The rising popularity of standing seam roof East Africa – Explore TSSC Group

Many years ago stan seam metal roofs in East Africa were mostly seen on agricultural and commercial buildings. However, they have become immensely popular on residential buildings in the last few years. People are worried about the environment and want to cut maintenance costs by making the roof durable. Standing seam panels run from the ridge of the roof vertically to the eaves and are interlocked with overlapping and raised seams that are present above the flat surface. The legs are interlocked in different configurations. The benefit of this system is the locking mechanism that is protected from humidity, harsh elements and other weather conditions. 

The metal used in standing seam roof panels 

Standing seam roofs are available in different colors, widths, materials, thicknesses, shapes and connections. The standing seam roof panels can be pre-formed inside the factory or shaped on-site. Steel is the most commonly used metal for a standing seam roof in East Africa. Steel is durable and cost-effective. In case it is a coastal area, then aluminum is preferred as it is less prone to corrode or rust. Metals like zinc and copper can last for many years but they are pretty expensive. Metal is recycled, whereas asphalt lands in landfills. Metal requires minimum maintenance and can last more than 50 years. You choose the metal according to your requirements or an expert could suggest. 

How would you protect your house from fire to some extent? 

Having a metal roof can help in creating the first line of defense. Standing seam roofs made from certified metal are fire-resistant. Standing seam roofs from TSSC Group have the Class A fire rating. This means the highest parameter of fire resistivity according to ASTM E-108. This indicates that the roof can endure the highest fire exposure even if the fire’s origin is outside the building. Of course, a fireproof property is a hoax but you can take certain precautions. Fire rating systems allow architects and builders to choose materials that reduce the chances of fire hazards.

Easy to install with no debris

They are installed over the existing roof that reduce the debris that goes into the landfills. These are coated with a tough zinc and aluminum alloy for corrosion resistance. Very reflective paints are applied to the surface to reflect the sunlight, reducing the heat transmission into the property. The advantage of metal roofing is the heat-reflective coating that effectively reduces the attic temperature. This keeps the air conditioning load low inside the living/ office space. Steel roofs weigh less compared to shingles, asphalt. The former does not warp, rot or crack under any conditions. Metal roofs are hassle-free to install and require once-a-year maintenance. 

Final words

TSSC is one of the leading insulated panel manufacturers in East Africa. TSSC Group is an ISO 9001 company that manufactures construction and building materials. Discuss your project with our experts for a solution. Request for a quote.

The importance of installing standing seam roof in East Africa

Roofing and foundation both play a crucial role in construction. An ideal construction is not possible without a proper roofing system. There are different types of modern roofing systems that have been invented now. These roofs are built with materials that make them better than the old or traditional roofs. Are you aware of the inconveniences of traditional roofs? They are prone to showing various signs of leakage where repairing becomes difficult or sometimes impossible. When you install metal panels, there is solid protection. Standing seam metal roof in East Africa is a hidden fastener metal panel system with vertical legs and a wide, flat area between the two legs. 

Why have the same roof style for all? Customize yours

Standing seam roofs are growing in popularity due to the various advantages, including weather-tight qualities, modern look, and sleek feel. TSSC in East Africa is the expert in manufacturing prominent metal roofs that are highly functional. The building and construction market is expanding in East Africa, which has led to the huge demand for standing seam roofs. One of the most remarkable selling points of standing seam metal roofing is the wide variety of choices and options. The selections include the choice of colors, length, width, shape, thickness, and more. In addition, TSSC is the leader in offering sustainable and insulated roof panel systems. We specialize in manufacturing building and insulation solutions in East Africa.

Insulated standing seam roof panels 

The climatic condition plays an important role in the process of construction. Therefore, you cannot ignore the function of insulation. Roofing, walling, and cladding is an essential solution in the world of modern construction. TSSC has a team of trained engineers who know how and where to position the panels. As a result, the panels are effective in providing complete insulation. TSSC has years of experience and is renowned for offering budget-friendly roofing solutions. 

The Harwal BASICO brand 

TSSC manufactures premium metal roof panels under the Harwal BASICO brand. Our solutions are low-maintenance and affordable. Are you still thinking about whether investing in a roofing solution is worth the price? Installing a standing seam roof in East Africa could be a bit more expensive than shingle and asphalt roof, but it is worth it. TSSC manufactures technologically advanced roofing sheets that include tapered, curved and more that are ideal for construction. 

