Get in touch with TSSC for sandwich panels for cold storage in East Africa

Cold rooms have been playing a major role in our lives from the beginning of time. If you look at nature, you will find that animals prefer storing their food in cold weather. Humans have now adopted this concept and have started using cold rooms for storing all kinds of temperature-sensitive items. East Africa is a hot country and the need for cold storerooms is a necessity. TSSC manufacturers use high-quality cold store panels in East Africa to manufacture premium quality cold rooms, freezer trucks and other cold storage requirements for storing foods, beverages, vaccines, chemicals and pharmaceuticals at a specific temperature. Here are a few things that you need to know about using sandwich panels for cold storage in East Africa. 

The sandwich panel – What is it?

The sandwich panels for cold storage in East Africa are insulated panels that have a three-layered structure. The panels are excellent for thermal and sound insulation. The insulated core of the panels made from PIR, PUR, EPS, or mineral wool does the main job. The two galvanized face sheets protect the insulated core. The panels are widely used in cold rooms to regulate the temperature indoors and create an airtight environment for preventing the escape of heat. TSSC Group customizes the sandwich panels to suit the requirements of different projects. 

Exceptional strength and durability

The cold store panels in East Africa used in cold rooms have extremely strong and durable. The panels need yearly professional maintenance to last for 40 years or even longer. The upkeep of the panels is so simple that it makes them highly popular for use in cold rooms. The impact-resistant panels made from premium quality materials are able to withstand heavy impacts and strong wind uplifts. TSSC’s sandwich panels are internationally certified by accredited bodies that ensure the panel’s quality, durability, resilience and strength. 

Thermal insulation

Sandwich panels are known to offer good thermal insulation. The weather-resistant panels protect the cold rooms and freezer units by not allowing heat to enter from outside. The airtight panels reflect heat waves back into the atmosphere and stop the cold air from leaving the cold rooms. The three-layered sandwich panels are lightweight, durable, highly strong and extremely sound resistant too. High-quality panels are resistant to fire and can prevent fire outbreaks to a large extent. The insulation of the sandwich panels makes them energy efficient as well.

Energy efficiency 

Did you know that cold rooms use up a good amount of power to maintain a specific temperature all throughout? This can be reduced to a large extent by investing in sandwich panels for cold storage in East Africa. Sandwich panels offer heat insulation and keep the indoors cool for a long time. The insulation lowers the pressure on the air coolers and reduces energy consumption significantly. As the energy consumption is in check, the utility bills also get lowered considerably. Insulation and energy efficiency are the two things that go hand-in-hand in curtailing energy consumption and lowering utility bills.


Are you looking for customized sandwich panels for your cold rooms? Then, get in touch with TSSC manufacturers today. With almost 50 years of experience, the manufacturers get high-quality panels to serve their purpose reasonably. Book a free consultation today. Request a quote. 

The advantages of using high-quality sandwich panels in Oman

Are you looking for high-quality sandwich panels in Oman? If yes, then TSSC is the right place for shopping for insulated panels in the Gulf Area.

Sandwich panels in Oman are used for roofing and cladding. These panels have thin metal sheets on the two sides and a soft core that offers thermal insulation. These structures offer the right kind of support to a building. The panels are mostly attached to a steel framework for additional support.

Sandwich panels and their insulating capabilities

Sandwich panels are mainly used for insulation, and the industry relies on high-quality panels. Countries that experience extreme weather conditions need to install insulated panels. For example, Oman and other gulf regions experience very hot summers with sweltering heat. The real estate market is seeing brighter days in the Gulf region, boosting the requirement for various modern construction materials and techniques. Residential and commercial property owners install air coolers which results in high energy bills. Adequate insulation helps to maintain the right kind of temperature without raising your energy bills.

What are sandwich panels?

