Long-lasting standing seam roof panels by TSSC in East Africa – Covering up the roof for insulation

East Africa is a torrid region that experiences extreme weather conditions. The summers are scorching, dry and the deadliest. Here insulation plays a very big role, and this is why standing-seam roofs are so popular. A standing seam roof is among the most maintenance-free and durable metal roofing solutions that can last for more than 30 years. Also, these metal roofs offer energy reduction and the installation process is simple. These roofs are usually installed over the existing roofs. 

 Insulation is the key – the types of metal seam panels 

The roof of a building is as important as its foundation helpful in regulating the insulation. There are various types of roof covers available in the market. But, standing seams offer a solid structure, durability, solid foundation and thermal insulation. These metal roof panels are designed with different radius roof profiles, making them perfect for different roof levels. Vertical panels are used with two seams in each panel that stands vertically. Post-installation the shadow lines run continuously from the ridge to the eave adding height to the pitch and the plan of each roof angle. 

Standing seam metal roofs is a fixed roof concealed system featuring vertical ribs and flat space. The side edges of one panel are zipped or seamed along the length of the adjoining panels. There are usually four basic types of metal standing seam panels:

  • Mechanically seamed
  • Symmetrical mechanically seamed
  • One-piece snap lock
  • Two-piece snap lock

These roof solutions are reduces your cooling costs 

A standing seam roof in East Africa is the ideal choice for your roof, which can last more than 2 times the life of roofing shingles. These roofs are manufactured from aluminum, steel and copper. The roof panels can withstand wind gust up to 140 miles per hour during the installation. 

TSSC offers customized insulated roofing systems. Our solutions are contemporary, available in variations and colors. Discuss your budget with us, and we have a solution for your roofs. TSSC seam roof panels do not require repairs; it is a one-time investment. 

These seam panels are equipped with fire-resistance capabilities and the panels won’t collapse under any external conditions. The metal reflects the rays of the sun, which reduces heat transfer to the property. In many cases, standing seam metal roofing lowers your cooling costs by up to almost 30%.

The panels are extremely durable 

The standing seam roof is known as the ‘lifetime roof’ as the roof panels are extremely durable. TSSC suggests a one-year maintenance program for upkeep and you do not have to worry about those roof panels. 

Now that you know about standing seam roofs, you can make informed decisions. Do you have plans to invest in a long-lasting roofing solution? TSSC Group has a wide range of solutions for the building and construction industry. TSSC Group has covered 50 years in the construction industry, being renowned for unparalleled service.

Final words

Post-installation, it is suggested not to walk on metal roofs which is extremely dangerous, and safety measures are taken. Have a project on your mind? Talk to the engineers and get to know what would work best for you. TSSC is one of the most renowned insulated panel manufacturers in East Africa. Request a quote today!

TSSC supplies a brilliant range of commercial display chillers and cooling systems

A display fridge is equipment that is used for displaying food items and drinks to the buyers. These display chillers are kept in retail stores, restaurants, cafeterias and supermarkets. The drinks and beverage industry commonly uses chillers and freezers. 

This business is thriving in Saudi Arabia mainly because of the hot and humid weather conditions. These cooling and refrigerated systems consume a lot of energy. But how would you ensure that you are saving energy while the cooling process is going on? Insulation is the biggest factor that plays a major role. There is a huge amount of energy going into the cooling process to escape the chill air. 

A look at the features and the advantages

TSSC supplies a brilliant range of commercial display chillers in Saudi Arabia. Our systems include open-front units, slim-multideck that are stylish and easy to clean. We have economical chillers which are an excellent choice where there is a lot of space. TSSC offers cabinet and under-counter display refrigerators to meet your requirements. 

Display chillers in Saudi Arabia are an asset in commercial kitchens and shop floors. TSSC offers three main display freezers: Self-service chillers, under-counter display freezers and display refrigerator cabinets. We also have single, double and triple door chillers. TSSC chillers and freezers are energy-efficient and are facilitated with digital thermometers, digital stickers having high-resolution digital stickers, extra shelves, and door locks. Our chillers are energy-efficient, equipped with modern design and have LED lights installed. 

Are you looking for drinks-display fridges? We have food display cabinets from where we can serve you fresh products. TSSC in Saudi Arabia is an approved vendor for the leading top international brands like Baskin Robbins, London Dairy, PEPSI, Carlsberg, and Heineken. We can customize the client’s requirements and our team of certified engineers design to perfection. All our units are checked through an automated and stringent quality analysis. TSSC cooling systems have maximum insulation and are made specifically for the Gulf area climate. 