TSSC Group – The leaders

TSSC has a complete solution for the clients. We offer a free consultation. TSSC is among the experienced insulated panel manufacturers East Africa in East Africa. It has been almost more than 50 years that our clients have trusted us and now we have a huge number of clients in different countries. TSSC also manufactures accessories, including skylights, tapers, roof penetration, and other aspects of roof design. Choose TSSC Group for all your construction and building requirements; please visit our website to discover a whole solution range. 

Final words

Our insulated roof panels are suitable for commercial and residential use. Please discuss your project with our team and request a quote.

The versatility of metal standing seam roof panels in East Africa

Historically standing seam corrugated or metal roofs were used in agricultural and commercial buildings. However, it has been a few years that metal roofs have gained popularity for homes. Standing seams are very common these days in the eastern part of Africa. Aluminum and galvanized steel are the two types of materials used for roofing. The metals are coated for color preservation and extra protection. Standing seam roof in East Africa is an architecturally superior and versatile roofing system that has weatherproofing qualities. 

Standing seam roof in East Africa is a hidden metal fixed roof system that features vertical ribs with a pan or a flat space in the middle. The edges on the side of a roof panel are seamed along the length of the connecting roof panels. Metal roofs are durable, have adequate insulation and have weatherproofing qualities. 

Insulation properties of the standing seam panels

The roof is a very important part of the construction, and it requires adequate protection for maintenance. A roof is exposed to all the weather extremities. Therefore, it requires double protection that standing seam roof panels can offer. Eastern Africa has a tropical climate, the days are extremely hot. The air cooler keeps on running the whole day, and it has to perform under pressure for the whole day. The result is huge energy bills which can reduce the performance of the cooling system. An insulated roof can help in reducing your energy bills by aiding in faster cooling.

Customized standing seam roofs 

A standing seam roof in East Africa consists of a core, two face sheets on both sides. These roof panels are made from superior quality sandwich panels. The panels offer insulation, weather resistance, robustness and cost-effectiveness. The standing seam panels are tapered and curved, but you can customize them based on your requirements.

Long-lasting metal panels 

Metal roofs are expensive compared to asphalt shingles, and the former is long-lasting. Metal roofs can last for almost 40-47 years, which is a very long time. At the same time, traditional asphalt roofing materials have an estimated life of an average of 20 years. 

 The types of metal roof panels 

TSSC is one of the renowned insulated panel manufacturers in East Africa that offers snap-lock panels and field-seamed panels. These snap lock panels are fixed to the deck of the roof with the help of clips. This facilitates thermal movement to the metal panels. The field seam panels are similar to the snap-lock ones but the fixing clip should be crimped with the hand or machine. There are four metal roof panels:

  • One-piece snap lock
  • Symmetrical seam
  • Double-lock seam
  • Two-piece snap-lock interlock     


Final words

TSSC Group operates in East Africa, manufacturing complete construction solutions and expert roofing, cladding solutions. We have been designing functional solutions for more than 40 years. Our expert engineers have rich experience in designing modern standing seam roof panels. We have clients belonging from various industries and are content with our services. 

Have a consultation with the TSSC experts if you are looking for a long-term solution. We are among the top insulated panel manufacturers in East Africa. Please discuss your project with our team.

The importance of installing standing seam roof panels in East Africa

The climatic conditions in East Africa demand adequate insulation. The days are extremely hot, so cooling systems run all day to maintain a low temperature inside the residence or commercial property. The roof and the foundation of a building play an essential role. When you keep cooling and heating systems running for long hours, the energy bill tends to rise. Adding a roofing solution can help immensely, which is why many homeowners and commercial property owners are choosing to install a standing seam roof in East Africa. These are insulated panels installed over roofs that help in adding insulation to your property.

Insulation is the most important factor

A standing seam roof in East Africa is known to have thermal insulation properties. There are different types of roofing systems available in the market, but standing seams are ideal for offering a solid structure with adequate insulation properties. The standing seam roof has a fixed concealed system with vertical ribs and flat space. 

There are four basic types of roofing panels offering great insulation:

  • A mechanically seamed panel
  • The one-piece snap-lock panel
  • The symmetrical mechanically seamed panel
  • The two-piece snap-lock panel

TSSC customizes panels according to your requirements. 

Lightweight standing seam roof panels 

A standing seam roof is extremely lightweight and is simple to install. In addition, TSSC panels can withstand the pressure of wind and are fire-resistant. 