These are structural materials that comprise a stiff core along with two face sheets. It has top-notch structural ability, cost-effectiveness, and durability. Here, we will unknot more advantages of sandwich panels. The confluence of availability and durability is the most important factor. This helps the TSSC professionals to complete the ongoing projects. The panels are excellent for roofing, wall partitioning of the cold storage, warehouses, and porticos. Sheet insulation is the most preferred among sandwich panel manufacturers. The experts use top-quality polyisocyanurate (PIR) and mineral wool.

The advantages of sandwich panels

The total time taken for construction plays a major role. Sandwich panels facilitate faster and more efficient construction. A construction that is erected using the traditional building method can take up to 6 months. However, the same structure can be completed in one month.
Sandwich panels in Oman have high usability and require very low maintenance. These effective panels are an affordable long-term solution used in modern-day construction.

Are you planning a construction project?

TSSC Group in Oman designs sandwich panels that help to control the internal and external climatic conditions. The TSSC engineers believe in specific client requirements and not ‘one-size-fits-all.’ Our premium-quality insulated panels are customized based on your requirements. We are an ISO 9001 that manufactures all types of building and construction supplies. TSSC has been operating its business for the past 50 years and has lived up to your expectations. Our solutions cater to the requirements of the present market.

Final words

There are different types of sandwich panels so get panels from TSSC that ensure quality and functionality. We are the experts and one of the most renowned sandwich panel manufacturers in Oman.

Please discuss your project with our team today. Then, visit our website for more information—request a quote.

The growth story of TSSC sandwich panels in Saudi Arabia

Experts have said that the modular construction market has made a remarkable impact on the residential sector, and it is predicted to grow by 2025. This has taken place mainly due to the lack of skilled labor and the implementation of cost-cutting methods. The building and construction industry in Saudi Arabia has gone through a massive change in the few years. A lot of new techniques have been implemented including the use of a sandwich panel in Saudi Arabia. Before the Covid-19 outbreak, Saudi Arabia had the largest infrastructure in the Gulf Area. It suffered a little as every industry did, and now it is again soaring and would balloon within a few years. The Gold Area experiences a warm and humid climate during the daytime. Therefore, the residential and commercial sector relies to a great extent on insulation. 

The benefits of the 3 layered panel and uses

Sandwich panels are named so due to their 3-layered structure where two rigid metal sheets cover a soft insulated core inside. The panels have exceptional durability, strength and insulating properties. These panels are lightweight and have a rigid structure. A sandwich panel in Saudi Arabia is used for roofing and cladding solutions. The sandwich panels have benefits when compared to traditional roofing and cladding systems. Take a look:

  • Aid is faster construction
  • It is long-lasting and affordable 
  • Offers thermal and acoustic insulation
  • It is a dry process that is less time consuming
  • Simple assembling

The panels can be used in construction works like logistic buildings, office buildings, sports facilities, cold stores, freezers, warehouses, malls, etc.

Salient features of TSSC sandwich panels 

TSSC’s sandwich panels offer superior thermal performance, which makes them ideal for cold storage. Our insulated panels are easy to install and are available in a wide range of finishes and styles. In addition, the panels have made construction simpler by shortening the building time. 

Some of the features of TSSC’s sandwich panels are:

  • Panels have a double metal covering and micro-ridges. 
  • PIR/Rockwool or mineral wool insulation
  • Supports vertical or horizontal installation
  • Joint with a concealed fix system
  • Available in smooth and ribbed finishes
  • Panels are available in various profiles, finishes, and colors.

Our insulated panels include sandwich panels, corrugated sheets, purlins, metal decking, seam roofs, steel structures, GRP, and polycarbonate skylights.

TSSC group – The market leaders

Are you looking forward to investing in a sandwich panel in Saudi Arabia? TSSC Group has emerged as the leader in offering roofing, cladding and complete building solutions. We are in the market, leading it for more than 50 years. We have seen older technologies being replaced by newer ones. We are renowned in the Gulf and the Middle East for offering custom solutions within the budget. We are an ISO 9001 company and have clients from different industry verticals. 

