Display chillers in Saudi Arabia is a game-changing marketing tool for restaurants and takeaways

Do you own a restaurant or have a thriving food business? Attracting potential customers for takeaways isn’t an easy job. Likewise, marketing fresh and yummy edibles are difficult unless you decide to invest in premium-quality display chillers for the business. TSSC Group customizes and manufactures high-end display chillers in Saudi Arabia to help businesses attract random customers and boost sales. The chillers manufactured with cold store panels in Saudi Arabia are not only a promotional tool but come with added benefits to leverage your food business. Here are a few reasons why display chillers can be a game-changing strategy to lure new customers and retain the old ones.

Impulse purchase 

The display chillers in Saudi Arabia customized and manufactured by the engineers of TSSC Group help to promote impulse purchase by drawing attention to the edibles. The clear tempered glass with artificial LED lights adds aesthetic appeal and good visibility. The restaurants and takeaways use display chillers to attract on-the-go customers with strategically placed front open multideck refrigeration that helps store items on the shelf while grabbing attention and enhancing aesthetics. Show off your best stock by arranging the display organized to enable a seamless shopping experience for potential customers.

Easy to clean 

Businesses prefer display chillers over large-scale commercial refrigeration because they are easy to maintain. In addition, the multideck display fridge requires no deep cleaning. Regularly cleaning the doors and glass is enough to attract customers and ensure good hygiene.

Thermal insulation adds up to energy efficiency 

The chillers have glass doors and windows to offer an airtight environment. The glass doors make the commercial products visible and keep the cold air locked inside. TSSC manufacturers use cold store panels in Saudi Arabia to prevent condensation, molding, and ensure good thermal insulation. The doors have a secure locking system, and the insulation ensures low energy consumption. The chillers have additional LED lights that consume less energy and help to lower the utility bills for the long haul. The display chillers do not allow external weather conditions to affect the products and effectively controls humidity. Display chillers have good heat insulation and don’t need to operate 24×7. The insulation can keep the cold air inside for at least 10 hours.

Customize for good business growth 

Man is a visual being, and attracting your potential customers by displaying the products is a smart move. TSSC Group can customize your chiller as per industry requirements and individual specifications. Under-counter display chillers are more popular in restaurants, while takeaways prefer to invest in display freezers to boost their business growth. TSSC chillers can store heavy-duty components and offer exceptional durability. TSSC Group does provide spare components and after-sales support to businesses. Our freezers are used and approved by international brands like Galaxy, Baskin Robbins, Haagen Dazs, etc.

Final Notes 

TSSC Group customizes and specializes in manufacturing a wide range of commercial freezers to maximize merchandising opportunities for the food industry. An integral part of TSSC Group, the Celsius brand manufactures freezers for commercial refrigeration. Request a quote now. Book a no-cost consultation with our engineers.