Display chillers – an attractive way to display your edibles and retain their freshness

Are you trying to display the edibles in your cake shop or ice-cream parlor in an interesting manner? Transparent display chillers in Saudi Arabia could be a great option. These are usually seen in supermarkets, malls, dairy stores, ice-cream parlors and more. The chillers should be well insulated to be functional. The chillers have glass doors to offer an airtight environment. The chilled air should be locked inside and the items should be well-visible through the glass doors. TSSC display chillers in Saudi Arabia have LED lights that are energy efficient. Saving energy is an art that can be achieved by rightly insulating your chillers. Proper insulation will keep the items fresh even if there is no power for extended hours, at least for 8-10 hours. 

Do you think the way to insulate the chiller is? TSSC Group manufactures insulated panels that are functional, affordable and easy to install. From cold storage, freezers, and walk-in-coolers to warehousing, TSSC’s insulated metal panels offer unmatched flexibility and thermal control. 

Sandwich panels – easy installation process and yearly cleaning

We manufacture sandwich panels with two metal sheets on both sides and an insulated core in the middle. The panels are robust, durable and have many other advantages. TSSC’s insulated cold store panels in Saudi Arabia are easy to install. The process could take only 7-8 hours. The panels are lightweight so transportation is simple. We customize the arrangement of the panels according to how you like them. The panels require yearly maintenance and TSSC offers the service. 

TSSC Group – affordable insulated panels in Saudi Arabia

TSSC Group is one of the renowned and experienced building and construction supplies manufacturers in Saudi Arabia. It is an ISO 9001 company specializing in insulated construction and building solutions. We have been in the business for more than four decades or more than 50 years. TSSC has a wide client base from industries of all sizes in Saudi Arabia. Our sandwich panels are affordable and functional. The thickness of the panels including the core material decides how much you need to pay for the panels. We normally suggest the EPS core, but if you want greater performance, install the PIR core material. 

Final words – Book a free consultation

TSSC Group combines excellence and innovation to manufacture building and construction supplies. We are the leaders in designing insulated solutions for roofs and walls. The company offers affordable and customized solutions. The Harwal Group is the largest plastic converter in the Middle East, Gulf countries, and East Africa. Please book a free consultation to discuss your project with the TSSC team. 

Please refer to our website for more information and explore the online inventory. We have an expert team to manage your project from the planning phase to on-time project delivery. TSSC Group has a special customer support team for on-time after-sales support. Our certified engineers implement modern technology to manufacture insulated solutions. Reach us for a solution for your next project and request a quote.