In-depth knowledge about commercial cooling systems – cold store panels and refrigerated trucks in UAE

Commercial refrigeration is the cold storage equipment that is used in an industrial environment. Some examples are cold stores, reach-refrigerators, supermarkets, specialty food shops, grocery stores and more. Many industries in the UAE depend on commercial refrigeration systems to store perishable and edible items cold to prevent spoilage. 

The types of cooling systems

There are four types of refrigeration systems that include evaporative cooling, mechanical, thermoelectric and absorption. Industrial refrigeration is the mechanical type of refrigeration where the refrigerant is mechanically compressed into cold liquid. The liquid is compressed into hot gas with extreme pressure and low pressure is also given. These systems transfer heat efficiently. The refrigerants work well when the pressure is applied or withdrawn. The system absorbs heat to boil the refrigerant and turns it into gas and it comes back to a liquid state when the heat is released. 

The rising demand for cooling systems in the UAE

The tourism and hospitality industry is flourishing in the UAE and so are other businesses. This has enhanced the demand for insulated panels for cold storage. The weather in the UAE is harsh with the extremely hot sun during the daytime and comparatively pleasant nights. The country gets intense sun for almost a whole year. The weather is challenging when it comes to storing perishable items. 

Understanding insulated cold store panels

Usually, the insulated panels are available in smaller sections so that it is easy to transport. The thickness of the cold store panels in the UAE range between 4-12 inches. The most popular type of foam that is used is the EPS. It is ideal for insulating by adding panels while constructing a building so that you save costs. Using insulated panels to your new construction eliminates the use of other types of building materials, saving money. But you can seamlessly add if you are renovating the existing cold store as well. Sandwich cold store panels in the UAE offer excellent structural strength and stability. This prevents the building from deteriorating during any natural disaster. In addition, sandwich cold storage insulated panels are environment-friendly. 

Transportation is seamlessly facilitated by refrigerated trucks

A refrigerated truck box in UAE is a vehicle with a cooling system. TSSC manufacturers provide you with functional and durable refrigerated truck boxes. A refrigerated truck box in UAE is important for the transportation of perishable items. These cooling trucks are manufactured under the brand name Celsius, which is a part of the TSSC Group. The vehicles can maintain a very low temperature of 40 degrees Celsius.

TSSC Group – the leaders in the UAE

TSSC Group installs cold stores and cold rooms of varying capacity. The solutions are customized to suit client specifications. Our engineers manufacture and install insulated ceiling, wall and floor panels. TSSC offers industrial refrigeration for industries including food, pharmaceuticals, logistics, distribution and more. TSSC Group is one of the leading manufacturers of insulated panels in the UAE. We have an immense reputation in the construction and building industry. With almost 50 years of industry knowledge and trained engineers, you get high-performing insulated solutions. 

Final words

Discuss your project with us if you are willing to install cold store panels in the UAE or invest in refrigerated trucks. Get more information on the TSSC website. Request a quote today. Visit us for a free consultation.