The many advantages of sandwich panels in Saudi Arabia

Sandwich panels in Saudi Arabia have insulated capabilities and many other advantages. These panels are mainly used in the building and construction industry. Saudi Arabia is a country where there are extreme weather conditions. Summer is the most dominating season and days are very hot. UAE has a flourishing real estate and hospitality market. Sandwich panels speed up the construction and act as a barrier against extreme climatic conditions. Sandwich panels are structural materials that comprise stiff core and double face sheets. It has the structural ability, cost-effectiveness, and sheer durability. The combination of durability and accessibility helps in completing a building project. 

Improved strength to weight ratio

Sandwich panels have a high strength-to-weight ratio compared to any other laminate. It can support required loads during transportation. It directly cuts off the transportation cost and results in savings. Sandwich structures are reasonable as the core materials are not very expensive compared to other composite materials. These panels are long-lasting so the durability factor helps cut off the maintenance costs. Sandwich panels can withstand temperatures up to 1000 degrees centigrade. Most of the engineers and the building contractors prefer sandwich panels for ensuring the safety of the building, the workers and the people living in it. Sandwich panels in Saudi Arabia have great thermal insulation properties. The sandwich panel helps to lower the energy costs. It decreases mold formation due to excess humidity.

Introducing to the EASYWALL Panels 

The EASYWALL is a wall panel system mainly used as an inner and external wall partition. These wall panels are non-load bearing and are suitable for constructing energy-efficient buildings. This wall panel system can suit any building design used in fences, boundary walls and compound walls. The panels are tested and approved by international and local bodies. In addition, EASYWALL has competitive pricing that saves cost and time. 

TSSC Group – Request for a quote

You can contact TSSC Group when you require materials in bulk. TSSC Group in Saudi Arabia manufactures high-performance construction materials to suit modern construction requirements. Our team of engineers is working to improve and expand the material capabilities. We have been designing insulated panels and construction supplies for more than 48 years. We are one of the leaders in this industry. 

Insulated sandwich panels offer an aesthetic appearance to the construction with great thermal insulation and fire resistivity. TSSC’s high-performance roof and wall sandwich panels are available in various finishes, profiles, colors and thermal insulation. TSSC sandwich panels in Saudi Arabia are engineered to control the internal and external environment. The panels are categorized under – effective roofing and walling systems. TSSC panels are high-performing and possess strong insulation capabilities. We customize panels based on your requirements. Choosing the right insulating material is important for a positive performance. 

Final words

To know more about us, visit our website today or drop an email. Please discuss your project with us and we shall help create an effective solution—request for a quote.