TSSC has introduced its brand – Celsius

Celsius is a renowned brand by TSSC in Saudi Arabia that manufactures modern refrigeration solutions. The systems are equipped with digital display and low noise operation. TSSC freezers and chillers are manufactured following the international standard guidelines. The systems carry various certifications, which include SASO, ROHS, KUCAS, and other certifications. 

TSSC designs sco-friendly and energy efficient cooling systems

Industries related to beverages, medicines, milk, food distribution, and other perishable items cannot do without an adequate refrigeration system. Reach out to more merchandising prospects by choosing customized TSSC commercial freezers. Some popular ones are chest storage freezers, chest display freezers, ice-cream freezers, chest storage freezers, and glass door freezers. TSSC display chillers have adjustable shelves, castor wheels and self-closing doors with proper locks. The modules are energy-efficient and are categorized under the eco-friendly range. 

TSSC operating for about 50 years 

TSSC, being among the top insulated panel manufacturers in Saudi Arabia, has the expertise to exceed the popularity of insulated panels. We also have a team that visits on-site for a timely installation. We have been designing insulated panels for almost 50 years. Do you have a project to initiate? Discuss with the TSSC experts. Request for a quote.

Insulate your cold storage unit to save energy – TSSC designs efficient solutions

Industrial refrigeration is about implementing a cooling force of process coolers. Cold storages, the food processing industry, medicine industry, and other sectors depend on commercial refrigeration. Why is refrigeration so important? When perishable goods are stored at a very low temperature, it ensures there is no spoilage. Many perishable objects are stored inside warehouses and cold storage to ensure there is no shortage of supply according to the demands. Refrigeration aims to slow down the process of bacteria formation so that the time taken to spoil the food or any other perishable items gets delayed. 

Install cold store panels to save more on your energy bills

The Middle East or UAE is now a business hub with so many industries thriving. This area experiences extreme weather conditions where days are very hot and nights are comparatively cooler. So, much cold storage is running and requires adequate maintenance. A cold store unit consumes a lot of energy, but you can save on your bills if you think of energy efficiency. Insulating a cold store is of no less importance to arrest the cold air for maximum duration. The external weather condition should not interfere with the low temperature inside. Installing cold store panels in the UAE is a sound investment. 

TSSC sandwich panels arrest thermal drift

Sandwich panels are used for insulating cold storage units. These panels are in the form of a sandwich with an insulating core and two metal sheets covering both sides. These panels are made from different types of core. Each core material has a different thermo-insulating capability. TSSC is one of the biggest and the oldest manufacturers of premium quality sandwich cold store panels in the UAE. Our expert team of engineers manufactures energy-efficient panels to lower your cooling costs. TSSC panels consume the least energy and take very little time to stabilize the interior. The panels make sure there is no thermal drift which can lower the energy consumption and help you save in the long run. TSSC cold room panels are also waterproof, and the inside wall, floor, and roof are water impermeable. The core is very tightly bound, which offers excellent resistivity. 

We implement the most modern technologies

SSC designs cooling units based on your business requirements. Our engineers follow the essential steps and meet the required parameters. TSSC units can store items at freezing temperatures for an extended time. TSSC engineers are certified; they implement the most advanced technologies related to commercial refrigeration. 

TSSC designs portable solutions

Cold storages are essential for storage, but what about transportation? When the items require transporting, it is very important to ensure no perishing due to temperature differences. TSSC has manufactured portable refrigerated trucks in the UAE for the transportation of the items. 

Get in touch with the TSSC team

Rely on TSSC when you are looking for the best-insulated panel manufacturers in the UAE. We have a solution for every type of business and within every budget. We are one of the most renowned manufacturers designing insulated panels and building supplies for almost 50 years. If you have a project to discuss, get in touch with our team to request a quote. 
Please discuss your project with us and request a quote. 


The flourishing of business and the requirement of cold storages in Oman – Insulate with our cold storage panels

The food processing industry and other trade are flourishing in the Gulf countries. Businesses that deal in storing and transporting perishable goods require cold storage and warehouses. Countries in the gulf area experience harsh weather conditions where days are hot and humid, nights are cooler. Here, the construction industry is also booming with a lot of residential and commercial projects. Insulation is one of the most crucial factors; insulated panels are used in roofing and cladding.