Discuss your project 

We are the leaders in promoting value engineering backed by excellent customer service. We manage a project right from initiation to handover and you are informed about every decision. Book a consultation and we would suggest you the most accurate solution. Visit our extensive website for information and request a quote.

The versatility of metal standing seam roof panels in East Africa

Historically standing seam corrugated or metal roofs were used in agricultural and commercial buildings. However, it has been a few years that metal roofs have gained popularity for homes. Standing seams are very common these days in the eastern part of Africa. Aluminum and galvanized steel are the two types of materials used for roofing. The metals are coated for color preservation and extra protection. Standing seam roof in East Africa is an architecturally superior and versatile roofing system that has weatherproofing qualities. 

Standing seam roof in East Africa is a hidden metal fixed roof system that features vertical ribs with a pan or a flat space in the middle. The edges on the side of a roof panel are seamed along the length of the connecting roof panels. Metal roofs are durable, have adequate insulation and have weatherproofing qualities. 

Insulation properties of the standing seam panels

The roof is a very important part of the construction, and it requires adequate protection for maintenance. A roof is exposed to all the weather extremities. Therefore, it requires double protection that standing seam roof panels can offer. Eastern Africa has a tropical climate, the days are extremely hot. The air cooler keeps on running the whole day, and it has to perform under pressure for the whole day. The result is huge energy bills which can reduce the performance of the cooling system. An insulated roof can help in reducing your energy bills by aiding in faster cooling.

Customized standing seam roofs 

A standing seam roof in East Africa consists of a core, two face sheets on both sides. These roof panels are made from superior quality sandwich panels. The panels offer insulation, weather resistance, robustness and cost-effectiveness. The standing seam panels are tapered and curved, but you can customize them based on your requirements.

Long-lasting metal panels 

Metal roofs are expensive compared to asphalt shingles, and the former is long-lasting. Metal roofs can last for almost 40-47 years, which is a very long time. At the same time, traditional asphalt roofing materials have an estimated life of an average of 20 years. 

 The types of metal roof panels 

TSSC is one of the renowned insulated panel manufacturers in East Africa that offers snap-lock panels and field-seamed panels. These snap lock panels are fixed to the deck of the roof with the help of clips. This facilitates thermal movement to the metal panels. The field seam panels are similar to the snap-lock ones but the fixing clip should be crimped with the hand or machine. There are four metal roof panels:

  • One-piece snap lock
  • Symmetrical seam
  • Double-lock seam
  • Two-piece snap-lock interlock     


Final words

TSSC Group operates in East Africa, manufacturing complete construction solutions and expert roofing, cladding solutions. We have been designing functional solutions for more than 40 years. Our expert engineers have rich experience in designing modern standing seam roof panels. We have clients belonging from various industries and are content with our services. 

Have a consultation with the TSSC experts if you are looking for a long-term solution. We are among the top insulated panel manufacturers in East Africa. Please discuss your project with our team.

The heavy use of sandwich panels in the residential and commercial sector

The temperature in West Africa is extremely high and this is why the cooling systems function tirelessly. Businesses and residential property owners have to pay a huge energy bill to maintain a constant interior temperature. Hence, insulation plays a big role. Insulated sandwich panels are being used in the commercial and residential sectors. These panels are used inside spaces where a combination of high structural inflexibility and low weight is needed. The total thickness of the panels is increased, which helps in strengthening the structural attributes including the blending firmness. The quality of sandwich panels varies from one manufacturer to the other. It is all about the quality of the material used to manufacture the panels. The first most important task is to choose one among the renowned sandwich panel manufacturers in West Africa.

What are sandwich panels? 

