Aluminum Door & Windows

TSSC installs high performance aluminum doors and windows for 400 villas for Surooh Real Estate in Abu Dhabi.

Doors & Windows

An extensive range of products include shop fronts, curtain walls (from low rise to high rise), doors (sliding and hinged), glazed residential windows and secondary glazing. As a leading provider of door systems, we offer a range of designs that can be configured to best suit the access requirements of most entrances.

Glass curtain walls are very popular – TSSC manufactures the finest cladding systems in the UAE

A curtain wall is non-structural cladding used in high-rise buildings; it’s an exterior covering of the building. The external element of a building includes a window wall, curtain walls, and cladding essentials. Curtain walls are very much exposed to the outer environment, and this is why it’s properly assembled, rightly designed, correctly installed, and maintained, …

Curtain wall systems offering the right kind of insulation to high rise buildings – The advantages discussed

A Curtain wall system encompasses one of the essentials of facade technology in high-rise construction. Facades include curtain walls, window wall, and cladding elements which creates the external envelope of the building. Since it’s exposed hugely to the exterior environment, it has to be correctly designed, assembled, installed, and also maintained, bearing in mind the …

Glass HandRails

Glass Handrails can be used for both exterior and interior purposes in commercial or residential buildings. These handrails are available in different designs and provide a certain kind of elegance and ambiance to homes or office. Glass handrails can add a modern look to any space while also serving a function, which makes them a …

ACP Cladding

TSSC, the largest manufacturer of insulated panels in the GCC region is a leading supplier of ALUPEX ACP Cladding and offers installation services within the UAE.

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