The rise of prefabricated buildings in Saudi Arabia

Prefabricated construction is on the rise to combat the challenges of traditional construction. Cost-saving is one of the biggest challenges because affordable housing is scarce in Saudi Arabia. Modern prefab structures are capable of cutting costs which is a big advantage. 

Many companies are manufacturing affordable prefabricated structures to ease the construction process. These buildings are manufactured offsite and transported to the construction location for on-site assembling. Prefabricated buildings in Saudi Arabia can be classified into two types – concrete-based and metal-based. Certain metal prefabricated components have huge market demand, including partition panels, frames, window frames, doors frames, formworks and metallic roofs, facades, etc. 

The uses of prefab construction

Prefab buildings in Saudi Arabia are not only popular in the commercial sector but also in residential spaces. During ancient times, prefab buildings were the most rapid way to restore homes damaged during wars. Now the concept has come a long way, and there has been ample research and tremendous modernization. Prefabrication is mostly managed within the factory, which saves time and there is no production of waste material on-site. While traditional construction takes a lot of time, prefab construction speeds up your project which saves cost. It takes a few months to complete the project when prefab building parts are used. 

The areas of application are:

  • Modern and high-quality office solutions
  • Accommodation on construction sites
  • Mess rooms and lounges for the employees
  • Schools and nurseries
  • Construction offices
  • Site facilities and a lot more.

 TSSC’s prefabricated construction is affordable, but the cost depends on the magnitude of the project and the use of construction materials. 


The Saudi Arabian weather is extremely harsh and tropical

 Therefore, the workers spend a lot of time under the sun and enduring various weather conditions when they are engaged in traditional constriction. Moreover, the traditional building method includes various processes which hinder rapid completion. Now, a big part of the building sector has made its move towards prefabrication. 

Are you looking for prefab modular homes in Saudi Arabia? Presently, there is a huge demand for prefabricated products available in different dimensions, shapes, and sizes. Furthermore, due to the cost and time benefit, there is an increase in the usage of prefab components. 

TSSC prefab modular homes – fulfilling the scarcity of housing

So, the construction industry in Saudi Arabia is moving in the right direction. A lot more prefab houses are going to come up by 2030. TSSC in Saudi Arabia is helping to generate more opportunities and create a more sustainable solution. Saudi Arabia is now concentrating on delivering affordable and environment-friendly solutions. New modular construction techniques by TSSC can reduce the scarcity of housing and hospitality. 

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TSSC is an ISO 9001 company with experience of almost more than 50 years. We develop top-quality prefab modular homes in Saudi Arabia and create insulation solutions. The TSSC experts support you from advice, planning, assembling, implementation to delivery. Please discuss your project with us and request a quote.

The growth of the construction sector shifting towards prefabrication

The modern construction industry is flexible in accepting new methods with open arms. As a result, contractors and builders have found ways to cut down the time and increase productivity. Statistics say that 60% to 90% of the prefab buildings in East Africa are entirely built within the factory premises. 

Affordability and all other advantages

Firstly, affordability is the essential factor. Everything is completed inside an enclosed space, so this is an affordable method compared to the traditional construction process. Also, you are relieved from the stress of hiring plumbers, electricians, plumbers and more. Compared to the traditional building method, the prefab building technique is affordable. TSSC Group is also operating in Qatar and is trying to nudge the growth of prefab buildings in East Africa and retain its growth. Glass, concrete, wood or metal are used in prefabricated construction techniques. The precast building uses slabs, beams, walls, columns, stairs, and standalone footings. Due to affordability and other advantages, prefab buildings are popular in commercial facilities, hospitals, education, construction, and more.  The prefabricated building technique is enjoying its popularity due to several advantages:

  • The workforce does not have to work for plenty of hours fighting various climatic conditions.
  • The construction market is seeing sunny days in East Africa.
  • There is an increased demand for modern housing for living and hotels for tourism.
  • The traditional construction methods are gradually becoming obsolete.


