floors, walls, and roofs’ acoustic insulation. This material is non-combustible, so it offers in-built fire protection and contributes to fire safety. Mineral wool was here for decades, but now it’s making a comeback in improved versions. 

When you use concrete panels, the investor can save a lot and enormous can-do profits. There are more cost savings due to the early completion of the project and savings in foundation cost. 

TSSC concrete panels are mainly used for constructing walls that do not bear any load. Concrete panels having a thickness of 100mm are used for inner partitions, and those that are 150/200mm thick are for the outer walls. We have high-density panels for load-bearing, used for houses having 1-2 floors. The panels are also used in hospitals, warehouses, schools, industrial buildings, high-rise buildings, and moderate to low budget housing projects.


Cold rolled steel buildings from TSSC – Everything you must know

A building’s function reflects the outer appearance, and this is what modernism demands. Steel is being used in various forms in the building sector. So, in this blog, we shall discuss cold rolled steel buildings.



Cold rolled steel is widely used in the construction of buildings, be it industrial or residential. There is an alteration in the mechanical properties of steel that is press-braked or cold-rolled. A steel section that is cold-rolled from a flat strip, the yield, and the ultimate strength is more due to the cold working mainly in the bends. 

Cold-rolled steel can be used for whole buildings, for the roof, floor, and wall systems. These can also be used as single framing members like studs, truss members, and joists. It is ideal for primary and secondary structures. There are two types of structural steel products – structural shapes and panels. There are different types of structural shapes in the market used in building components. 

Steel panels that are cold rolled are used for insulating the building to keep the weather out. TSSC offers ready cold-formed steel panels with insulation combined in the construction of the panel. Few configurations use sandwich panels while you can use other types of insulation as well. In metal buildings, the wall panel looks the same as the ribbed roof with narrow or wider ribs; it could be aluminum coated or painted for extended life. 

Do you know how cold rolling is done? The procedure is carried out at room temperature; thus, no cooling is required. The tolerance of steel does not alter, and it is not easily breakable. Cold rolled steel is versatile, and it has been quite many years since it is used in the construction sector. 

Cold rolled steel is mainly suited for prefabricated buildings that spread up to 24 meters. The foundations of cold-rolled buildings are shallow. Therefore it is cost-effective. The frames are pre-galvanized, making sure a longer life of the new building this way ensures your investment is protected. 

Advantages of cold-rolled steel buildings:

  • Easy to assemble 
  • Reduction in foundation costs 
  • These buildings are incredibly durable
  • Environment-friendly 
  • The modular design adds to the flexibility

Cold rolled steel is common in building envelopes. The building envelope is a very familiar term in the construction industry. This concept relates to the design and construction process of the exterior of the property. TSSC manufactures high-quality building envelopes that use exterior wall designs and materials suitable for the climate, structurally stable and look very aesthetically pleasing. The building envelope includes exterior walls, exterior doors, roof, and sub-floor. 

The building envelope is usually constructed of cold-rolled steel and a type of cladding. This envelope also meets the thermal insulation requirements and fire performance. The importance of building envelopes:

  • Offers structural support
  • Controls moisture and humidity 
  • Air management

TSSC has more than 40 years of experience in supplying construction and building essentials. We have an expert team to manage client requirements. We are a certified ISO 9001 company, the leaders of insulated systems in the UAE. We have a long list of satisfied clients. TSSC can erect a cold-rolled building, discuss your next project with us.



Are you running an industry related to perishable items? Order a commercial refrigerator

A commercial refrigerator is an efficient cooling system that is being widely used in food processing and catering. An industrial refrigerator makes sure the safe storage of various food items, both cooked and uncooked; this retains the freshness, adds to the quality, and reduces waste. Food businesses, including the top hotels and restaurants, find it difficult to maintain food’s freshness. These businesses need to acquire raw materials and a huge amount of cooked food as well. 



The solution is to invest in industrial refrigeration; it’s a remote-condensing solution that is made to work with a vapor-compression refrigeration system. Some sections are designed differently for storing items like food, beverages, raw vegetables, fruits, and flowers at a freezing temperature. A high-quality and environment-friendly refrigerant is used to store items in these refrigeration units. 

If you want to understand a bit more about cooling systems, you must know that these systems work based on the second law of Thermodynamics. The law says gases get cooler when expanded and heated upon compression. When two different temperature items are kept close to one another, the heat starts traveling from the hotter to the colder object. The refrigerant inside is passed through various changes in pressure, which give more efficiency and speed. Thus, heat is removed from there, and items remain fresher. TSSC does not use Freon gas because we care for the environment; we contribute to a greener world. Instead, we use gases like tetrafluroethane for promoting environment-friendly refrigeration. 