These are layered structures made of the low-density core that act inherently with thin and strong materials. The panels have two layers on the sides that surround the insulated core sandwiched in the middle. These panels are affordable solutions for safeguarding buildings from external factors. This is a modern and durable solution used to clad external walls and roofs. Sandwich panels offering solid thermal insulation are used in buildings, prefabricated units, cold storages and industrial structures. The outer surface of the sandwich panels transfers loads caused by compression and bending. The core transfer load is caused by shearing. These panels offer heat and sound insulation and are capable of absorbing energy uniformly. The high-performance insulated panels are available in various finishes, profiles, and colors. The panels can offer solid insulation for almost 10-12 hours. In addition, TSSC’s sandwich panels are fire-resistant; some of the panels offer fire resistance up to 1000° C or more.

Lightweight panels allow inexpensive transportation

TSSC sandwich panels are incredibly lightweight, which eases transportation. The panels are finely attached, with only a few joints on wide surfaces offering a seamless appearance. This brings down the transportation and installation costs. The architectural sandwich panels having hidden-fix joints can be placed horizontally or vertically. This renders an aesthetic appearance to the construction.

TSSC Group – offering customized solutions

TSSC Group is among the top insulated panel manufacturers in West Africa. We are the leaders in designing FM-approved PIR and Mineral wool sandwich panels, corrugated metal sheets, GRP, steel structures, polycarbonate skylights, and metal decking. Our experienced and certified engineers implement value engineering to design modern building envelopes having 3D designs. Our team manages everything from handling the project to seamless installation. As a result, we have emerged as one of the industry leaders in offering insulated solutions. 

Our sandwich panels do not require regular and expensive maintenance. However, as per standards, post-installation TSSC sandwich panels must be checked once a year for cleaning and maintenance. 

TSSC Group – premium quality sandwich panels 

Are you looking for sandwich panel manufacturers in West Africa? You can explore our inventory online, or you can visit our store.  

TSSC is an ISO 9001 certified company manufacturing sandwich panels for almost 50 years. We proudly manufacture premium quality sandwich panels in West Africa. We have a team of experts to guide our customers. 

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The essentiality of commercial refrigeration in Saudi Arabia – know about display chillers and refrigerated trucks

Commercial refrigeration is an essential aspect of the food, hotel and hospitality industry. Cold storage is very important for businesses that deal with perishable goods. There are various types of insulated cold storage available in different sizes and styles. Manufacturers and transporters are now embracing portable refrigerated solutions that have made transporting perishable items conveniently. Read this blog to learn about refrigerated trucks and display chillers in Saudi Arabia.

What is a display chiller?

 A display chiller is an industrial front-open multideck designed refrigerator that has been designed to store items on the shelf that is visible to the buyers. Experts say that these display chillers can boost sales to a good extent. These are mainly used in supermarkets, restaurants, beverage stores, cakes, sandwiches and coffee shops. Edible items and drinks are stored inside the chillers at optimal temperatures for freshness. 

TSSC display chillers – the features

Invest in advanced commercial display chillers within your budget. TSSC designs display chillers in Saudi Arabia that have varying temperature ranges. The regulation of temperature depends on the type of items or food displayed. The modern systems have slim-multideck, open-front units that are easy to maintain and stylish. TSSC chillers are suitable for spacious interiors. In addition, we have a range of under-counter display refrigerators and cabinets customized to meet your requirements. Glass door refrigerators are useful for the food and restaurant industry. For instance, bakeries showcase muffins, cakes, and other delicious items.

 Introducing to the brand Celsius 

 TSSC has introduced the brand Celsius to manufacture an advanced range of freezer truck bodies and truck-mounted chillers. We are the pioneer in manufacturing display chillers in Saudi Arabia and portable refrigeration solutions. The edges and corners of the vehicle/truck bodies are safeguarded using extruded aluminum. The insulated body is designed to maintain temperatures ranging from 15°C to -40°C. 

TSSC refrigerated systems are facilitated with digital display and have features like low-noise, adjustable shelves, castor wheels, secure locks and self-closing doors, etc. TSSC chillers in Saudi Arabia are manufactured adhering to international standards. The systems carry prestigious certifications, which include SASO, ROHS, KUCAS, and other certifications. Some of the standard refrigerators include chest storage, chest display, glass door and ice-cream freezers. 