When it comes to insulation solutions, the importance of sandwich panels is immense. Why are these panels called sandwich panels? There are two metal sheets on the two sides which protect the core (thermally insulated) in the middle of both sheets. These panels are used in cold storage for utmost efficiency. The industrial refrigeration market in Oman is booming due to businesses that deal with perishable goods like medicine, food processing, vegetable wholesalers, and brewing…etc. These machines use the cooling process, which involves heat transfer to maintain a chilled temperature inside the facilities.

Energy efficient cold store panels 

A cold storage facility consumes a lot of energy that is required to produce a chilled environment inside. With proper insulation, you have to ensure that no cold air passes out or hot air flows. Without adequate insulation, you might have to pay a huge energy bill for inefficient cooling. So, one of the primary tasks is to install cold store panels in Oman, which is a one-time investment for efficiency.

Invest in a refrigerated truck box

How about transporting perishable items and medicines from the cold store to various selling units or distribution centers? Some trucks are facilitated with refrigeration facilities known as refrigerated truck boxes. This is a portable refrigeration solution that works almost similar to traditional refrigeration. Order a refrigerated truck box Oman from the TSSC Group for a portable cold store solution. Our trucks are well-insulated for air-tight and moisture-tight refrigeration on wheels.

TSSC caters to client requirements

TSSC in Oman is one of the most renowned manufacturers of insulating materials and construction supplies. We cater to the top industries in Oman. We have approximately 50 years of experience in dealing with client requirements. We try to design solutions that are easy to install and would help in generating more ROI. TSSC uses project management software for the flawless and quick delivery of our solutions.

Our panels have thermal efficiency

Are you interested in adding insulation inside your cold storeroom in Oman? There are different types of cold rooms for every storage requirement. You can also discuss with our experts the kind of cold room you intend to set up. We can modify and customize as per your storage requirements. Our insulated panels aid in maintaining a constant low temperature inside to keep items fresh.

TSSC insulated cold store panels in Oman are eco-friendly and have high redundancy. Our panels have stability and strength that offer thermal insulation, control grease, bacteria, and dust. We recommend panels having a minimum R-value of up to 40 for sufficient thermal efficiency.

Final words

Please book a consultation with the TSSC team to discuss your project. Request for a quote.

The use of TSSC insulated sandwich panels in roofing and cladding

The sandwich panels are used as roofing and cladding solutions for proper insulation. The panels are made of two metal sheets having an insulated core in the middle, which looks like a sandwich. Sandwich panels are non-structural but offer support when required. These panels are attached to a steel framework for proper support. The sandwich panel manufacturers in West Africa prefer sheet insulating where superior quality PIR and mineral wool are used. 

These insulated panels help to control the temperature inside the commercial or residential space. The core of the panels is extremely tough and rigid. The metal sheets on the sides are protective coverings. The core efficiently protects against heat, cold, humidity and other weather conditions. The outer coverings safeguard the lightweight core. 

The importance of insulation 

Insulation is an essential requirement in West Africa mainly because of the harsh weather conditions. The core is generally made of expanded polystyrene (EPS), PIR (Polyurethane), polyisocyanurate, and mineral wool. All of these materials have different insulation requirements in terms of heat and sound. 

Sandwich panels are available in various shaped and sizes

Sandwich panels are used in warehouses, cold storages, logistic buildings, sports complexes, shopping arcades, offices and more. TSSC Group is one of the leaders in manufacturing insulated panels in West Africa. TSSC sandwich insulated panels are available in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors. We have a team of architects that design panels to perfection. You can also have a consultation with us about customized insulated panels. 

The benefits of insulated panels 

TSSC sandwich panels in West Africa make the construction process faster, easier and reasonable. We design superior quality sandwich panels in Africa that are made of various sandwich sheets. All the panels are checked for quality and flaws via an automated system before it is shipped to your location. The panels are easily transported and the installation is simple. Faster construction means low building costs and more ROI. Sandwich panels in West Africa have a lot of advantages; here are a few:

  • Faster to assemble using dry process
  • Quick construction time
  • Highly resistant to corrosion
  • Excellent thermal and sound insulation properties
  • Cost-effective for materials, shipping and labor


Choose what Core you prefer

Sandwich panels in West Africa are reasonable. The price is decided based on the core used. If you are fond of budget buying, the EPS core is apt for you. The PIR is the most reliable choice one can choose and mineral wool offers unparalleled insulation against sound and fire. The majority of the builders prefer assembling sandwich panels. The stud partitioning is a part of the “dry process” that does not require water during the construction materials. 

