Get to know the reasons why sandwich panels for cold storage in Qatar are ideal for your cold room

Sandwich panels have become highly popular in Qatar because of their insulating properties. The three-layered panels are excellent for cladding and roofing. In addition, these insulated panels are a good choice for homes, offices, buildings and cold rooms. However, the finest quality sandwich panels for cold storage in Qatar get manufactured by TSSC Group. Our experienced engineers and skilled manufacturers build the customized panels with innovative technologies that last long and score high on durability. TSSC is one of the most notable sandwich panel manufacturers in Qatar, with almost 50 years of experience. Here are the reasons why you must exclusively get only sandwich panels for the cold rooms.

Three-layered panels offer the maximum insulation

Just like the name, sandwich panels have three layers and offer impeccable insulation. The innermost core of the panel has the insulating material made from PIR, PUR, EPS and mineral wool. The insulated core does the main insulation job and gets optimal protection from the two galvanized face sheets. In addition, the core has heat resistance properties to guard against dampness, heat, cold temperatures and other kinds of climatic conditions. However, the catch here is that the three-layered panels are lightweight and durable, making the installation process easier and faster.

The thermal resistivity of the sandwich panels for cold storage in Qatar depends on the cellular structure and insulation board. Qatar has a hot climate and for this reason, cold rooms need good insulation to keep the cold air indoors while the hot air stays outside. The airtight environment inside the cold rooms also helps to control moisture and humidity levels. TSSC Group ensures that you get quality custom-made sandwich panels that last for years without constant replacements or repairs.

Energy-efficiency – Save your money

Did you know cold rooms need to maintain a specific temperature all throughout? Whether it’s day or night, the cold rooms should have an ideal temperature to maintain the quality of the temperature-sensitive items. The air coolers need to work 24×7 without rest, unless you order insulated panels from the reputed sandwich panel manufacturers in Qatar to reduce the pressure on the air coolers. The insulated panels help to conserve the cold air and restrict the airflow. All this reduces the energy consumption and the burden on the air coolers gets minimized to a great extent. The reduced usage of energy leads to lower utility bills and thus, you save your hard-earned money in the long run. Cold chain owners do not have to worry about power bills, once they install insulated panels. These panels keep the insulation going 24×7 and can keep the indoors cool for 10 hours or even longer than that.

Customization of the sandwich panels

The waterproof sandwich panels function smoothly, only if they get customized from reputed manufacturers like TSSC Group. You can order to alter the shape, size, design and color as per your requirements. Generally, contractors and builders sit with the TSSC engineers to discuss the project and decide upon the requirements. Then, you can get in touch with us and seek a free professional consultation. Our engineers provide you with expert advice that might help you make a decision. Don’t delay. Request a quote now and reach out to us.

TSSC Group has a good reputation in the construction and building industry for its impeccable services and products. We deliver nothing less than excellence at a reasonable budget.