SkyLights & Partitions

Skylights create a healthier environment and allow for natural light to penetrate through the roof. TSSC offers quality structural skylights for commercial buildings with flat or sloped roofs. Ease of installation saves on labor costs and time spent on the job and our structural aluminum framed commercial skylights are available in various framing sizes to …

Wall panel systems from TSSC – Low density and insulated panels

A lightweight partition wall panel is defined as a division or a wall made of studding, bricks, glass, or other materials. It’s mainly used for dividing a room for more than one purpose. These are mainly designed as non-load bearing walls; it could be fixed, folding, or collapsible. In case the partition walls are load-bearing, they are known as internal walls.

Architects prefer Lightweight concrete blocks for faster construction

Various materials are used in constructing the exterior walls, which include brick, concrete, and wood. But recently, lightweight blocks are quite popular due to many reasons. These are usually made using lightweight expanded clay aggregate. This material has an immense load-bearing capacity and thermal insulation. Lightweight panels are mainly used in prefab structures; they have …

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