Choose TSSC Prefab office building and make your dream come true within the budget

Anything that is prefabricated saves a lot of effort and time. We have heard of hospitals installing plenty of wards in just a few days and warehouses having more provisions in a few days. You might be wondering how could these take place so fast? A prefabricated modular building is widespread, as the real estate industry was well accepted. Offsite construction has gained a lot of prominences each day. 



A modular home is a cost-effective option because it is faster to build, safe to use, and serves as an alternative to traditional constructions. A modular building is excellent if you plan for your next venture; it could be an office space. The prefabricated buildings are made inside a manufacturing unit that has a controlled environment. All the modules are set up individually one by one. The manufacturers use the assembly line process that initiates with frame construction and sets up the interior and exterior. Once the procedure is completed, the modules are then transported to the construction site and are gathered together to construct a building. Modular construction taking place onsite has its advantages; it overlaps the offsite and onsite building procedures.  


The foundation is of utmost importance; it plays a very important role in a long-term prefabricated modular construction. There are two types of foundation, the raised and the grade. The on-grade foundation is extremely popular, prepared by laying a foundation wall around the entire perimeter of the building. It is very useful for creating basement areas for buildings. For using an on-grade foundation, you require setting every module with a crane’s help while the final assembling is done. 


The raised foundation is appropriate for a permanent or temporary modular construction. A raised foundation aids in placing the modules on the concrete blocks. It is very much useful for temporary modular construction because the structure can be dismantled without any hassle. There is also no need for a crane to place the modules in position while using this foundation. 


Once all onsite preparations are done, our experts do the installation. We follow a particular order of delivering and staging the modules for a smoother and efficient assembling process. The modules can be placed on the foundation with the help of a crane. It also helps in attaching the building components. TSSC also adds utility, the interior finishes, and the exterior is done entirely. 


TSSC designs innovative modular structures that help you to save 50% of the occupancy and time. We are the leaders in manufacturing insulated panels and offering prefabricated structures for offices, businesses, and camps in the Middle East. TSSC boasts of too many happy customers; it has been over four decades into this business. 


TSSC prefab modular buildings are light-weight and energy-efficient. But they also possess sturdy and light steel frames for construction. The panels are weather-resistant and also free from termite infestation. Also, we have specialized shelters for electrical equipment and telecommunications, converted containers for site storage, and FlatPack Modular units for quicker transportation. 

Are you looking for insulated panels in the UAE for erecting a prefab office building? Look no further than TSSC in the Middle East.