At TSSC, we are known for offering the most efficient insulation and refrigeration systems in the UAE. We have so far catered to plenty of clients and their requirements from different businesses. We have clients who consult us before initiating their cold storage units, new hotels, flower businesses, etc. There is an increased demand for big-sized and extensive refrigerated units for storing food and liquor in huge amounts. 

Our refrigeration units come in different shapes and sizes; the systems are compact, helping to save a lot of space. You can choose units according to your requirements; it could be bigger walk-in refrigerators to small units. These are custom cold storage solutions for various industries. Our industrial refrigerators have high-quality insulation, energy-efficient, and have other benefits. 

TSSC specializes in manufacturing and supplying portable and non-portable commercial refrigeration. We have a specialized team in manufacturing refrigerated trucks useful for storing perishable items, including medicines and other medical items. Our vehicles are well-known for offering consistent refrigeration, a useful portable solution.          

We can also share stories of clients who wanted to convert their yard or garages into refrigerated units. They probably wanted to start their restaurant or a mini-bar, they needed to invest in beverage coolers. We also get calls from renowned catering agencies for advanced refrigeration systems. 

 TSSC is a renowned name in the UAE; we offer specialized solutions. It’s been over four decades that we are providing insulation solutions all over the Middle East. We are here for you, discuss your requirements with us—request for a quote


Install a sandwich roof panel system manufactured by TSSC for a whole range of benefits

Why are sandwich panels becoming more and more popular? Sandwich panels symbolize the achievements of the modern construction industry. Lightweight and well-insulated is the trend, a universal requirement. These panels are durable and very lightweight. Using insulated sandwich roof panels its hassle-free to continue construction work all round the year. Panels manufactured by TSSC are attractive, come in different designs, a variety of shapes, and colors. These panels do not require any interior and exterior refinement, which helps you keep extra costs at bay. There are numerous benefits of sandwich panels, and the greatest one being affordability.



Sandwich panels are mainly used for roofing, cladding and walling solutions, instrumental stuff for construction. These panels are made of thermo-insulating materials forming the core. The two sides are covered with two thin metal sheets; also, these are non-structural and curtain materials. The panels are fixed to a steel framework or any other frame that endures the structural forces. The core is made of EPS, also known as Expanded Polystyrene, PUR, PIR, and mineral wool. Different materials have varying insulating performance; they vary in terms of weight, resistance to fire, and soundproof levels.  


Insulated sandwich panels can make the construction process faster, and this is very important for generating higher ROI within a shorter span of time; cost-saving factors are always significant. Imagine a production building or a warehouse that gets ready soon; the chances of earning ROI would be better. Buildings that use Stud partitions are never built, instead of assembled. There is no time wasted in allowing the building to shed off excess moisture. The structural parts and the cladding materials are brought onsite, and the assembling is started immediately. Sandwich panels are mobile; it is easy to disassemble again and reconfigure to somewhere else. Due to the lighter weight of the panels, the transportation costs are very less. 


Do you know that inefficient roofs can allow more than 25% of the heat to escape? So, this would result in an increase in your energy bills, and this why you must use sandwich panel roofing. These panels are very durable, allow faster installation, and lowers the operational costs. These roofing panels have varying thicknesses and need less labor for installation when compared to traditional roofs. These roofing sheets swear by a single layer facet, which allows better coverage within a shorter period. TSSC manufactures insulated roof panels that are energy-efficient and can last for almost a lifetime without much maintenance. 

Our sandwich panels come with all accessories needed for a complete installation like all fasteners and flashing. There are various types of seals and gaskets to make sure the correct sealing of the partitions. So, at TSSC, you get everything under one roof; it’s easier to follow a one manufacturer policy. Visit our website for more information.

We are the leaders in the UAE for manufacturing insulated panels. If you need to invest in a roof panel system, have a consultation with our experts—request for a quote.


The benefits of insulated cold store panels – TSSC is one of the biggest manufacturers

Every business has its own construction requirements. Temperature control is of the utmost importance when it comes to storing perishable items. Among all other items, food and wine are the two most important things that require storage at a specific temperature. Controlling the temperature of the cold store room is very important. Sometimes a cellar and fridge could be sufficient, but when it comes to large quantity goods, you need to set up cold storage using cold store panels


Read the benefits of cold storage panels:

Efficient insulation properties:

TSSC cool-room panels have fantastic insulation properties. Thermal conductivity is a crucial factor, mainly when you desire to control your refrigerated room. You can choose a panel that utilizes board insulation or cell structure; you would get superb thermal performance with the available solution. 

Energy Efficiency: 

Energy cost is the most significant obstruction for many industries in the UAE. Due to temperature regulation, you need a considerable amount of money on cooling. But you can keep the costs under control by using cool room panels. These panels use a lesser amount of energy and stabilize the environment inside. Every panel TSSC design make sure that there is no thermal drift, which helps you save a lot of money. The panels are efficient; they eventually reduce the operating costs almost by 50% or more. 