The refrigerated bodies are designed in sizes up to 7 meters in length and 3 meters in width. TSSC is one of the few companies in Saudi Arabia that designs truck bodies using 6 panels. Invest in an affordable refrigerated truck box in Saudi Arabia.

Why invest in TSSC solutions

TSSC Group has more than 55 years of expertise in the area of insulated panels. The TSSC experts implement the latest construction techniques to design insulated refrigerated truck bodies to the finest standards. Our improved techniques ensure durability and thermal efficiency. TSSC boasts of offering long-term and cost-effective solutions. 

Final words

Are you looking for a refrigerated truck box in Saudi Arabia? The county has a tropical climate where refrigeration is the key. Talk to the experts for a consultation relating to your project. We also have a team to manage your project and complete it within a stipulated time frame—request a quote.

Prefab buildings in Saudi Arabia help to streamline the entire construction process

Prefabrication is the assembling of components of building structures inside the factory. These structures are then transported to the construction site. This type of construction is now on the rise to get rid of the challenges of traditional construction. This type of construction is a type that is becoming popular, especially all over Saudi Arabia. Prefabricated construction methods are implemented inside an enclosed unit where you do not worry about extreme weather conditions, intruders, delays, or other complicated factors. Here, the entire construction process is streamlined and the least waste is produced. As a result, prefab buildings in Saudi Arabia are becoming very popular in the Middle East. 

The Middle East is embracing Prefab construction

Prefabricated construction is extremely advantageous to projects that have a higher degree of redundancy. Some examples where prefabrication is used are hospitals, hotels, student housing, and institutional buildings. The construction industry is already struggling with a shortage of talent and workforce. Here, prefab construction can be the ideal solution. Fewer people can do more work which is a big advantage. In addition, the prefab sites are considered to be safer and more secure compared to the traditional sites.

Sustainable prefab homes 

Prefab buildings in Saudi Arabia are segregated into two types: metal and concrete based. Some prefabricated metal components have huge market demand, including partition panels, frames, window frames, doors frames, formworks and metallic roofs, facades…etc. Prefab construction offers sustainability and the controlled environment allows accurate construction process, improved air filtration, and tighter joints, which offer energy efficiency and insulation. 

The throwing trend of prefab homes

With the growing popularity of prefab construction, it is definite that this trend will only continue to grow. Customers who would prefer this option would experience cost-effective, high-quality and faster building methods. Construction companies in Saudi Arabia are planning to increase investment in prefab processes. This will help the business to flourish and improve customer relationships. This advanced mode of construction that has low risks and lesser liabilities is becoming a viable choice. 

TSSC Group – affordable prefab homes

TSSC’s prefabricated construction is priced within your budget, but the final price depends on the size of your project and the use of various building materials. TSSC Group is an ISO 9001 company that has experience of about 50 years or even more. Get in touch with us for premium prefab modular homes in Saudi Arabia. The TSSC experts support you from advice, planning, assembling, implementation to delivery. 

Eco-friendly prefab homes by TSSC

TSSC modular prefab homes are environment-friendly, which reduces air, water and noise pollution. Prefab modular homes in Saudi Arabia are available in different dimensions, shapes, and sizes. New modular construction techniques by TSSC Group can lead to the growth of housing and hospitality in Saudi Arabia.

 Final words

According to the market leaders, the housing industry will experience rapid growth. By 2030, there would be many prefab constructions in the Middle East. Please discuss your project with us and request a quote.

Get the custom-made refrigerated truck box Qatar from TSSC – Call us today

Qatar has a hot climate and storing cold items is a Herculean task. However, the difficulty of storing temperature-sensitive items has been addressed with the advent of the cold storeroom in Qatar. The cold rooms have high-quality panels that offer good insulation and keep the temperatures stagnate for the longest time. The main challenge is the transportation of temperature-sensitive commodities. The refrigerated truck box in Qatar is a great choice for the transportation of frozen goods, edibles and pharmaceuticals. TSSC manufacturers build premium quality cold store panels in Qatar to get you durable and insulated trucks, cold rooms and so on.