Why should you choose TSSC Group?

Are you planning to initiate a prefab project and looking for a renowned company in East Africa? TSSC is an ISO 9001 company offering building and construction solutions for more than 50 years or over 4 decades. We believe that one solution does not suit all; hence customization is required. We design prefab buildings in East Africa that stand out from the rest keeping in mind all your requirements. Our team initiates the project keeping in mind the climate, site, budget, and factors. Also, considering the extreme climate in Africa, more and more construction companies are shifting towards prefabrication. As a result, the laborers are relieved from spending hours in the hot sun and other weather conditions. 

TSSC is one of the leaders in manufacturing insulated solutions. We implement the most innovative and modern technology to complete building projects on time. Now there are a lot of projects that have been completed and upcoming ones too. TSSC believes in sustainability and efficiency. Therefore, our engineers implement the most innovative technology, including lean technology and inter-module structures for assembling.  

The prefab construction method is thriving

TSSC has worked with various big, mid-size and small clients, and we have so many satisfied customers. Now that the prefab method has crept in, the construction market is booming tremendously, and we are glad that we play a role in it. In the coming years, there would not be a scarcity of homes and the hospitality sector is also experiencing growth. The construction market is hugely competitive, and you cannot sustain without advancement. Also, 

Prefabrication is an eco-friendly construction method. 

Final words

Please discuss your project with our team, and request a quote.

Why should you install premium quality sandwich panels in Oman?

The temperature is very high in Oman, so the cooling systems work tirelessly. A lot of investment goes into paying huge bills, so insulation is a solution. The sandwich panel manufacturers in Oman manufacture customized insulated panels for various commercial and residential uses. 

Sandwich panels are insulated panels that offer excellent thermal insulation. Buildings, prefabricated units, cold storages and industrial structures commonly use sandwich panels. However, all sandwich panels do not offer the same quality, so it is important to shop panels from a renowned manufacturer. Sandwich panels in Oman are heavily used for building and construction purposes. 

The panels offer thermal insulation

TSSC’s sandwich panels offer thermal performance and shorter building time. Our insulated wall and roof panels are easy to install, and you get them in a blend of flat and corrugated finishes. At our store or website, you can discover a whole range of insulated cladding panels. The high-performance insulated panels are available in various finishes, profiles, and colors. The panels are equipped with thermal insulation, noise reduction and the least construction time. Our panels can offer solid insulation for almost 10-12 hours. We are among the most renowned insulated panel manufacturers in Oman

Extreme fire resistivity

Sandwich panels are heavily used for commercial purposes. For instance, flammable and toxic chemicals sometimes accumulate inside cold storage. TSSC’s sandwich panels are fire-resistant, and even some of the panels offer fire resistance up to 1000° C or even more. Engineers, builders, and contractors prefer sandwich panels to set up cold storage units and buildings to ensure safety. TSSC is one of the most experienced insulated panel manufacturers in Oman. 

Sound insulation

The panels are also capable of offering sound and acoustic insulation which is also a very important feature. As a result, the unwanted sounds and noises are left out which gives a peaceful atmosphere inside. 

Value engineering from TSSC

We specialize in manufacturing FM-approved Mineral Wool and PIR sandwich panels, metal decking, corrugated metal sheets, polycarbonate skylights, GRP and steel structures. TSSC continuously promotes value engineering and offers building envelopes along with detailed service, including engineering, 3D design, manufacturing, installation, and handing over the project. We are among the leaders in industrial and commercial roofing systems. 

Lightweight sandwich panels 

TSSC insulated sandwich panels are lightweight which are easily transportable. In addition, the panels are finely attached, with only a few joints on wide surfaces offering a seamless appearance. As a result, you can lower the transportation and building costs. The panels require low maintenance, which is another advantage.  

Why TSSC Group?

