Knowing about the architectural freedom and other advantages that sandwich panels offer

Sandwich panel slabs are widespread in the construction and building sector. More and more industries are using these insulated structures. The biggest advantage is the architectural freedom these panels offer. The innovative production technology and other modern solutions make it possible to choose panels that perfectly match the requirements of a specific project and the architectural scenario. 

TSSC promotes value engineering

TSSC Group is one of the top insulated panel manufacturers in Qatar. Our expert team offers value engineering by implementing 3D designing, engineering, manufacturing, and timely delivery. We manufacture insulated panels, mineral wool manufacturing, FM-approved PIR, sandwich panels, corrugated metal sheets, purlins, metal decking, GRP, standing seam roofs, and steel structures. 

Greater strength-to-weight ratio

TSSC sandwich panels have a better strength-to-weight ratio. The sandwich panels support loads that have lower structural material. TSSC Group sandwich insulated panels have a covered joining system, flat surface or micro-ribbed surface. This gives a fresh look to the building envelope. TSSC Group carries out the production of panels using the latest technologies and materials. This applies mainly to the joining of each layer. The joints can be durable using polyurethane adhesive, but they should adhere to the substrate. The joints are flexible and can resist vibrations. ISOwall sandwich insulated panels from TSSC Group are used for commercial buildings’ walls. The ISOwall panels are used in building projects where hygiene and thermal insulation are the two most important factors. ISOwall panels have a PIR/Rockwool insulated core that offers fire resistivity. 

TSSC Group – contributing for more than four decades

TSSC Group is one of the experienced sandwich panel manufacturers in Qatar. TSSC Group is an ISO 9001 certified company that designs and manufactures insulated building and construction facilities. We are into this business and have been leading for more than 50 years. The company has been successfully operating in and around the Middle East and the Gulf countries for more than four decades. TSSC sandwich panels are lightweight and functional. They are simple to install and do not require regular or heavy maintenance. TSSC Group offers once-a-year maintenance of the panels. The panels are used across different projects across the country. The escalating scale of application of sandwich panels in commercial construction is resulting in the escalating interest in the technology among the investors. The modern sandwich panels are made of high-quality components that are inexpensive yet functional. It makes sense to follow the development of the insulated panel market in the coming years. 

Final words

TSSC’s sandwich panels offer adequate thermal insulation, sound protection, and fire resistance. The sandwich panels contribute to improving the aesthetic appearance of the construction. Sandwich panels are available in various finishes profiles. You can order panels and we customize them according to the requirements. Please visit the TSSC Group website for information on sandwich panels and other insulated structures. We are the leaders in offering roofing, cladding systems, and construction supplies. Our panels are designed by experts and tested for quality before initiating the shipping process. TSSC Group is one of the renowned sandwich panel manufacturers in Qatar. Please discuss your project with our team for a solution. We take care of your project from the planning phase to execution and ensure on-time delivery. Request a no-obligation quote.