Low maintenance solutions:

Presently a lot of businesses and industries are struggling; they are on a tight budget. This is why having active cooling equipment is of utmost importance. This is why cold room panels are so important. These panels aid in quicker construction. The one-step installation process helps the panels to cut down the number of essential trades and aid in the entire installation and keeps the operational costs low. 

Safe and flexibility in design:

Panels used in commercial refrigeration are incredibly versatile; we manufacture these in a variety of colors, shapes, sizes, and also construction materials. You can find panels for roofs, interior walls, and exterior walls at our store. Cool room panels are more. Our panels are safe, hygienic, have a fire rating, and offer lifetime performance. 

Every storage space is different, so our cold store panels solutions are also not the same. We offer customized solutions in terms of sizes and thicknesses to suit your requirements.

TSSC refrigeration systems:

You might have plans of installing a walk-in-freezer, these work efficiently at low temperature between -18C to -22C. These systems are ideal for storing products in hygienic conditions because they can maintain even temperature. This helps in storing products for many months and not worry about hygiene. TSSC also manufactures mobile refrigerating systems, the portable skid-mounted one, set up in movable units. The base is made of steel for durability and proper mobility. Do you know the latest TSSC invention? It’s the HVAC pre-insulated ductwork. Our experts have used the most innovative technology; PIR and PUR have also been used in the manufacturing process. The outer layers are made of aluminum sheets. 

TSSC are the leaders in offering commercial insulation solutions in the UAE. We have more than four decades of experience in manufacturing building solutions. Call us with your queries regarding cold store panels.


EASYWALL lightweight concrete panels from TSSC for a successful construction

Lightweight concrete panels are made by attaching two calcium silicate panels in the form of a sandwich with polystyrene beads and ceramsite or cement. These are lightweight, non-load-bearing composite panels used in roofing, walling, and flooring. The mixture is made of a lighter weight abrasive aggregate, but sometimes a part or entire finer aggregate could be lightweight. Lighter aggregates used in structural concrete are generally expandable shale, clay, or slate that have been set on fire inside a revolving kiln to make it porous. 

Lightweight concrete is used to manufacture prefab wall, to make it one unit. It’s been used in various constructions very successfully. The biggest reason to use these is to lessen the weight of the concrete structures. The density of lightweight concrete is almost 80% that of the usual concrete. Some of the characteristics of these panels are:

  • Low density and high strength
  • Lower thermal conductivity
  • Fire-resistance and sound insulation
  • Gives speedy construction
  • Better quality construction
  • Save construction costs

TSSC Group manufactures lightweight cement wall panels under the brand name Easywall, a non-load carrying partition wall system. It is used to replace block works, Drywall, AAC, hollow blocks, and externally. We are dedicated to manufacturing quality panels in the UAE, which are suitable for efficient and innovative construction. These panels offer unbelievable value to the construction sector, helping builders, developers, and consultants meet the demands of the present-day construction requirements.  


Advantages of concrete wall panels: 

  • The panel is lightweight which allows easy installation and simple tools are needed for the construction
  • The panels have an extended lifespan and are very durable
  • These are soundproof, fireproof, and soundproof. The panels have 4 hours of fire-resistant
  • Due to the lightweight nature, the panels can be assembled very quickly, and you can reassemble it again in any other location.
  • It’s an economical and very environmentally-friendly solution. 
  • The surface finishing is very flexible.
  • The panels have a high-quality finish and are consistent.
  • A solid thermal insulation
  • Ease of shaping and cutting
  • Indirect and direct cost saving
  • MEP friendly


The EASY WALL is a wall panel made using fiber cement board for panel facings. An interior composite core material of lightweight concrete mixture is made from Portland cement, aggregates, additives, and Expanded Polystyrene and admixtures. The right combination of materials offers strength and rigidity. Our panels are fire-rated and suit all the acoustic applications. The available thicknesses are 75mm, 100 mm, 150mm, 200mm, 250mm, and 300mm. The products include single panels, twin panels, cavity wall system, and insulated panels. These panels are used in:

  • Apartment buildings
  • Homes
  • Large-scale residential projects
  • Schools
  • Hotels
  • Offices
  • Clinics
  • Retail facilities
  • Commercial buildings

TSSC panels are approved by the Dubai Municipality, ADCD, and Dubai Civil Defence and are tested by internationally accredited testing bodies. 

We design the most exquisite insulated panels, and it has been more than four decades into manufacturing insulated panels. Quality is our priority; we do not compromise with the quality at all. Discuss your next project with us, request us for a quote.