Are you looking for sandwich panel manufacturers in Oman? TSSC is an ISO 9001 certified company manufacturing sandwich panels for almost 50 years. We manufacture the most premium quality sandwich panels in Oman. We have a team of experts who can suggest a solution for your project. 

Discuss your project with us

TSSC architectural sandwich panels having hidden-fix joints can be placed horizontally or vertically, offering an aesthetic appearance to the construction. Explore our inventory now. 

Want to discuss your project with us? Book a free consultation for customized sandwich panels—request a quote. 


The importance of installing standing seam roof panels in East Africa

The climatic conditions in East Africa demand adequate insulation. The days are extremely hot, so cooling systems run all day to maintain a low temperature inside the residence or commercial property. The roof and the foundation of a building play an essential role. When you keep cooling and heating systems running for long hours, the energy bill tends to rise. Adding a roofing solution can help immensely, which is why many homeowners and commercial property owners are choosing to install a standing seam roof in East Africa. These are insulated panels installed over roofs that help in adding insulation to your property.

Insulation is the most important factor

A standing seam roof in East Africa is known to have thermal insulation properties. There are different types of roofing systems available in the market, but standing seams are ideal for offering a solid structure with adequate insulation properties. The standing seam roof has a fixed concealed system with vertical ribs and flat space. 

There are four basic types of roofing panels offering great insulation:

  • A mechanically seamed panel
  • The one-piece snap-lock panel
  • The symmetrical mechanically seamed panel
  • The two-piece snap-lock panel

TSSC customizes panels according to your requirements. 

Lightweight standing seam roof panels 

A standing seam roof is extremely lightweight and is simple to install. In addition, TSSC panels can withstand the pressure of wind and are fire-resistant. 

The sturdy roofs are impact-resistant and engineered to perfection to serve a long life of up to almost 60 years or more. As a result, the roofing system lasts twice the operational life of other roofing shingles. In addition, the panels require minimum maintenance, and the roof would not collapse due to heavy rainfall, hailstorm, and snowfall. 

TSSC’s standing seam roof panels are extremely long-lasting compared to any traditional roofing system. This roofing system is equipped with flexible design, versatility, and weather seal. The higher strength-to-weight value of the standing seam panels adds to the increased load-supporting capability and increased durability.

TSSC standing seam roofs can last for a lifetime

Standing seam roofs have utilitarian and architectural profiles making the roof aesthetically pleasing and structurally complete for being a perfect fit. TSSC is among the renowned insulated panel manufacturers in East Africa. The company has been operating in East Africa for over 40 years and catering to client requirements. We are renowned for offering building solutions and have clients that belong to different commercial sectors. TSSC standing seam roof panels can last for a lifetime. In addition, TSSC offers a yearly maintenance plan for your newly installed roofing solution.

Our panels help to lower your energy bills

TSSC’s standing seam roof in East Africa is air-tight and weather-tight. Our engineers make the roofs with cooling pigments that reflect the heat waves and cool the outer surface. The ‘cool roof’ coatings help reduce heat absorption and keep the interiors cool. The extreme hot climate of East Africa demands an energy-efficient roofing system to lower your energy bills. 

Want to make an informed decision? 

Look no further than TSSC when choosing a company from many insulated panel manufacturers in East Africa. Come to us for a free consultation. Please discuss your project with us and have a consultation with the TSSC experts. Request for a quote.

How sandwich panels have made an impressive place in the construction industry

The construction industry has experienced a sea change in the last few years, with ample modern techniques and efficient methods being implemented. One such trend is the popularity of sandwich panels in Oman. These are insulated panels that can make the construction process a lot faster and a structure pretty long-lasting. 

The Gulf areas experience a humid climate and harsh weather conditions. The construction industry believes in insulation and sandwich panels play a major role in it. These panels possess outstanding insulation properties, durability and longevity. Oman, being a Gulf area, is no exception. The building industry here relies on thermal insulation. Many companies manufacture insulated solutions for the building industry. The real challenge is to pick a renowned manufacturer in the area. 

