The importance of cold storage solutions and refrigerated trucks in UAE

Industries are flourishing in the UAE. The tourism and hospitality sector is booming again. The weather is usually hot and harsh during the daytime. The country experiences long summers and soaring temperatures during daytime. Cold storages have become extremely common to take businesses ahead. Now, it is important to ensure that the cold storages are functioning. Not having adequate insulation will result in escaping cold air and delay in cooling. Insulated cold store panels in the UAE are sandwich panels that cover the walls and ceiling internally. The panels are designed with two metal sheets that cover the core in the middle. The core is made from soft insulating material and you can choose it according to your requirement and budget.

Industrial refrigeration – the mechanical type

There are four types of commercial refrigeration systems – evaporative, mechanical, thermoelectric and absorption cooling. Commercial refrigeration is mechanical refrigeration where the refrigerant is compressed into hot gas flowing with high and low pressure. The refrigerant functions efficiently when there is pressure or it is withdrawn. The system soaks in heat to boil down the refrigerant turning it into gas. Insulated panels are available in smaller sections for easy transportation. The thickness of the cold store panels in the UAE range between 4-12 inches. EPS is a popular type of foam used as core.

The importance of refrigerated trucks

Refrigerated trucks are professional vehicles that are equipped with cooling facilities. They are able to transport perishable goods in good condition straight out of cold storages. The hotel and hospitality industry choose refrigerated trucks mainly for transportation of food items. They keep food fresh, maintain hygiene and help in inhibiting bacterial growth. Vegetables, seafood, and chilled foods are mainly transported from the cold storages to various locations. TSSC refrigerated trucks are equipped with temperature control. Here, the temperature adjusts itself with the requirement of food. Special drugs are transported to ensure their efficiency. Some specific drugs require

Lower temperature and have strict temperature requirements for storage. TSSC refrigerated trucks in the UAE are heavily disinfected before the delivery. Cold drinks and ice-items are distributed in these vehicles specially in the summers. TSSC refrigerated trucks in the UAE are robust and functional. We design cooling trucks under the brand name Celsius. These trucks can maintain a very low temperature of 40 degrees Celsius.

TSSC Group – the top insulated panel manufacturers in the UAE

TSSC Group is capable of installing cold stores and cold rooms of varying capacity. We customize solutions depending on the client requirements. The engineers manufacture and install insulated ceiling, wall and floor panels. We cater to industries including food, pharmaceuticals, logistics, flower, distribution and more. We are one of the renowned manufacturers of insulated cold store panels in the UAE. We are changing the face of the traditional construction and building industry. With almost 50 years of industry expertise and trained engineers, we deliver high-performing insulated solutions. 

Final words

Discuss your project if you are willing to install cold panels in the UAE or invest in refrigerated trucks. Get information on the TSSC website. Request a no-obligation quote today. Please visit us for a free consultation.