The changing face of the construction industry – More reliable solutions with sandwich panels

Due to the advancement in science and technology, the construction industry has undergone a sea change. The traditional construction methods are being replaced by modern and compact methods for sustainability and cost-effectiveness. Various industries relying on sustainable construction are now flourishing in Qatar. The hotel industry, food processing domain is growing in the country. There are several warehouses and cold storage that require a continuous low temperature. This is where cold storage emerges and plays a crucial role. Setting up cold storage or renovating an old unit requires no less investment. 

Simple installation and low maintenance

TSSC cold store panels in Qatar are simple to install. The panels are equipped with new cam lock and slip joint technology, which helps in easy assembling. The panels are joined together seamlessly. The sandwich panels are easy to install and highly flexible with a strong routing system and perfect construction. The TSSC engineers suggest customized panels for sure fit and greater functionality. We do not believe in the one-solution-fits-all concept; hence customization is the key to flawless and suitable solutions. The sandwich panels are highly durable and can last for more than 50 years. The lightweight sandwich panels have higher performance, resistivity and are non-corrosive. The panels are environmentally friendly and recyclable. 

Does your cold storage have less or faulty insulation?

Sandwich panels for cold storage in Qatar are the popular three-layered panel and get widely recommended for their excellent insulation. These panels have excellent thermal and sound insulation properties that help in adding more value to the construction. Their excellent heat and sound insulation properties are highly in demand. The polyurethane and mineral wool insulating materials at the core of the panels ensure insulation for preventing the cold air from escaping from the inside chambers. In addition, TSSC sandwich panels are coated with UV-resistant paints that aid in reflecting the light and heat. As a result, TSSC panels offer adequate insulation and the cold storage units can maintain freezing temperatures for the longest time without hassles. Keeping those items at constant low temperatures reduces the risk of damage by extending the shelf life. 

Book a maintenance solution with TSSC

TSSC panels are non-toxic, free from poisonous lead and resistant to fire. The sandwich panels for cold storage in Qatar are waterproof and maintenance-free. The panels do not need a regular cleaning or sudden repairing. Instead, book a clean-up appointment with TSSC every year for maintenance.  

Trust TSSC solutions

TSSC has many satisfied clients who have installed TSSC solutions in Qatar. We have been catering to building and construction for the past 50 years.TSSC is an ISO-certified organization manufacturing construction and insulation solutions. We are among the most renowned sandwich panel manufacturers in Qatar. In addition, TSSC is well renowned for offering customized solutions.We have a team of expert engineers and a customer care team that constantly researches and caters to your requirements. We maintain a steady interaction with our clients from planning, initiation, throughout the project, completion and offer after-sales support.

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