Understanding the core material – choose according to your requirements 

Sandwich panels in Oman are ideal for commercial and residential use. TSSC panels used for walls and roofs have high resistivity. The performance of these panels depends on the insulating material and the coating. All core materials possess different insulating properties. The core is capable of enduring humidity and air pressure. Choose the right core for high performance. 

Sandwich panels designed with mineral wool have 3 layers. There is dense mineral wool in the middle, and the outer layers have aluminum sheets. This is ideal for construction having greater fire-risks and that requires better sound insulation. 

Polyisocyanurate panel is also known as the PIR panel. It is a macromolecular structure formed when the PU foam components react chemically at varying mixture quantities. The PIR offers an affordable solid core. 

The advantage of the lightweight nature 

Lightweight sandwich panels in Oman are easily transported to your site. The panel is attached on wide and spacious surfaces using a few joints. Due to the lightweight nature of the panels, you can reduce transportation costs. In addition, sandwich panels can last for many years only with little maintenance. 

The three -layers of a sandwich panel and advantages

Sandwich panels are made up of three layers – a core in the middle surrounded by two thin metal sheets. These panels have a dense structure and the core offers insulation. The panels are non-porous and lightweight. These are ideal for roofing and cladding solutions, heavily used to insulate warehouses and cold storage. The panels possess exceptional resistivity. So here are the benefits of sandwich panels in a nutshell –

  • Faster construction
  • Thermal and sound insulation
  • The dry process is implemented 
  • Easy assembling
  • Affordable solution


TSSC Group – the cladding experts

TSSC Group is one of the leaders in building and manufacturing construction solutions. TSSC has a good reputation for providing premium quality sandwich panels in Oman that are custom-made per your project requirements. TSSC is an ISO 9001 company offering insulation and construction solutions for over 50 years. We have many clients from various industries. Being one of the top sandwich panel manufacturers in Oman, we ask clients to book a consultation with our team. So please discuss your project requirement with us—request a quote.

The importance of display chillers for a successful business

A display chiller is a commercial front-open multideck designed to store chilled items directly on the shelf and visible from the outside. These commercial refrigerators are mainly seen in supermarkets, restaurants, beverage stores, cake, sandwich and coffee shops. These fridges are a fantastic way to promote impulse sales. The hospitality industry is growing, so there is a demand for beverages in the country’s weather conditions. Saudi Arabia experiences a hot and humid climate, but the country attracts many tourists and business visitors around the year. Storing edible items at the optimal temperature inside display chillers in Saudi Arabia helps keep the food/drinks fresh for an extended period. 

Explore a range of  of glass door refrigerators

Glass display chillers in Saudi Arabia are important in marketing at various food and drinks outlets. But these units consume a lot of energy for delivering efficient cooling. The owners must ensure that the chillers are air-tight so that no cold air escapes and no warm air is allowed to get inside. This will only delay the cooling process, which results in more energy bills. Insulation is the biggest factor that plays a major role. This is why you need to invest in high-quality display chillers from a renowned manufacturer. There is an extensive array of glass door refrigerators available in the market. Various types of fridges come in different shapes, sizes and are equipped with the latest technology. 

Display chillers by TSSC

TSSC designs display chillers in Saudi Arabia with different temperature ranges, depending on the type of food displayed. TSSC supplies a range of commercial display chillers in Saudi Arabia. Our systems include open-front units, slim-multideck that are stylish and easy to maintain. We have chillers that are affordable and ideal for spacious interiors. We supply cabinet and under-counter display refrigerators to meet your requirements. Glass door refrigerators are ideal for the food business because they offer excellent views. For instance, the bakeries showcase cakes, muffins and other tasty baked products. Display chillers in Saudi Arabia are like an asset to commercial kitchens and for shop floors.

