Long-lasting standing seam roof panels by TSSC in East Africa – Covering up the roof for insulation

East Africa is a torrid region that experiences extreme weather conditions. The summers are scorching, dry and the deadliest. Here insulation plays a very big role, and this is why standing-seam roofs are so popular. A standing seam roof is among the most maintenance-free and durable metal roofing solutions that can last for more than 30 years. Also, these metal roofs offer energy reduction and the installation process is simple. These roofs are usually installed over the existing roofs. 

 Insulation is the key – the types of metal seam panels 

The roof of a building is as important as its foundation helpful in regulating the insulation. There are various types of roof covers available in the market. But, standing seams offer a solid structure, durability, solid foundation and thermal insulation. These metal roof panels are designed with different radius roof profiles, making them perfect for different roof levels. Vertical panels are used with two seams in each panel that stands vertically. Post-installation the shadow lines run continuously from the ridge to the eave adding height to the pitch and the plan of each roof angle. 

Standing seam metal roofs is a fixed roof concealed system featuring vertical ribs and flat space. The side edges of one panel are zipped or seamed along the length of the adjoining panels. There are usually four basic types of metal standing seam panels:

  • Mechanically seamed
  • Symmetrical mechanically seamed
  • One-piece snap lock
  • Two-piece snap lock

These roof solutions are reduces your cooling costs 

A standing seam roof in East Africa is the ideal choice for your roof, which can last more than 2 times the life of roofing shingles. These roofs are manufactured from aluminum, steel and copper. The roof panels can withstand wind gust up to 140 miles per hour during the installation. 

TSSC offers customized insulated roofing systems. Our solutions are contemporary, available in variations and colors. Discuss your budget with us, and we have a solution for your roofs. TSSC seam roof panels do not require repairs; it is a one-time investment. 

These seam panels are equipped with fire-resistance capabilities and the panels won’t collapse under any external conditions. The metal reflects the rays of the sun, which reduces heat transfer to the property. In many cases, standing seam metal roofing lowers your cooling costs by up to almost 30%.

The panels are extremely durable 

The standing seam roof is known as the ‘lifetime roof’ as the roof panels are extremely durable. TSSC suggests a one-year maintenance program for upkeep and you do not have to worry about those roof panels. 

Now that you know about standing seam roofs, you can make informed decisions. Do you have plans to invest in a long-lasting roofing solution? TSSC Group has a wide range of solutions for the building and construction industry. TSSC Group has covered 50 years in the construction industry, being renowned for unparalleled service.

Final words

Post-installation, it is suggested not to walk on metal roofs which is extremely dangerous, and safety measures are taken. Have a project on your mind? Talk to the engineers and get to know what would work best for you. TSSC is one of the most renowned insulated panel manufacturers in East Africa. Request a quote today!