Polyurea Flooring

TSSC, specializes in developing and applying Polyurea coatings on which improves the efficiency of your cold store or cold room. Our polyurea products are permanent sprayed-on coatings which protect the surfaces and are an excellent solution compared to traditional checkered floors.

TSSC manufacturing functional and high-quality insulated sandwich panels for cold storage

Sandwich panels for cold storage are an optimized product to make sure outstanding thermal insulation. These refrigerated panels have a core made of polyurethane, which offers isolation, and it can increase as you add more thickness to the sandwich sheet. Rising demand for insulated panels has been noticed in the middle east mainly due to …

Refrigerated Vans & Pickups

Refrigerated Van and Pickups are built by fitting a refrigerated box inside the van or pickup.While the standard size refrigerated box measures 3.5m x 1.6m, different sizes can be customized to meet client requirements    

Refrigerated Semi Trailer

TSSC is the market leader in providing holistic cold chain logistics solutions to its clients while offering completely integrated capabilities. The company builds cold storage systems on reefer trailers which are used for primary distribution are ideal for shipping companies. The reefer trailers are built in accordance with international standards and are designed to be …

Cold Store Solutions

TSSC installs cold rooms and cold stores of any specified capacity, tailored to suit the client’s specific cold storage conditions. We manufacture and install insulated wall, ceiling and floor panels. Installation of insulated doors, pre-insulated air duct systems for commercial and residential applications and hygienic flooring such as polyurea coating complement the solutions we offer. …

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