Standing Seam Roofing

Harwal BASECO standing seam system is a structural roofing system that is mechanically field seamed for increased weather durability and greater wind resistance uplift. The standing seam roofing sheets are available in tapered and curved form to satisfy various building design requirements.

Modern and durable standing seam roof panels from TSSC – Understanding your roofing needs

A standing seam roof is a very long-lasting, adaptable, and modern roofing choice. When you consider a home, the roof is an essential part and you cannot compromise on its quality. A roof that is well-designed and sturdy enhances the value of the house. If you need insulation, it’s good to add roof panels vertically …

Cladding & Roofing Systems

TSSC specializes in the manufacture of PIR and Rockwool Insulated Panels, Corrugated Metal Sheets, Metal Decking Profiles, Purlins and Standing Seam Roofing for architectural façades and commercial and industrial roofing projects. The panels are available in different profiles, finishes and colors offering an aesthetic look to the building with superior thermal insulation and resistance to …

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