The elevated demand for sandwich panels for cold storage in East Africa

The building and construction market has undergone a sea change and there has been tremendous development. Many modern techniques have been implemented. For example, constructing walls and roofs has become easier so that the builders are now discarding traditional methods. Sandwich panel is a popular modern building material that has changed the industry. As the name suggests, there are two metal sheets on the two sides protecting the core in the middle. These panels consist of polyurethane filling materials between two sheets. Sandwich panels are generally used for constructing roofs, garage walls, house roofs, cold store units, etc. The builders in East Africa are implementing newer techniques, and the industry is expanding at an impressive pace. 

The rising demand for cold store sandwich panels 

Why do you think the demand for sandwich panels for cold storage in East Africa is increasing? Africa is a hot and humid country so the weather is very harsh and slightly comfortable during the nights. The cold store units cannot operate efficiently without adequate insulation. Sandwich panels are used for layering the walls and roofs of the cold storage. TSSC insulated cold store panels in East Africa are affordable and designed using the most efficient technology. Therefore, there is a huge demand for sandwich panels in East Africa. We have many clients from various industries who have installed our panels. We are glad that they have trusted our products. 

Insulation is the key 

Cold store panels in East Africa have heavy insulation which is the biggest advantage. The mineral wool present inside these panels works in favor of thermal protection. Installing premium sandwich panels offer temperature regulation inside the cold storage compartments. In addition, the sandwich panels can be painted with specialized paints to offer additional insulating properties. This helps to reflect more heat from the rays of the sun. 

Simple installation and low maintenance

The installation process of sandwich panels for cold storage in East Africa is not very complicated. They can be installed quickly by our experts without any additional costs. TSSC panels have almost zero maintenance costs. You also get a perfectly finished installation ensuring complete leak-proof fitting. Sandwich panels are not very expensive mainly because of the cost-effective core material. The panels consist of Mineral Wool or FM-approved PIR cores. Once installed, the panels can remain in great condition in the long run with yearly maintenance. 

Why explore the TSSC Group inventory?

TSSC has been operating and delivering solutions for the last 48 years. TSSC installs cold stores and cold rooms of any capacity customized to suit the client’s requirements. We manufacture and install the insulated wall, ceiling and floor panels. In addition, our experts install insulated doors, pre-insulated air-duct systems for residential and commercial use. TSSC offers customized cold stores for food, pharmaceuticals, food, logistics and distribution industries. 

Final words

Sandwich panel manufacturers are gaining popularity in 2021. You should research to find out a reputable and experienced company in East Africa. Are you planning to install cold store panels in East Africa? We understand that the temperature and the humidity levels help in maintaining the proper condition of the product. Please discuss your project with our experts—request a quote.