The importance of insulated cold rooms in Oman – TSSC manufactures cold store panels in Oman

Cold storages add flexibility to your business by balancing the demand and supply. For a business to expand, the supply should be more than the demand. How would you store perishable goods in high quantities? A cold room in Oman plays a vital role in driving business ahead by increasing the stock and reducing the wastage. The weather in Oman and the entire Gulf region is hot and harsh. Due to the climate, there is a demand for cold storages and insulated cold store panels in Oman. These insulated panels are sandwich panels that have monolithic construction. They are formed by inoculating tough polyurethane foam at a very high density within the metal layers.

Flexible and durable cold store panels

Designing a cold store and functioning it involves huge expense. Insulation offers energy efficiency to the cold store interior. It is impressive that more and more businesses are trying to add premium insulation and make the units energy efficient. Panels used in a cold store room in Oman are flexible and lightweight. TSSC uses ASTM-certified metal to manufacture these panels. The insulated cold store panels are long-lasting as they remain in good condition for at least 25 years or more. The panels can resist abuses, impacts, fire and high temperature. These panels do not require regular maintenance. TSSC Group has a team of maintenance experts who offer once a year maintenance solutions. The insulation that cold store panels in Oman offer ensure that the chilled air remains trapped inside and hot air cannot travel inside. The temperature of these cold rooms can be adjusted and the air flow level can be monitored. Maintenance includes keeping a check on the insulation. This ensures proper functioning of the units.

TSSC Group – emerging as a leader

TSSC Group in East Africa ranks on the top among the many companies that manufacture cold store panels in Oman. The company is an ISO 9001-certified company that has been designing industrial solutions for more than 50 years. We manufacture insulated panels for roofing, cladding and other commercial purposes. We offer effective cold storage solutions that include: walk-in freezers, display chillers, warehouse cold storages, movable cold rooms, offshore cooling containers, refrigerated truck bodies and trailers. Your project is important so there is a project manager for every project. TSSC Group ensures proper interaction and on-time delivery of your project. You also get the after-sales support.

Final words – get customized solution

TSSC Group cold storages and cold rooms of specific capacity that are tailored to suit cold storage conditions. We offer solutions that include installation of doors that have insulation facilities, air-duct systems that are pre-insulated and flooring. We design cold storages for food, logistics, pharmaceuticals, and raw materials in the distribution industries.

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