After Sales Service

After sales service for Celsius Chillers , Freezers and SS Kitchen equipment.

Single Door Upright Display Freezer

CELSIUS by TSSC includes a range of single door upright display freezers ideal for displaying frozen items such as ice cream, chips, peas and even bags of ice.

Celsius Counter Top Chillers

TSSC manufactures and supplies bottle coolers or chillers suitable for counter top or surface-mounting. These compact top loaders for beverages are plug-ready and ideal for serving chilled drinks.

Celsius Open Showcase Chillers

Open Showcase Display Vertical Chillers make an excellent addition to a supermarket or concession stand. Open front allows for customer self service & quick product replenishment.

Double & Triple Swing Door Chiller

Upright display chillers enable your customers to see exactly what chilled beverages you have on offer. CELSIUS by TSSC features dual and triple pane glass door chillers, contributing to energy efficiency and savings. Mechanical / Digital LED Temperature Displays for customer convenience and LED lights showcase the best of your products.

Single Door Upright Display Chiller

The CELSIUS range of single glass door upright display chillers come with two LED side lights and adjustable shelves which make it ideal for merchandising soft drinks, dairy produce, sandwiches and much more.

Refrigerated Semi Trailer

TSSC is the market leader in providing holistic cold chain logistics solutions to its clients while offering completely integrated capabilities. The company builds cold storage systems on reefer trailers which are used for primary distribution are ideal for shipping companies. The reefer trailers are built in accordance with international standards and are designed to be …

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