What is a refrigerated truck box?

The refrigerated truck box is a professional vehicle with an effective cooling system used for transporting temperature-sensitive items. The food and pharmaceutical industry need these trucks to transport frozen items from one place to another while maintaining a specific temperature. Unlike other truck boxes, the refrigerated truck box in Qatar has an attached cooling system that’s responsible for keeping the items fresh for the longest time. TSSC manufacturers use only 6 cold store panels in Qatar to manufacture the truck box for moisture and humidity control. In addition, the panels are mold-resistant and anti-bacterial, which makes the refrigerated truck box hygienic.

Thermal insulation 

The cold storeroom in Qatar offers excellent thermal insulation. However, during transportation, such kind of insulation is of paramount importance. The refrigerated truck can hold temperatures ranging from +15 degrees to -40 degrees centigrade. The insulated trucks have well-insulated panels that are airtight and restrict heat flow from one place to another. The airtight compartments ensure to hold the temperature for at least 10 hours even if the cooler is switched off. Therefore, if you have any temperature-sensitive items inside the trucks, the items remain fresh and good even during a breakdown. 

Energy-efficient trucks

The freezer trucks are extremely energy efficient. The cooler doesn’t need to work 24×7 to manage the temperature inside the truck. The insulation ensures that the specific temperature gets maintained without hassles. Due to good insulation, the air coolers do not need to function continuously and reduce energy consumption. The reduction in energy consumption instantly lowers the utility bills and helps you make good savings. Remember, the higher the insulation, the greater the energy efficiency and lesser are the utility bills of these lightweight trucks. 

TSSC Group offers quality within a reasonable price

The refrigerated truck box in Qatar is extremely durable, weatherproof, waterproof and aesthetically pleasing. The lightweight trucks are robust and highly functional. You can customize the trucks according to your requirements to make transportation from one place to another an easy job. A good truck needs high performance and ensures safety on the road. TSSC Group provides the finest quality trucks under the brand name Celsius. 

With almost 50 years of experience in the manufacturing and construction industry, the engineers and manufacturers at TSSC provide fully integrated services and products for the cold chain industry. If you have a project in mind, then reach out to us. We offer customized plans for your project. Book a free consultation. Get connected today. Request a quote. 

The rising popularity of the standing seam roof Saudi Arabia – Why TSSC is hugely recommended

The hot climate of Saudi Arabia demands insulated buildings. The days are extremely hot and the scorching sun is merciless. Insulated residential and commercial spaces are a necessity for survival. The roof plays a vital role in the insulation of the building. Among all the roofing solutions, the standing seam roof in Saudi Arabia is one of the most popular. However, you will find the finest quality products and materials from TSSC Group. The insulated panel manufacturers in Saudi Arabia get you premium quality products customized at a reasonable price. Here are a few reasons you need to invest in a roofing solution that gets you excellent insulation.

Thermal insulation is the ideal requirement of a roofing system

The standing seam roof in Saudi Arabia is highly popular for its insulation capabilities. Although you will find various other roofing systems, the standing seam is the most ideal. The standing seams are more durable, have a solid structure and offer excellent thermal insulation. The metal roof gets designed with divergent radius profiles and this makes them perfect for various roof leveling. The standing seam roof panel is also called the cool metal roof as it’s made with cooling pigments to reflect the heat back to the atmosphere. The heat waves get diverted back and cannot heat up the roof. The cool metal roof keeps the heat in check and ensures the cold temperature stays within for the longest time.

