13 Mistakes to Avoid During Cold Storage Panel Installation

Cold storage centres are the pillar of the majority of industries; the quality and safety of products remain intact throughout their storage life. The inclusion of cold storage panels is one of the fundamental elements that protect the integrity of the entire system. Luckily enough, even the most experienced cold storage manufacturers can encounter the same mistakes, which can decrease the efficiency and increase the ineffectiveness of the setup process. The goal here is to guide you and prevent you from encountering these 13 common mistakes:

1. Rushing Without Proper Planning

Before going straight to installation, it is advisable to have a strategy that is carefully done. Don’t forget to include issues related to organising the storage space, insulation and ventilation of the rooms, and access to them. Such a procedure requires meticulous planning which will not only ensure a smooth installation but also promote trust between the installer and the customer.

2. Neglecting to Choose Reliable Cold Storage Manufacturers

The quality of your cold storage warehouses will largely depend on the cold storage manufacturers you pick. Choose the manufacturer which has been verified and is well-known for producing long-lasting and high-quality panels that meet high industry standards.

3. Overlooking Site Preparation

Proper preparation of the site before starting the work is one of the important tasks that should not be ignored at any cost. Clear the area of any obstruction or debris, level the ground, and ensure the layout is free of challenges that can compromise its stability.

4. Ignoring Safety Protocols

Fundamentally, safety is the ultimate consideration regardless of the location of the installation of the panels. The safety of workers is a major concern, so provide the workers with the necessary safety gear and maintain safety guidelines then perform regular inspections to avoid accidents and injuries.

5. Failing to Properly Seal Joints

Air leakage is one of the main causes of heat loss during the inefficient installation process. It is mostly because panels of the construction should be hermetic to one another. Dedicate the time and energy to the proper application of joint sealants using suitable sealants to achieve the imperative level of preservation in your cold storage unit.

6. Underestimating Thermal Bridging

Thermal bridging is a pathway through which the insulation layer is completely breached, which results in heat transfer and energy loss. Make efforts to reduce the effect of thermal bridges by using thermal breaks and making sure that panels are properly aligned.

7. Incorrect Panel Placement

Pay careful attention to the placement of cold storage panels to ensure an airtight fit construction and maximum efficiency of insulation. Make sure to follow the instructions and go through the measurements one more time to ensure there are no gaps or overlaps.

8. Neglecting Vapour Barrier Installation

Vapor barriers slow the progress of moisture and are therefore integral for preventing moisture infiltration. Correctly install a vapor barrier to help preserve the inside of the cold storage unit against condensation and mould growth.

9. Overlooking Environmental Factors

Consider environmental factors such as temperature fluctuations and humidity levels when installing cold storage panels. Choose cold storage facilities that can withstand extreme conditions and implement additional measures if necessary to maintain optimal storage conditions.

10. Skimping on Insulation

Insufficient insulation will cause temperature fluctuations from time to time, and energy efficiency in these cold storage facilities will drastically reduce. Invest in good quality cold storage panel materials and make sure that the installation is done correctly this will contribute to savings of energy, and prolong the quality of the products.

11. Neglecting Regular Maintenance

After that, check on the cold storage warehouses to make sure that they are functioning properly now and then. Preventive procedures such as periodical inspections and routine maintenance must be considered to recognize problems early, and thus to prolong the time in which the cold storage unit can be used.

12.Disregarding Regulatory Compliance

Familiarize yourself with relevant regulations and codes governing cold storage facilities, clean rooms, and temperature controlled warehouses in your area. Ensure that your installation meets all regulatory requirements to avoid costly fines and penalties.

13. Failure to Seek Professional Assistance

Getting in touch with the professionals will allow you to have a clear understanding of a problem and provide a guarantee for a good result for your project.


Installing panels for cold storage warehouses or cold rooms is a complex process that involves careful planning, paying attention to many details, and following the best practice directions. If you can avoid these typical errors, meet industry standards, and have a smooth and efficient installation that will ultimately provide a useful temperature controlled facility, then what you’ve done is right.

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