The importance of TSSC’s industrial refrigeration and refrigerated trucks in the Middle East

Do you know when industrial refrigeration was introduced? It was first invested in the food industry in the old 19th century but now commercial refrigeration is being used across all sectors. 

In the Middle East, the days are extremely hot, dry and nights are cooler. This is why proper refrigeration is the most important factor especially for industries that store perishable items. So, if you have a business that depends on refrigeration, its good to install commercial refrigeration systems which are larger size units. Keep reading the blog to know more about this. 

Find a renowned manufacturer

Now that you require installing one, you need to find a renowned manufacturer. TSSC in the Middle East offers modern and technologically advanced industrial refrigeration systems that have an immense cooling capacity yet offer energy savings. 

Cooling systems are dependent on the second law of Thermodynamics. The law states that gases get cooler when it expands and heats when compressed. When two items of varying temperatures are kept near one another, the heat travels from the hotter items to the colder object. TSSC offers an environment-friendly solution, we do not use Freon gas, instead, we use eco-friendly gases for refrigerating without harming the environment. The choice of coolant depends on a few circumstances with little environmental impact. The refrigerants are selected based on two parameters, the Global Warming Potential or Ozone Depletion Potential. 

TSSC offers customized solutions

Food and medicine businesses in UAE have a massive demand for large-sized cooling units. TSSC cooling units are available in various sizes and shapes, we also offer moving or portable refrigerated trucks in the Middle East. We customize solutions based on your requirements. TSSC designs and builds construction supplies of superior quality in Dubai, UAE, and the Middle East. In these years we have manufactured plenty of cooling systems and have received so many reviews from our clients. 

Our experts know technology well

The Refrigeration Compression Cycle considers four essential components: the evaporator, compressor, expansion valve, and condenser. Our engineers use various effective heat exchangers so that the refrigerant can transfer energy. TSSC engineers are certified, they know of various technologies related to commercial-refrigeration. We design systems based on your business needs. Our engineers keep in mind all the important steps and the parameters that need to be considered. TSSC refrigeration units are designed uniquely for storing perishable items at freezing temperatures. 

Trust TSSC

We have interacted with so many clients and they shared their grievances. We understand that many companies do not consider matters related to the security of commercial refrigeration. This mainly happens due to the dearth of knowledge which is related to designing, using equipment, or installing. 

TSSC is one of the most renowned insulated panel manufacturers in the UAE. It’s been more than 40 years that they have been offering cooling solutions. We have a team of expert engineers who are engaged in constant research to find our newer techniques. You can consult with our experts regarding your queries. Discuss with us about your next project. Request for a quote.