The advantages of modern construction processes – Installing sandwich panels in East Africa

Traditional construction methods are gradually becoming obsolete as the industry is gradually embracing modern processes. Traditional building processes have certain drawbacks that include more time consumption and higher costs. The workers have to spend more time under the sun and endure different weather conditions. Sometimes, the process gets delayed due to unavoidable weather conditions.

In East Africa, the days are very hot and humid, which is challenging for the workers while undergoing tedious prolonged on-site work. Cold store panels in East Africa have simplified the construction process.  Modern building methods are sustainable and cost-effective.

Insulated cold store sandwich panels

Sandwich panels are heavily used in engineering and construction. TSSC sandwich panels that have an insulated core that lies between the two metal sheets. The panels are durable, long-lasting, insulated and fire-resistant. The installation process is smooth and not a complex process. Hence, it is completed within a few hours. The panels do not require expensive maintenance. The PIR core that offers outstanding thermal insulation. These panels are available in three varieties: smooth, micro-striated, or striated. A cold storage mainly functions at very low temperature and is used to store items in bulk. There are various expenses involved with cold storage that include higher energy bills. Here insulation plays the key role. TSSC cold store panels in East Africa offer higher levels of thermal insulation. Hence, installing the panels ensures that you save a good amount of energy while running the facility.

 Stringent quality control during manufacturing

The polyurethane insulating foam in sandwich panels is non-toxic, does not deteriorate over time, and does not absorb odor. The panels are waterproof, do not cause allergies, and are resistant to mold and mildew. TSSC sandwich panels are designed through a process that involves stringent quality control. The panels are made from profiled or non-profiled light metal testing for bending, impact, and vibration. The panels have adequate tensile strength that is provided through structural aesthetics. The panels are safely transported to your construction site without being affected by impact, pressure and vibration. Sandwich panels for cold storage in East Africa are highly durable and resilient.

TSSC Group – one of the prominent leaders

TSSC is an ISO-9001 organization that manufactures premium building materials, including roofing and cladding. TSSC installs cold storage that is customized to suit your requirements. Our engineers manufacture and install high-quality insulated wall, floor and ceiling panels. TSSC solutions include insulated doors, pre-insulated air duct systems, hygienic flooring for residential and commercial applications.  Some of the industries that we cater include food, logistics, pharmaceuticals, flowers, medicine, etc.

TSSC designs sandwich panels for commercial and residential use

TSSC sandwich panels for cold storage in East Africa use a variety of core materials like mineral fleece, expanded polystyrene (EPS), PIR (Polyurethane), and polyisocyanurate according to requirements. The PIR insulating core is recommended for construction where fire and heat are factors to consider.

Final words 

TSSC has been manufacturing sandwich panels for cold storage in East Africa for more than 40 years. We have a rich client base from different industries. Please visit our website for more information. The TSSC team of experts take care of your project that includes planning, customization to on-time project delivery.  You may also get a personal free consultation on your project at our website.