Discussing the advantages of precast panels in the field of construction

There is no wonder about the fact that the demand for precast panels is on the rise. This is the case primarily because these structures have several advantages.


Thermal insulation:

All components of structural precast walls function together to offer a higher level of insulation. These are well-engineered, and the manufacturers use a mixture of EPS foam and concrete, which provides more insulation. A construction that is made of structural precast panels can reduce energy consumption by almost 30%. 

Faster installation:

Structural precast panels are more comfortable and quicker to install so that you can establish a more prominent footprint within a shorter period. When you receive these concrete panels at the construction site, these are already ready to install. If everything goes well, then an experienced team can install 20-30, 12-foot panels in one day. 

Higher sustainability: 

A building that uses precast wall panels will consume the least energy, but product life is the heart of sustainability. Concrete is being used since Roman times, and its durability would never cease to impress. This raw building material is sustainable; the materials used in it are cement, fine and coarse particles, and steel. 

Flexibility and viability:

Structural precast acts as a modular building cover; a present-day precast building has immense flexibility to be modified and expanded. Using these panels, you can add or take off pedestrian doors, add daylight options, and remove 75% of the wall. The design is very modular, and this allows entire repurposing of a precast building, where warehouses can turn into micro-breweries 

Sound and fire rating:

Prefabricated wall panels are sound-proof, also have a 2-4 hours fire rating. Concrete panels act as a barrier against fire; it is not combustible. These panels also stay intact during scorching chemical fires, and this is why a lot of warehouses use these panels as dividers to safeguard their goods in areas prone to fire hazards. 

Wind resistance and the capability of bearing load: 

Structural concrete panels are made of durable concrete and steel stand that is prestressed. These panels have compressive durability of almost 7000 PSI. You can put loads more than 100,000 pounds on these panels. When you install precast walls, you do not require columns or perimeter beams. The easiest is to tip up the panel, and the steel roof members get attached to the precast, which means your expense on steel would reduce. These panels can also protect from the storm, flying projectiles, tornadoes, and the high-speed wind blowing at 250 miles per hour. 

Commercial structure construction is a more significant responsibility, and a massive undertaking, and here, precast panels play a responsible role. If you have a project already in mind, discuss your requirements with TSSC Group in UAE. We are the largest manufacturer of insulated panels in and around the Middle East. We have been manufacturing and supplying quality building and construction materials to the construction industry for more than four decades. We boast of exception quality products and timely delivery, we have an excellent support team to attend all your queries.