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A display chiller is used to store and preserve perishable goods at low temperature while retailing them to the customers to boost the sales. Standard display chillers are used to store fruits, drinks, milk, cakes, pastry and other edibles that look attractive. A lot of bakeries use this appliance to display tasty and attractive baked goods allowing convenient product selection. The temperature of these chillers is usually set between 3 and 8°C. The optimal temperature to store food products should be maintained constantly. Even during the display, the products have to be placed in temperature and humidity levels that can maintain the taste and freshness of the product. Display chillers in Saudi Arabia are a great appliance if you consider it as a sales-boosting gadget.

The importance of insulation and energy-efficiency

Insulating the display chiller, cold storage, warehouses or other commercial refrigeration facilities are important. Proper insulation leads to energy efficiency which reduces the pressure on the cooling systems and reduces the energy costs. Insulate your commercial refrigeration interior with cold store panels in Saudi Arabia. The chillers have heavy glass doors that allow clear visibility and insulation. These glass display chillers have internal lighting that are important for product showcasing. LED lights are used as they consume low electricity and different types of lights are available like shelf lights, vertical lights and more. The glass door is the heart of the chiller so they should be maintained adequately. The doors are easy to clean using a damp cloth. It is easy to remove stains from glass doors.

TSSC’s display chillers in Saudi Arabia

All the stored products are visible and easy to replenish the stock. You do not have to open the door all the time. This will prevent the warm air from constantly getting into the appliance. This gives extended life and freshness to the products. The appliance also functions efficiently and lasts longer. Apart from this, display chillers have several other advantages. Explore a wide range of chillers from the TSSC Group. Our systems include open-front units, slim-multideck that are stylish and easy to maintain. We have chillers that are affordable and ideal for spacious interiors. Our chillers come with a supply cabinet and under-counter display refrigerators to meet your requirements. Our chillers are available in different sizes, shapes and manufactured implementing the latest technology

Final words – Ask for a free sample

It is an eye-catching cooling system that increases sales. Businesses require a sound marketing tool to taste success. Display chillers have proved to be a perfect marketing tool for businesses that deal with food, beverages and other items. Invest in a TSSC Group display chillers in Saudi Arabia for your business. TSSC group designs customized display chillers under the brand name Celsius. We have a team of experts for a consultation relating to your project. We assign a separate project manager for your project so that you stay updated about the improvement and can complete it within a stipulated time frame—request for a quote.