Wall panel systems from TSSC – Low density and insulated panels

lightweight partition wall panel is defined as a division or a wall made of studding, bricks, glass, or other materials. It’s mainly used for dividing a room for more than one purpose. These are mainly designed as non-load bearing walls; it could be fixed, folding, or collapsible. In case the partition walls are load-bearing, they are known as internal walls. Lightweight panels are extremely popular in prefab construction in building various structures. These panels are popular for its lightweight nature; builders prefer using these panels. Also, these panels have a much lower density when compared to traditional panels.

Why do builders prefer partition walls?

With these panels, it’s possible to segregate the entire area into several rooms. The inmates can experience privacy, also stay protected from sound and sight. Due to the various benefits, these panels are very popular, which lowers the cost of construction. Also, lightweight panels occupy less space, and it can be set in any space and position. Benefits of TSSC wall panel systems:


  • The installation process is very simple, hassle-free
  • Upon installation, you get better thermal insulation
  • The tools required for installation are extremely simple
  • The panels are environment-friendly and cost-effective
  • Shaping and cutting can be done quickly and easily
  • The finishing of the surface is extremely flexible
  • Also, the panels can be disassembled and re-assembled easily
  • Long-lasting panels that are durable, also they have a superb quality and finishing
  • The panels are resistant to various climatic conditions, fire, sound, and other environmental factors.
  • These panels are MEP friendly.


A look at the types of partition walls, this classification is dependent on the material used:

  • Lightweight cement wall
  • Brick partition
  • Concrete and clay block partitions
  • Hollow block partitions
  • Wooden partitions
  • Glass block partitions
  • Metal partitions
  • Double glazed windows

These lightweight panels are a reliable alternative to AAC, block works, drywall, and hollow blocks. TSSC has a team of experts researching various modern technologies and advancements possible to manufacture products. Our wall panel systems are effective in offering great value to the construction sector. These panels are used in apartment buildings, homes, hotels, clinics, schools, offices, warehouses, retail facilities, commercial facilities, and more.

Are you looking for insulated panels in the Middle East? Due to extreme weather conditions, insulation plays a significant role. TSSC is one of the largest manufacturers of lightweight panels. We are into manufacturing construction and building materials for more than four decades. The panels are made from the highest-quality materials, therefore offering the best value when used in construction. These lightweight panels help the entire building team in meeting their requirements. Also, investors can save a good amount of money, and this helps in generating profits. The project is completed before time, and it helps to keep costs. Also, this helps in reducing the foundation costs and generating better ROI.

If you are thinking of initiating a project, discuss with our team, and request a quote.