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The GCC economies are likely to lead the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region’s economic growth through events and mega projects such as the Dubai Expo, Qatar’s FIFA World Cup, Al Qiddiya, Red Sea and Neom projects in Saudi Arabia (KSA). The outlook for the GCC building construction market remains largely positive, with a growing young local and expat population, and rapid diversification away from oil. This is evident in GCC economies retaining expenditures on key sectors such as hospitality to promote tourism, education, affordable housing, and healthcare.

The potential economic growth in the GCC region needs reliable partners to bolster and sustain the positive trends and that is where TSSC comes in Backed by over 48 years of manufacturing excellence, an apt and professional team and the relevant technology and resources; TSSC delivers turnkey solutions for Building Construction, Cold Chain Industries and Housing.

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Housing Solutions

Prefab Homes

Prefabricated or modular construction is an innovative and sustainable method of construction where a complete building or home or part of it can be designed and manufactured in a factory-controlled environment.

TSSC Prefab Homes are manufactured using hot dip galvanized steel profiles, sandwich panels or light weight concrete wall panels and comply with the GCC as well as internationally accepted QHSE rules and regulations.

Our Prefab buildings are popular with the architects, consultants, contractors and other stakeholders in the GCC region offering temporary as well as permanent housing solutions. With the use of BIM (Business Information Modeling) and other technologies we can value- engineer and deliver the prefabricated building projects quickly.

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Built on Site Homes

BOS System by TSSC is a value engineered and sustainable construction technology. It allows contractors in the GCC and MENA region to build high quality, energy efficient, custom homes and building structures in a fraction of the time compared to traditional construction.

BOSS (Built on Site System) homes offer consistent quality, quick construction and can be used for multiple structures such as majlis, small commercial complexes, gyms, party halls, institutional buildings, outdoor residential units and others.

Our BOS SYSTEM is approved by the local municipal bodies and can be easily shipped to territories such as UAE, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Iraq and other countries.

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Flatpack Containers

As the leading supplier of modular building solutions in the GCC, we offer turnkey solutions for flat pack container houses, hotel units and camp buildings.

Our Flatpack unit is self-sufficient and comes fitted with all components required for full assembly, including electrical and plumbing. The Flatpack units can be disassembled to fit an ISO shipping container and can be transported to site by road / sea and can be easily handled by standard equipment.

Our flatpack frame is manufactured from hot dip galvanized cold formed steel providing a lightweight structure with exceptional strength. The modules can be stacked providing multi storey units can be furnished in various ways to create offices, accommodation units, boardrooms etc.

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Building Materials and Systems

Steel Structure

As a leading manufacturer and supplier of pre – engineered steel buildings, TSSC has provided the GCC region with a wide variety of steel buildings for Commercial, Agricultural and Industrial sectors.

Backed by decades of manufacturing and engineering expertise, TSSC offers quality, speed of construction and design flexibility to construct warehouses, farm buildings, storage areas, poultry sheds.

Our project management teams with an extensive knowledge of building design, modelling, BIM, and building regulations in the GCC region work with architects, consultants and contractors to ensure a cost-efficient solution.

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Insulated Roof & Wall Panels

With over 40 years of manufacturing expertise in insulated panels, TSSC has produced and supplied millions of square meters of insulated roofing and architectural wall panels within the GCC region.

Our sandwich wall and roof panels are designed for the building envelope and equipped with 100% reliable thermal performance and insulation which contribute towards less energy usage and costs.

TSSC’s Insulated Panels Division is by production the largest manufacturer and supplier of FM, DCL, Municipality approved Fire Rated insulated panels in the GCC region. TSSC is also the leading supplier of façade systems, roof skylights, rainwater gutters and roofing accessories. We also provide cladding installation and technical services to support customers.

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Architectural Standing Seam Roofing System

BASECO Standing Seam Metal Roofing System is an extremely strong, and lightweight roofing system for discerning architectural design. Its unique concealed fix system provides a continuous weather tight roof and unlike conventional metal roofs, routine maintenance is not required due to the seaming system.

The standing seam profiles combine outstanding functionality with stunning aesthetics, allowing integration of shapes, colors and surfaces. The standing seam profile sheets can be roll-formed on site to achieve extreme lengths according to the project requirements and can be unzipped and reused at the end of the building lifecycle.

TSSC BASECO® standing seam roofing is approved by FM Global and can be customised to meet the design requirements including thermal performance, self-curve radii and acoustic performance of Airports, Stadiums, Warehouses, and other Large-Scale Projects. The Standing Seam System can also be integrated with sustainable concepts such as photovoltaic panels.

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Facades, Doors & Windows

Fully capable of designing, manufacturing, supplying and installing façades, curtain wall systems, ACP claddings, windows, doors, interior metal and glass works, TSSC Glass and Aluminium provides complete turnkey solutions for Aluminum Doors & Windows, uPVC Doors & Windows, Sky Lights, Louvers & Canopies, Aluminum Composite Panel Cladding, Stainless Steel Cladding & Aluminum Railing across GCC.

Our doors and windows are available in a wide array of finishes and designs that offer sound insulation, heat preservation and dustproof protection. Designed for commercial and residential use our aluminium door systems are versatile and functional and can be provided as hinged, swivel, revolving or sliding doors based on customer requirements.

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Cold Store

Eastern Africa countries are adapting to more sustainable and efficient farming methods which have seen improvement in food production. However, they are also dealing with the adverse effects of global warming where some parts of the region still face extreme food shortage. Development of the cold storage facilities is a widely practiced method for bulk handling of the perishables between production and delivery improving food production and food security. TSSC manufactures large cold stores, walk-in chillers & freezers as one of the methods to preserve perishable commodities for a longer period

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Refrigerated Trucks & Truck Boxes

Changes in East African temperatures mean that food production companies must invest in proper storage and transportation facilities to maintain the export business and keep a steady supply of food and other produce within the continent. As the leading refrigeration truck unit manufacturer in the MENA region, TSSC supplies refrigerated bodies and diesel powered, direct driven or integrated electric standby type refrigeration units for the transport of perishable goods and temperature sensitive pharmaceutical goods.

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Industrial & Commercial Refrigeration Systems

With efficient cold chain solutions, the East Africa region stands a better chance in developing not just the agribusiness, but also pharmaceuticals and food processing. TSSC is a leading provider of climate control solutions for heating, air conditioning and refrigeration markets and provides optimized and sustainable solutions.

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