Low-maintenance and affordable vinyl panels 

The panels require low maintenance which saves cost and time. The exterior surface of the panels is simple to clean and non-porous. TSSC is renowned for designing insulated panels and construction solutions for 50 years. Consult with the TSSC experts if you are looking for affordable insulated panels within your budget and requirements.

Please discuss your project with our experts. Our tech experts will soon get in touch with you. 

Please discuss your project with us and request a quote. 

The construction industry in the UAE that depends on adequate insulation

Are you into the construction industry? Have you ever worked with sandwich panels? If not, then it is high time you start working with sandwich panels soon. Want to know why? The answer’s here! Before you look for some reliable sandwich panels manufacturers in the UAE, here is a brief introduction of sandwich panels to those unaware of these structures. 

What are sandwich panels? 

Also known as sandwich structures or sandwich structure composites, the sandwich panels in Dubai face sheets stuffed with stiff cores. These structures are light in weight and offer supreme durability and stability. Besides, if you want to save your pockets, sandwich panels are apt for you. 

Generally, sandwich panels in Dubai performs two main functions: 

  • Protect the buildings from external environmental factors 
  • Provide convenience to the users in an economical manner

The specific industries in the UAE that use sandwich panels are commercial buildings, industrial facilities, cold storages, power plants, residential buildings, and the like. 

The longevity of a sandwich panel depends on the product components with which it is manufactured. For example, if you are looking for a cold store sandwich panels, make sure that the structures are sturdy enough to bear the thermalresistance of the cold storage. 

Advantages of sandwich panels 

Now comes the time to answer the much-awaited questions. Check out the list of advantages of the sandwich panels:              

Resistance to fire 

If you expose sandwich panels to fire, they produce outstanding results. If you are in the construction industry, you can easily use sandwich panels to ensure your workers’ safety and equipment. However, while using sandwich panels, make sure you take a look into the size and height of the building and the intensity of the fire. 

Thermal insulation 

When you use sandwich panels for construction work, it reduces the amount of energy used, reducing the overall cost of energy consumption. In addition, sandwich panels decrease the formation of molds and humidity. 

Sound insulation 

If you use any application that produces excessive noise, you should use a sandwich panel for sound insulation. When sandwich panels are inserted into the application, the noise sources are separated, making the environment comfortable and quiet. 

High strength-to-weight ratio 

Unlike solid laminates, the sandwich panels have a better strength-to-weight ratio. This is why supporting loads with less structural material is not a big deal for sandwich panels. Eventually, it results in less purchasing of materials as well as the cost of transportation. 


Since the core material of the sandwich panels is cheap, buying sandwich panels is a cost-effective option.Besides, the durability of these sandwich structures reduces the maintenance cost. 

Final words 

Have you already decided to use them in your upcoming construction project? You can install an insulated roof panel in UAE for an insulated roofing solution. Make sure you install them correctly. Further, if you want to prevent damages, ensure to check the sandwich panels and their complementary products for at least a year.

Sandwich panels used in cladding and roofing solutions – TSSC panels have a higher load-carrying

Sandwich’ sounds interesting? These panels look exactly like a sandwich having a thermo-insulating core covered with two metal sheets on both sides. These panels are products used for cladding roofs and walls of buildings. Every panel is designed based on thermal insulating, sound insulating, weight, fire-resistivity and performance. Sandwich panels are certain materials but non-structural. The structural forces are supported by a steel framework or any other carrier frame to which the panels are attached.

Reducing energy consumption is a challenge

East Africa is a hot and humid county and businesses are not thriving here. The days are very hot, and nights are cold. This difference in the natural weather requires insulation for storing perishable goods. One of the biggest challenges of future construction is reducing energy consumption in all stages, from the building to demolition. The sustainability concept in construction design encouraged thermal and acoustic insulating materials using recycled and natural materials. Sandwich panels are capable of protecting construction from external factors. It is a modern and lightweight construction element used by the building sector in East Africa.

Sandwich panels are based on the core

Sandwich panels are classified based on the core that is used for insulation. Sandwich panels with cores of EPS (expanded polystyrene), mineral wool, polyurethane (PIR, or polyisocyanurate) are available. These panels are used to clad external walls of construction and offer insulation to the internal walls of cold storage. The panels are designed by filling a low-density and thick insulation material between two high-density and thin metal surfaces. These are ready-to-assemble elements having a higher load-carrying capability.

