Everything you need to know about prefab buildings in Saudi Arabia

Prefabrication has proved to be more efficient compared to traditional construction methods. Prefabrication has offered more flexibility and productivity in recent years. There has been advancement in the building sector, and newer methods have been implemented. Prefab buildings in Saudi Arabia are manufactured inside a climate-controlled factory and assembled on site. More than half of the work is done inside the manufacturing unit, saving time and excess labor. 

Prefab structures are cost-efficient, reusable and offer faster turnaround time. Prefab structures are used in medical camps, temporary buildings, office spaces, apartment blocks, schools, evacuation centers and single-detached houses. The development of the construction sector in Saudi Arabia is paving the way for customization and prefabrication.

The advantages of prefabrication

Prefabrication has several advantages: energy efficiency, speedy work, minimum waste produced, better quality, sustainability, and occasional inspections. The engineers use self-supporting ready-made components, which bring down the scaffolding, formwork, and shuttering requirements. TSSC Group also focuses on converted containers that are easy to transport and can be stacked to build multi-story solutions. Clients are free to choose from a variety of finishes and insulation materials. This helps to create a safe environment that can withstand harsh climatic conditions. 

Faster construction time with prefabrication

Prefab buildings in Saudi Arabia are suitable for construction projects with higher redundancy. Traditional construction methods are dependent on the huge labor force and the weather. Projects can be delayed due to a shortage of labor and climatic extremities. Prefabrication can prevent delay and the project could get completed within a few months instead of taking one long year. In prefabrication, a few skilled laborers can complete the construction work that needs to be done on-site. 

Metal prefab components have higher market demand

Prefab buildings in Saudi Arabia are segregated into metal and concrete based. The prefab metal components have higher market demand. These include partition panels, window frames, door frames, metallic roofs, formworks, facades, etc. The in-house manufacturing process inside a controlled factory environment allows single-time ready building structures. Improved air filtration and tight joints offer insulation and energy efficiency. 

TSSC Group – customized prefab buildings

TSSC Group is one of the market leaders in Saudi Arabia. We are an ISO 9001 company headquartered in the UAE and operating in many other countries. TSSC group is the largest manufacturer of insulated panels for roofing and cladding solutions. The prefab construction industry is slowly progressing towards stabilization. Prefabrication helps to minimize project deadlines by around 50% and lowers the construction cost by about 20%. We have been operating in the Middle East for more than four decades, over 50 years. The company has state-of-the-art manufacturing units and has the largest production capacity in the country. The products meet international standards and can be customized as per customer specifications. 

Final words 

Please discuss your building project with us for an effective solution. We have project managers who can manage your project from the planning phase until execution. We combine excellence and innovation to offer environment-friendly solutions. Please request a no-obligation quote.