Converted Containers

TSSC, a leading manufacturer & supplier of prefab building, specialized shelters & porta cabins, now caters to container converted units, modular containerized buildings, Explosion proof & fire rated units that are required in hazardous areas in oil & gas sector which are DNV & CSC certified.

Prefabricated & Factory Manufactured Buildings & Containers

As a pioneer in the manufacturing of insulated panels, TSSC specializes in designing and manufacturing of Prefab Buildings for site office and accommodation camps. Porta Cabins from TSSC are extensively used for labour accommodations, office units, kitchen & dining facilities, c and a host of other utility requirements. TSSC Converted Containers are easy to transport …

The rising demand for prefab modular buildings – TSSC offering a wide range of prefab spaces in UAE

Sometimes stories sound too good to be true like a hospital that has installed plenty of bathrooms in just a couple of days, and only five to six laborers have worked for that. Or you might have heard about a housing project that slashes its delivery time by at least a third. The real estate …

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