Get to know why the standing seam roof in West Africa is an ideal solution for your buildings

The hot weather in West Africa demands insulated homes and buildings. The scorching heat of the sun can become unbearable and excess pressure on the air cooler is unwarranted. Insulation starts from the roofing systems and that’s the reason why standing seam roof in West Africa is becoming extremely popular. There are plenty of roofing solutions available both offline and online. However, the best thing is to contact insulated panel manufacturers in West Africa for a customized solution. TSSC Group is one of the leading manufacturers to provide tailor-made solutions for your buildings.

Design flexibility

The standing seam roof panels in West Africa are available in tapered and curved sheets. However, if the contractor demands any other design, shape or size, then that too can be fixed and customized vas per the specifications by the engineers at TSSC Group. The roofing design is a challenging aspect and needs the assistance of the best engineers and manufacturers to take care of the requirements. TSSC is an ISO certified organization with the best people in the industry offering complete customized solutions.

You can also avail of the roofing system with a concealed fix system. Without the piercing fasteners, the roofs have no chances of getting damaged due to the loosening of the fasteners. However, every contractor has their choice and being one of the leading insulated panel manufacturers in West Africa TSSC engineers can fix any issue and offer sound advice related to buildings and constructions.


The standing seam roof is low-maintenance and long-lasting, compared to other traditional and conventional roofing systems. This particular roofing system comes with weather tightness, design flexibility and versatility making it a great choice for architectural buildings for industrial, commercial and infrastructural applications.

Sleek modern appeal

One of the biggest advantages of standing seam roof is that they are highly suitable for architectural applications. You can go in for multiple profile shapes for the roofing system and include custom colors to match the structure of the building. The high design flexibility offered at TSSC makes the roofing system architecturally superior and aesthetically pleasing.

Excellent thermal insulation

Last and the most important part that cannot be missed is the thermal insulation offered by TSSC Group. The standing seam roof in West Africa is responsible to keep the interiors cool. The roofing prevents heat absorption from the atmosphere and reflects the heat waves back. The indoor air cooler has to work less for the insulated roofing system. This makes the TSSC roofing system the best choice as it is energy-efficient and reduces utility bills to a great extent.

TSSC Group offers contemporary customized solutions

It’s necessary to change with the trend and embrace new customized roofing solutions. The insulated panel manufacturers in West Africa offers contemporary ideas and custom colors that would make the roofing systems functional and visually pleasing too. With over 4 decades of experience, TSSC Group is the best choice for standing seam roof in West Africa.

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