Attractive display chillers in Saudi Arabia from TSSC Group

The storage of food and drinks depends on refrigeration. Restaurants, hotels, small food outlets and supermarkets heavily rely on industrial refrigeration. Display chillers are one type of industrial refrigerator that is used as a marketing tool. As the name suggests, display chillers in Saudi Arabia store cakes, pastry, beverages and other edible items under low temperature inside the store. Attractive display chillers encourage shoppers and can lead to impulsive buying. Investing in a display chiller is a great way to boost your business. The demand for chillers is increasing among business owners in Saudi Arabia. It is a very hot country where cold beverages, chilled items are in higher demand. 

Lightweight and easy to maintain cooling units

Display chillers are equipped with advanced cooling procedures, advanced features, superior design, and energy efficiency. Display chillers in Saudi Arabia are heavily used in supermarkets, liquor outlets, petrol stations, food and beverage outlets, and dairy parlors. These are available in a variety of sizes and designs. The items are displayed elegantly inside the chillers that are well insulated and facilitated with optimum cooling. TSSC designs display chillers that have low energy consumption. TSSC chillers are lightweight, easy to maintain, and hygienic. This helps to reduce stress on the business owners. Our cooling systems are equipped with a star energy rating for the highest energy efficiency. The systems have energy-efficient internal LED lights for visibility.         

What size of display chiller do you choose? 

The size of the unit is limited to the floor space. The size usually depends on the type and the amount of product that needs to be stored. Check the specification sheet carefully before purchasing so that it is easier to identify whether the system caters to the requirement of intake and exhaust air. TSSC Group manufactures and designs display chillers under the Celsius brand. The units are functional, modern and available within your budget. The chillers can control the humidity and formation of mold, bacteria inside. The factory-made chillers are hygienic and offer maximum capacity without taking up a lot of space. 

Trust TSSC solutions – modern cooling units

TSSC has been in the business for more than 50 years, having an established reputation and expertise in designing insulated solutions. We are the leaders in Saudi Arabia for offering roofing, cladding and all construction solutions. We supply premium products and have interactive 24/7 customer service. Our international team of dedicated specialists has years of experience in the refrigeration industry. You could have a customized display chiller within your budget. TSSC Group designs an array of cooling and commercial refrigeration systems that include cold storage, cold rooms and refrigerated truck box Saudi Arabia. You cannot ignore the importance of refrigerated trucks that are useful in transporting perishable goods from one location to the other. 

Final words

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