How long would the sandwich panels last?

The longevity of the panels depends on the design and the accurate technical specification of the panel component according to the building required, the climatic condition and the environment. TSSC is one of the most experienced sandwich panel manufacturers in East Africa. The external sheet of the insulated sandwich panels is resistant to temperature alterations, external factors, and UV rays. The inner sheet is resistant to condensation, physical effects and chemicals.

Simple installation process

The installation process is very simple as well as follows a single-installation procedure. Upon installing our panels, you can cut down on your operational costs. The insulated panels do not allow thermal drift, which gives more energy efficiency.

Yearly cleaning and maintenance

TSSC has a team of expert and certified engineers who calculate the load-bearing capabilities to match it with the needs of the building. We suggest checking (cleaning and maintaining) the panels once a year. If any damages are seen arising due to external conditions must be fixed without any delay.

Request for a quote

Now there is an increasing demand for sandwich panels in East Africa. The construction industry and businesses are thriving. Businesses that deal with perishable goods, medicines and depend on temperature cannot do without proper insulation.

Please discuss your project with us for a solution and customization. TSSC is renowned for being one of the top-rated insulated panel manufacturers in East Africa for about forty years. Request for a quote. You can also add your valuable feedback about our products and services.

Please discuss your project with us and request a quote. 

There is only one feasible way to insulate your cold storage interior – Install TSSC cold store panels in UAE

Cold stores are very popular in the UAE mainly due to the growing perishable goods industry. Also, there is an extreme climatic condition in the country where insulation is the most important factor. Cold storage should be equipped with insulated walls and ceilings to ensure the smooth functioning of a business.

Cold rooms have been a very important part of our life for a very long time. Humans have adopted the art of storing food and other perishable goods from nature itself. It has been seen that most of the items remain fresh in cold weather. Cold storage is a storage facility and the capacity depends on your requirement. Ample modifications and customizations are possible inside a cold room facility.

Did you hear of cold store panels in UAE? 

These are sandwich panels for cold storage interiors that have a 2mm profile for excellent resistance to forces, impacts and thermal insulation. These sandwich panels are designed by injecting polyurethane foam (the core). It is sandwiched between two metal cladding which is pressed at a very high density. These panels are ideal for monolithic construction. The panels can be used to insulate by installing floors, rooftops, and walls. 

Customize and modify accordingly

Adding insulating cold store panels in UAE is one very essential customization. You would not want the heat to get inside or cold air to flee out of the facility. You are spending a lot on the cooling facility so insulation can save your energy bills as well. TSSC cold store panels in the UAE help maintain the optimum temperature inside, add strength to the structure, and prevent air leakage. The panels ensure that the indoor temperature or the environment is not affected by any external conditions. Insulated panels are used for thermal insulation; these panels are popularly used in cold rooms and refrigerated vehicles. 

TSSC cares for the environment

Most of the construction and building supply companies are manufacturing recyclable goods. TSSC in the UAE is no exception. The panels are eco-friendly which shows that we care for the environment. The panels are transported to your site safely by our team. The panels not only offer insulation but also controls bacteria, dust and grease. Choose panels that have a minimum R-value of up to 40. Connect with our team for advice when you are planning to invest in TSSC solutions. We have a team of experts who can steer you in the right direction. 

TSSC designs refrigerated trucks

Do you know that perishable goods like food, raw edible items, medicine, flowers and many other items can get spoilt on the move? The items are loaded on trucks from the main storage to reach various destinations. Now there is no need to worry because TSSC brings refrigerated trucks in the UAE. The interior of these trucks is made of insulating sheets. These trucks have the same temperature that is there inside a big-size cold room. 

We have a solution  for you

TSSC has been the leader in manufacturing insulating panels for almost 50 years. We have rich experience in designing construction supplies. Discuss with the TSSC professionals for a consultation. Request for a quote. 

Please discuss your project with us and request a quote. 

Things to Know Before Start Building Projects with Sandwich Panels Oman

Are you looking for some specifications of sandwich panels in Oman? You are in the right place now. Here we will share every possible relatable thing about the sandwich panel, from its usage, dimension, and specifications. Before that, we have to get a quick snap on the sandwich panel. So, keep reading, readers.

What is a sandwich panel?