Celsius by TSSC Group

TSSC offers insulation and construction solutions in Saudi Arabia. Celsius is a renowned brand by TSSC in Saudi Arabia that manufactures modern refrigeration solutions. The systems are equipped with digital display and low noise operation. TSSC freezers and chillers are manufactured following the international standard guidelines. The systems carry various certifications, which include SASO, ROHS, KUCAS, and other certifications. Some of the standard refrigerators are chest storage, chest display, glass door and ice-cream freezers. In addition, TSSC display chillers are equipped with adjustable shelves, castor wheels, and self-closing doors with proper locks.

Final words – request for a quote

Are you looking for display chillers for your business? Invest in attractive chillers that help to keep the products organized. TSSC has offered top solutions for more than fifty years. We have a team of experts for a consultation relating to your project. We also have a team for managing your project and completing it within a stipulated time frame—request for a quote. 


The growth of industries in West Africa – Learn about insulating cold storages

The western part of Africa experiences an extreme temperature with hot and humid days. Now West Africa has undergone a lot of development and there are many flourishing industries here. Same way, the hotel and tourism sector is also developing at a faster pace. This is the reason why many warehouses and cold stores are cropping up in the area. Industries like food, medicine, cosmetics, vaccines, chemicals, flowers, beverages and more depend on cold storage. These large refrigeration units operate 24 hours to maintain a low temperature inside to keep things fresh. If there are fluctuations in temperature, it could lead to spoilage of those items stored inside the units. 

The importance of insulation – TSSC panels

Insulation of the cold storage interior is highly important. Cold storage consumes a lot of energy. If there is any leakage from where cold air passes out and warm air gets in, it could lead to inefficient cooling and higher cooling costs. If you intend to add insulation to your cold storage, install sandwich panels for cold storage in West Africa. Sandwich panels are ideal for cladding and roofing solutions, also used to insulate cold storage. These panels look similar to a sandwich with two metal sheets surrounding an insulated core in the center. However, sandwich panels make the construction process less complicated, cheaper and speed up the construction.

TSSC sandwich panels for cold storage in West Africa are finished components and ideal for rapid installation. The expert engineers at TSSC Group use modern technologies to manufacture premium panels for various applications and projects. We are among the top sandwich panel manufacturers in West Africa. 

Are you choosing the right core?

TSSC sandwich panels have three distinct layers. The innermost layer, also known as the core, offers insulation. The insulated core made from mineral fleece, polyisocyanurate, EPS (expanded polystyrene) and PIR (Polyurethane) offers adequate thermal insulation. These panels efficiently control the humidity and are resistant to mold, bacteria, fire and sound. We customize panels according to your requirements. 

Sandwich panels are lightweight so transportation is not a hassle and the installation process is also very easy. These panels are durable and do not delaminate. Do you know that materials like wood, concrete are high priced and take longer construction time? Sandwich panels are comparatively reasonable and require quick construction time. 

Long-lasting sandwich panels 

TSSC sandwich panels are extremely long-lasting so you can consider it as a one-time investment. The panels can last for 25 years or even more with little maintenance. We recommend maintaining the panels once a year and they won’t require any repairs or replacements. We have yearly maintenance plans; you can check with our team. 

Do you have a project to discuss with us? 

TSSC is one of the biggest sandwich panel manufacturers in West Africa. Our team has over 50 years of experience in developing insulated panels and constriction supplies. TSSC is an ISO-9001 certified company and we offer customized solutions to our clients. We have clients from all industries and all of them are satisfied with our solutions. 

Book a free consultation with the TSSC experts. We also offer a no-obligation quote. Get connected today! 

Prefabricated construction is gradually replacing traditional construction methods

The real estate market is expanding in Qatar and this demands faster construction methods. There was a time when there was scarcity of housing in Qatar but prefab construction has been very advantageous since the past few years. However, traditional construction is time-consuming and the workers have to spend months under the sun to complete a project. In addition, it is gruelling to work under pressure and to endure the extreme climatic conditions. But when it comes to prefab buildings in Qatar, more than half the tasks are managed within the factory. The fabricated structures are then safely shipped to the building site.

