The core material speaks about the performance of the insulated sandwich panels

The Sandwich panel is suitable for commercial and residential projects. They are composite elements used to build walls, floors and roofs. They are known as insulated panels, there is an insulation layer known as the core which is sandwiched between both layers. Due to the advancement in building materials, sandwich panels have come a long way from their ancient prototypes. The panels can be engineered to withstand a number of internal and external conditions. This makes them popular for internal and external use. Qatar’s air quality sandwich panels are ideal for setting up cold storage units that require thorough interior climatic conditions to store goods safely. 

The core determines the performance

Sandwich panels in Qatar require a greater upfront but their performance is unbeatable. The performance of the sandwich panels varies depending on the core material and the external layers referred to as sheathing. The core material determines the durability, thermal insulation, sound insulation and fire resistance. Some common core materials are PU, PUR, mineral wool, PIR, IPN and a few more. Each of the materials has its pros and cons. The panels filled with foamed plastic are used for temporary structures as they do not show great performance and are combustible. The panels are recyclable and lightweight so they do not require higher transportation costs. 

Hassle-free installation

Are you aware of the R-value of the panels? It refers to the insulation capacity or the capacity to resist heat flow. TSSC engineers thicker insulated panels that have a higher R-value. The installation process is very simple. These structures offer aesthetics primarily due to the flawless finish. The panels have thermal insulation, they are water-resistant and sound-resistant wall panels. The sandwich panels have hidden joints that can be laid horizontally or vertically. TSSC’s sandwich panels in Qatar have fasteners installed inside several commercial structures. The panels do not require regular cleaning or maintenance. We offer yearly maintenance for our customers. 

Final words

TSSC Group is an ISO 9001-certified company that manufactures premium building and construction supplies and insulated panels for commercial and residential use. The company has had various clients for more than 50 years and we have earned an immense reputation. We are the leaders in manufacturing reliable roofing and cladding solutions. TSSC Group offers its services across the Middle East, Gulf countries, and East and West Africa. We are among the top sandwich panel manufacturers in Qatar Sandwich panels are widely used across commercial spaces, industrial facilities, power plants, cold storage, warehouses, residential buildings, etc. TSSC Group offers dedicated yearly maintenance of these insulated panels. Please check the TSSC Group inventory for sandwich panels and insulated products. Refer to the website to get complete information about insulated panels and other related structures. TSSC insulated sandwich panels are shipped directly from the factory to your site. The company assigns a team of engineers and managers to customize projects. We manage everything from project planning to timely delivery. 

Please discuss your project with our team for an effective solution and request a quote.