The sturdy roofs are impact-resistant and engineered to perfection to serve a long life of up to almost 60 years or more. As a result, the roofing system lasts twice the operational life of other roofing shingles. In addition, the panels require minimum maintenance, and the roof would not collapse due to heavy rainfall, hailstorm, and snowfall. 

TSSC’s standing seam roof panels are extremely long-lasting compared to any traditional roofing system. This roofing system is equipped with flexible design, versatility, and weather seal. The higher strength-to-weight value of the standing seam panels adds to the increased load-supporting capability and increased durability.

TSSC standing seam roofs can last for a lifetime

Standing seam roofs have utilitarian and architectural profiles making the roof aesthetically pleasing and structurally complete for being a perfect fit. TSSC is among the renowned insulated panel manufacturers in East Africa. The company has been operating in East Africa for over 40 years and catering to client requirements. We are renowned for offering building solutions and have clients that belong to different commercial sectors. TSSC standing seam roof panels can last for a lifetime. In addition, TSSC offers a yearly maintenance plan for your newly installed roofing solution.

Our panels help to lower your energy bills

TSSC’s standing seam roof in East Africa is air-tight and weather-tight. Our engineers make the roofs with cooling pigments that reflect the heat waves and cool the outer surface. The ‘cool roof’ coatings help reduce heat absorption and keep the interiors cool. The extreme hot climate of East Africa demands an energy-efficient roofing system to lower your energy bills. 

Want to make an informed decision? 

Look no further than TSSC when choosing a company from many insulated panel manufacturers in East Africa. Come to us for a free consultation. Please discuss your project with us and have a consultation with the TSSC experts. Request for a quote.

Long-lasting standing seam roof panels by TSSC in East Africa – Covering up the roof for insulation

East Africa is a torrid region that experiences extreme weather conditions. The summers are scorching, dry and the deadliest. Here insulation plays a very big role, and this is why standing-seam roofs are so popular. A standing seam roof is among the most maintenance-free and durable metal roofing solutions that can last for more than 30 years. Also, these metal roofs offer energy reduction and the installation process is simple. These roofs are usually installed over the existing roofs. 

 Insulation is the key – the types of metal seam panels 

The roof of a building is as important as its foundation helpful in regulating the insulation. There are various types of roof covers available in the market. But, standing seams offer a solid structure, durability, solid foundation and thermal insulation. These metal roof panels are designed with different radius roof profiles, making them perfect for different roof levels. Vertical panels are used with two seams in each panel that stands vertically. Post-installation the shadow lines run continuously from the ridge to the eave adding height to the pitch and the plan of each roof angle. 

Standing seam metal roofs is a fixed roof concealed system featuring vertical ribs and flat space. The side edges of one panel are zipped or seamed along the length of the adjoining panels. There are usually four basic types of metal standing seam panels:

  • Mechanically seamed
  • Symmetrical mechanically seamed
  • One-piece snap lock
  • Two-piece snap lock

These roof solutions are reduces your cooling costs 

A standing seam roof in East Africa is the ideal choice for your roof, which can last more than 2 times the life of roofing shingles. These roofs are manufactured from aluminum, steel and copper. The roof panels can withstand wind gust up to 140 miles per hour during the installation. 

TSSC offers customized insulated roofing systems. Our solutions are contemporary, available in variations and colors. Discuss your budget with us, and we have a solution for your roofs. TSSC seam roof panels do not require repairs; it is a one-time investment. 

These seam panels are equipped with fire-resistance capabilities and the panels won’t collapse under any external conditions. The metal reflects the rays of the sun, which reduces heat transfer to the property. In many cases, standing seam metal roofing lowers your cooling costs by up to almost 30%.

The panels are extremely durable 

The standing seam roof is known as the ‘lifetime roof’ as the roof panels are extremely durable. TSSC suggests a one-year maintenance program for upkeep and you do not have to worry about those roof panels. 

Now that you know about standing seam roofs, you can make informed decisions. Do you have plans to invest in a long-lasting roofing solution? TSSC Group has a wide range of solutions for the building and construction industry. TSSC Group has covered 50 years in the construction industry, being renowned for unparalleled service.

Final words

Post-installation, it is suggested not to walk on metal roofs which is extremely dangerous, and safety measures are taken. Have a project on your mind? Talk to the engineers and get to know what would work best for you. TSSC is one of the most renowned insulated panel manufacturers in East Africa. Request a quote today!