The climate in Qatar is hot and humid, unfavorable for traditional constructions. Most workers have to spend a lot of time under the sun to complete the rigorous construction process. Moreover, there are various methods involved in traditional construction which do not support rapid completion. Here, prefab construction plays a major role in promoting faster building methods. This process involves less labor and everything is mostly done within the factory premises.

TSSC’s sustainable solutions

Now, prefab buildings in Qatar have taken up a big chunk of the building industry. The experts feel that it is going to expand more in recent years. These are environment-friendly structures that do not produce much waste material. The building industry in Qatar is moving in the right direction and TSSC Group is playing an active role in it. The experts feel that there would be more affordable housing coming up in the next ten years. TSSC Group is building sustainable solutions and is helping create more opportunities. Our modular solutions are eco-friendly and can help in reducing the shortage in the construction industry.

Prefabrication leads to cost-cutting 

Cost-cutting is a major aim of builders and developers around the world. In Qatar, the builders are trying to implement prefab building methods to bring down the cost. Prefabricated construction is reasonable. The cost factor depends on the scale of the project and the use of building materials. Also, the project is not delayed due to any external factors.

TSSC is the pioneer in offering insulated solutions 

Are you looking for prefab buildings in Qatar? Trust TSSC prefabricated solutions as we cater to your prerequisites. TSSC is an ISO 9001 company in the Middle East also spreading its wings in the Gulf area. We have been designing building solutions for more than 50 years now. So, we have plenty of satisfied clients from various industries. We utilize resources to deliver greener and recyclable solutions. TSSC is a pioneer in offering insulated panels for roofing and cladding. We are catering to a wide number of industries in Qatar that require insulation. Also, TSSC’s modular construction is energy efficient and we use modern technology, including the lean manufacturing process. The modules are assembled by applying an inter-module network.

Customized solutions from TSSC

In Qatar, the building industry is experiencing scalable development with a lot of urbanization. Here, even the government is trying to launch various opportunities with prefab construction. Are you looking for a customized solution from TSSC? Please discuss your requirements with our customer care team. We design customized solutions that speak of exclusiveness.

Please discuss your project with us and request a quote.

Store perishable items efficiently inside cold storage equipped with insulated panels

A cold room or a refrigeration chamber is a warehouse in which perishable items are stored where a low temperature is artificially generated. For example, a cold storeroom in Saudi Arabia is designed to store items in an indoor environment below the temperature outside. Some of the products that require refrigeration include vegetables, fruits—seafood, flowers and meat. The internal temperature depends on the product or material that will be stored. For instance, frozen food is stored below zero-degree temperature whereas vegetables and fruits are stored at zero degrees. Also, the subtropical and tropical fruits are usually stored at 5-15 degrees centigrade. 

The importance of commercial refrigeration

Industrial refrigeration can slow down the biological and chemical processes in food which controls the loss of quality and degradation. Through proper storage, the life of perishable items can be extended by several days only by the cooling process. Life can be increased by weeks and months via freezing.

Commercial refrigeration is extremely popular in Saudi Arabia. This process involves the use of advanced technology and machines. A cold storeroom in Saudi Arabia is used to store edible items and medicines, flowers, cosmetics, certain beverages, and more. 

Install cold store panels and save energy

The chilling process involves the transfer of heat to maintain a desirable low temperature. However, cold storage can take up a lot of energy to function smoothly. So, to make the cooling process more efficient, it is very important to keep the insulation requirement in mind. Insulation prevents the entry of warm air and the escape of cold air, which delays the cooling and energy consumed. Therefore, it is necessary to install cold store panels in Saudi Arabia. TSSC cold store panels are efficient in helping you to save energy while delivering faster cooling. You can decide on the size of your unit, which depends on your storage requirements. 