Reduces cooling expenditure and is highly durable 

The insulated panel manufacturers in Saudi Arabia have manufactured quality panels and roofing systems that offer maximum insulation and reduce the cooling cost expenditure. Did you know that the durable standing seams can last for more than 60 years, which is twice the lifespan of roofing shingles? The roofs get manufactured from copper, steel and aluminum. However, these roofs are well-insulated and energy-efficient, helping you make good savings in the long run. 

In commercial complexes, the air coolers need to work 24×7 to keep the indoors cool. Having an insulated roof will ensure that the cold air cannot escape. This does save not only energy but also lessens the burden on the air coolers. That’s the reason why an insulated roof can help you cut costs and reduce utility bills to a great extent. Another added benefit is that the standing seams have fire-resistant capabilities and won’t collapse under extreme weather fluctuations. The roof panels have the ability to withstand wind gusts of 140 miles/hour during the time of installation.

TSSC Group – The industry leaders for a good reason 

TSSC manufacturers are not only famous for providing customized quality roofing solutions. We also suggest a 1-year maintenance program for the upkeep of the roofing system. Our engineers know exactly what works for various applications and can easily customize the panels based on the project criteria and preferences. If you have a project in your hand and want to discuss the possibilities, get in touch with us. We offer a free consultation session. Our engineers would be glad to offer you suggestions and advice. Request a quote now. 

Save a lot of cost with prefab buildings in West Africa – Count on TSSC solutions

Prefabricated construction is a popular cost-saving option. The construction market is booming in West Africa with housing demands on the rise. Prefabricated structures are aware of cost-cutting which helps in meeting the challenges of the industry. Therefore, a lot of companies in West Africa are manufacturing these prefab structures. 

Prefab parts are assembled inside the factory

These are manufactured off-site inside the factory and assembled on-site. Prefabricated buildings in West Africa can be classified into two types: metal-based and concrete-based. The metal prefab components have a lot of market demand, including frames, partition panels, door frames, window frames, metallic roofs, formworks and facades, etc. 

Hot climate demands faster construction

The climate in West Africa is very hot and humid, which is unfavorable for lengthy traditional construction. Most workers have to spend a lot of time under the sun to complete the rigorous construction process. There are methods involved in traditional construction which do not allow rapid completion. Workers have to spend hours for months under the sun while completing tall buildings. Due to such inconvenience, prefab construction is becoming more preferable.

Prefabrication preferred in residential and commercial construction

Prefab buildings in West Africa are popular in residential spaces and the commercial sector. There was a time when prefab buildings were set up to restore the homes damaged due to war and natural calamities. But now after immense development, prefab homes have undergone rapid modernization. Prefab structures are manufactured inside the factory without producing any waste material. But a traditional brick and mortar construction involves a lot of labor and time and waste is produced. Prefab buildings are completed faster, while traditional construction takes many months to be completed. Therefore, there is a considerable demand for prefab buildings in West Africa. TSSC’s structures are available in different shapes, sizes, and dimensions. 

The uses of prefab construction – a cost-effective solution

Most of the builders aim at offering affordable solutions, so they depend on cost-cutting. Prefab construction helps to lower the total expenses decreasing the time and material used to build. Some of the areas where prefabricated construction is used include:

  • Construction offices 
  • High-quality and modern office solutions 
  • Schools and nurseries 
  • Lounges, mess rooms
  • Accommodation on construction sites
  • Site facilities and more. 


But the cost factor entirely depends on the size of the project. 

Affordable housing solution with prefab homes

The building industry in West Africa is now going in the right direction. The experts say that the building sector would experience a lot of advancement by 2030. TSSC Group in West Africa is trying to create a more sustainable solution by manufacturing prefab homes. Our solutions are environment-friendly and affordable. We have experts who implement newer construction techniques to reduce the scarcity of affordable housing. 

Trust TSSC solutions 

TSSC Group is an ISO 9001 company that has experience of more than 50 years. We manufacture high-quality prefab buildings in West Africa. The TSSC Group supports you from advice, planning, assembling, implementation to delivery. Please discuss your project with us and request a quote.