The modern face of the construction industry in Oman – All about using sandwich panels

The building and construction market in Oman is expanding at a faster pace. There have been a lot of changes as the industry has made a move towards modernism. The traditional methods have now taken a back seat due to the specific inconveniences. Using sandwich panels for adding insulation is a modern method. These panels are heavily used for building and construction in the Gulf countries. What are sandwich panels? These are composite structures that look similar to a sandwich. Metal sheets surround the panels on both sides and there is a core in the middle. The core offers insulation and the metal sheets protect the core. The panels are known for offering stability and durability to the building structure. Sandwich panels in Oman protect the buildings from certain external factors and are quite economical. 

Long-lasting premium sandwich panels 

Some industries that use sandwich panels are commercial buildings, industrial facilities, cold storage, power plants, residential buildings, and more. The shelf-life of sandwich panels depends on the product components with which it is manufactured. Sandwich panels are sturdy structures that can bear the thermal resistance of cold storage. As a result, sandwich panels have a better strength-to-weight ratio. Supporting loads that come with less structural material is not a big deal for sandwich panels. This results in less purchasing of materials which reduces the cost of transportation. The core material of the sandwich panels is affordable. Hence, buying sandwich panels is cost-effective. In addition, the durability of these structures reduces the maintenance cost. 

Reduce your energy bills

Using sandwich panels for construction reduces the total cost of energy consumption. The panels help decrease the formation of molds and humidity inside the structure. If your setup is located near an area where a lot of noise is produced or a lot of noise inside your commercial space, you should use a sandwich panel for soundproofing. When sandwich panels are installed, the noise sources are separated, making the environment comfortable and quiet. Sandwich panels are capable of resisting fire hazards which is a big advantage. While using sandwich panels, you must make sure you look into the size and height of the building and the intensity of the fire. 

Do you have a project to complete? 

TSSC architectural insulated sandwich panels have hidden fixed joints that can be laid horizontally and vertically. Our range of sandwich panels has exposed fasteners installed on agricultural, industrial and residential buildings. 

Please read our website to have complete information about sandwich panels in Oman. TSSC is one of the leading manufacturers of insulated panels in the Gulf countries. We have been operating globally for more than 50 years. These panels are easy to install and require low maintenance. As a result, we are one of the most renowned sandwich panel manufacturers in Oman. 

Final words

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