The sandwich panel is used as the cladding on the walls and roofs of buildings. Each of the panels has encompassed a varied material, with the core having a thermal-insulation system. These panels are skinned with both side sheet materials. These are not structural materials for a building, but supportive ones while needed. The sandwich panels are most of the time attached to the steel framework for extra support.

The sandwich panels are excellent for roofing, wall partitioning of the cold storages, warehouses, and porticos. Two metal sheets and a thick core are used to make the walls or roof insulating while used in the storehouse or the roof. Sheet insulating being the most preferred choice among sandwich panel manufacturers in Oman, they use high-quality Polyisocyanurate (PIR) and Mineral Wool.

The reason behind the frequent use of sandwich panel:

A wide range of benefits is experienced while the sandwich panels are used in roofing or partitioning walls. They are cost-effective and have high usability. Compared to the stud portioning and traditional building method, sandwich panels are far more effective than any other materials. And the other benefits are as followed:

      1. Cost-effective:

Constructing a building needs great capitalization, and using the best material in cost-effective ways is real intelligence. Therefore, people are using sandwich panels in Oman. The low expenditure level and high usage allure the builders every time.

      1. Little time in construction:

The construction time of a building is very much crucial. It needs to be very fast and swift while engaging in making a warehouse or cold store. A building based on the traditional process may take more than six months. Alternatively, a building in the same volume installing sandwich panels takes one month only to complete.

      1. Easiest process in construction:

Some of the buildings and construction require some critical projects to make the high building rise and technology-based. The stud portioning is a part of the “dry process” that needs no water in the construction materials. It needs high-quality assembling in a shorter time. This is why the builders prefer the sandwich panel. Also, looking for one among renowned insulated panel manufacturers in Oman is vital while working with some serious and high-quality building projects.

The bottom line

Whether you are a builder of a top-notch building or a homeowner looking for your next (or first) technology home, make sure you are using Oman’s superior quality sandwich panels. Also, there is a lot of variety of the sandwich sheets. Contacting an experienced manufacturer will get you the best thing ever.

Cold storage solutions are used across various industries in the Saudi Arabia

The gulf countries have an extreme climatic condition where the days are hot and nights are cool, therefore commercial refrigeration is necessary. The Saudi Arabia is famous for food processing, storage of meat, fish, and more, explaining why cold storages are commonly used in the country.

The driving factors for the growth of cold storages in the Saudi Arabia are the escalating demand for packaged food, the retail sectors, the expansion of logistics and the growth of consumers. Due to cold storage solutions, industries like dairy, frozen foods, sea food, meat, pharma plan to expand its market. The Saudi Arabian government also works towards ending food waste and exploring hygienic food preservation practices. The lack of proper cold storage maintenance infrastructure might stand as a barrier in the growth.

Customized cold storage solutions

The chilling procedure involves heat transfer to sustain a chilled condition inside the storage unit. TSSC Group operates in Saudi Arabia to fulfil the cold storage requirements. We design the most powerful insulated cold store panels in Saudi Arabia. So far, we have designed solutions for cold storages. We have an entire team working to customize the right solution for your business.

Insulation is a priority for cold store panels 

Insulation is a priority without which your cold storage will not function. The interior should be air-tight so that the chill air does not escape. The most important factor is to ensure that a constant low temperature is maintained for efficient chilling. Insulation also helps to maintain the desired temperature inside, lowering your energy bills. When you get low energy bills, you save more money in the long run. So why not strengthen your insulation requirements?

Cold store panels have higher redundancy

Install TSSC cold store panels inside your cold store room in Saudi Arabia. The panels offer rigid insulation having higher redundancy. The panels are durable and are manufactured using a tough core and metal sheets. We recommend panels having a minimum R-value of up to 40. This ensures adequate thermal efficiency for cold rooms. Check the thickness and weight of the panels before you decide on one.

Cold storage panels are ideally used for flooring, walls and rooftops. The insulation is formed by injecting polyurethane foam between the metal cladding which is done at a higher density. These panels have monolithic construction and can maintain temperature and humidity inside the structure. 

Request for a quote 

Are you looking for a refrigerated truck box in Saudi Arabia? TSSC designs refrigerated truck boxes for efficient portable refrigeration. Installation is very simple, which depends on the size and type of cold storage room. The panels are good for cold rooms occupying a lot of space. TSSC has an experience in manufacturing roofing and cladding solutions for the past 48 years. We have a team of professionals that can solve your queries. Please book a consultation with the TSSC team to discuss your project.

Please discuss your project with us and request a quote.