SkyLights & Partitions

Skylights create a healthier environment and allow for natural light to penetrate through the roof. TSSC offers quality structural skylights for commercial buildings with flat or sloped roofs. Ease of installation saves on labor costs and time spent on the job and our structural aluminum framed commercial skylights are available in various framing sizes to …

Modern and durable standing seam roof panels from TSSC – Understanding your roofing needs

A standing seam roof is a very long-lasting, adaptable, and modern roofing choice. When you consider a home, the roof is an essential part and you cannot compromise on its quality. A roof that is well-designed and sturdy enhances the value of the house. If you need insulation, it’s good to add roof panels vertically …

GRP Skylight Panels

TSSC also manufactures translucent GRP skylights which are light in weight and provide strength, elasticity, superior moisture resistance and insulation. With an average transparency of 70% – 75%, FRP (GRP) skylights are ideal for Commercial and Industrial Buildings, Warehouses and Greenhouses.

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