The importance of cold store panels in East Africa in insulating a cold room facility

You have definitely heard of cold rooms but have you wondered what it takes to set up a cold space? Cold storages have an impact on daily business and they play a major role in balancing the demand and supply. They are effective in reducing the formation of waste and expanding the timeframe for marketing the foods.

A cold store room is a large size refrigerated chamber that is insulated and designed to store perishable goods and temperature-sensitive items at low temperature. These chilled spaces are mainly used by businesses related to import, export, hotel, pharmaceuticals, supermarkets, hospitality, farms and medical facilities. You can imagine the functionality of a cold store and how much a business depends on it. Without a cold room in East Africa, there won’t be fresh items supplied to the stores and in the market. Maintenance of a cold storage is important to ensure smooth functioning of the facility. This includes checking the insulation inside. Cold storage is not a new concept but now they are advanced due the progression of science and technology.

Insulation ensues energy efficiency

A lot of money goes in designing a cooling facility, installing cooling units and ensuring its everyday functioning. Businesses are finding ways to save energy so that they can put the cost in other areas of the business. Proper insulated cold store panels in East Africa ensure the cold store gets chilled in minimum time as there is no space for chill air escape and hot air to get inside. Spending on insulated panels is a single-time investment. Cold rooms in East Africa are temperature adjustable and there is monitoring to maintain the levels.

TSSC Group – A reliable insulated panel manufacturer

 TSSC Group in East Africa is one of the leading manufacturers of insulated cold store panels in East Africa. It has been an ISO 9001-certified company that manufactures building solutions till date since the last four decades. It is almost more than 50 years we are into this business and by now we know and implement modern techniques. We manufacture insulated panels, improved roofing, cladding solution and all other construction supplies. We have worked on plenty of projects of various types and have offered customized solutions. Every project is handled with care because we assign a dedicated project manager for your project to ensure proper coordination and timely delivery. TSSC Group offers excellent after-sales support.

What TSSC Group designs?

We manufacture efficient customized solutions for cold storages and warehouses. Some of our services include:

  • Warehouse cold store solutions
  • Walk-in freezers and chillers
  • Refrigerated truck bodies and trailers
  • Portable cold rooms
  • Offshore cooling containers


Panels used to insulate a cold store room in East Africa are lightweight and durable. We use ASTM-certified metal in the manufacturing process. Our insulated panels are extremely durable, they can last for a minimum of 25 years. The insulated panels are resistant to impacts, temperature and fire. The sandwich panels do not require regular maintenance and TSSC offers a yearly maintenance service to the clients. 

Final words – discuss your project for a solution

Reach TSSC Group for insulated cold store panels in East Africa within your budget. We have solutions for businesses of different sizes customized within the budget and as per requirements. Discuss with the TSSC Group team. Create an effective solution for your next project. Book a consultation with the experts and request for a quote.