Cold store panels are used for rooftops, walls, and flooring. The insulated panels are designed by injecting polyurethane foam in between metal cladding at a very high density. These panels have monolithic construction and can maintain temperature and humidity inside the structure. 

Invest in refrigerated trucks for transportation

Static refrigeration is not sufficient. What would happen to the goods when they are transported from one location to another? These goods should be transported in big trucks equipped with cooling facilities. Invest in an affordable refrigerated truck box in Saudi Arabia. A refrigerated truck is a vehicle facilitated with chilling facilities to remain fresh while being transported for long hours. TSSC designs efficient and insulated solutions for businesses in the country. 

Plan your project with TSSC Group  

Are you planning to install cold store panels in Saudi Arabia inside your facility? TSSC Group operates in Saudi Arabia where we design insulated and construction solutions. We have a team of expert engineers to look into your requirements. We use pro project management software to track all the projects and to ensure timely delivery. We are experienced for more than 50 years in delivering cold store solutions. Discuss your project requirement with us, and we would solve your queries. Book a free consultation with the TSSC team and request a quote.

The use of insulated sandwich panels in the construction industry in the UAE

Sandwich panels are effective in safeguarding a construction externally from extreme weather conditions. The temperature is extreme in the UAE region so insulation is of utmost importance. These are lightweight panels that look like a sandwich with two metal sheets covering an insulated core in the middle. Sandwich panels in Dubai are ideal for roofing and cladding solutions most installed on commercial buildings like warehouses and cold storage. 

Sandwich panels are architectural roofing and walling solutions. TSSC is one of the largest manufacturers of sandwich panels in the UAE. Our insulated sandwich panels in Dubai have a hidden fix-joint system that can be installed horizontally or vertically. This provides an aesthetic appearance to the entire building. In addition, these high-performance metal wall panels offer excellent thermal insulation and fire resistivity. 

TSSC designs economical ribbed and flat roof panels in the UAE. These engage shorter construction duration for buildings having intense insulation requirements. 

Knowing about corrugated insulated sandwich panels 

These feature a sandwich form of construction with Polyisocyanurate or rockwool as the core between the two metal sheets. These sheets are designed for pitched roofs both horizontal and vertical. The sandwich panels have extremely lightweight thermal resistance and fire resistivity. 

The ISOwall sandwich panel from TSSC 

TSSC’s Isowall is insulated sandwich panels used for commercial walls and industrial buildings with hidden fixing joint systems. These ISO panels are used in building projects where insulation and hygiene are important factors. These ISO panels are available with RockWool or PIR insulation which offers improved fire resistance. Sandwich panels are used in commercial buildings, cold storages, power plants, residential buildings and more. 

An insulated roof panel in UAE offers thermal and acoustic insulation. In addition, the waterproof panels offer load and fire resistance to the construction. The panels come in three layers, the inner sheet, the outer sheet and an insulated core. You can choose the core material among PUR, PIR, EPS and mineral wool according to your requirements. TSSC’s insulated solution is suitable for thermal insulation, sound insulation, humidity control and fire resistance. 

Sandwich panels in Dubai are available in ready-to-to-to to assemble packs. 

TSSC’s sandwich panels are quality assured

TSSC’s sandwich panels that go through a quality check before the panels are shipped to your site. Sandwich panels are affordable and can be assembled or disassembled during building projects. The lightweight panels are durable and easy to transport, the maintenance of sandwich panels is minimal. TSSC engineers offer budget-friendly solutions to contractors and developers. The panels are easy mounting, ideal for contemporary construction work. 

Get customized solution from TSSC

So, now you have pretty much an idea about the various types of sandwich panels from the TSSC Group. TSSC Group in the UAE is an ISO 9001 company offering high-quality insulated panels and construction supplies. We have a huge team looking into your requirements and customizing accordingly. Are you planning to initiate a project soon and clueless about how to go about it? Then, please discuss your requirements with our experts for a customized insulated roof panel in the UAE.

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