The necessity of cold storage in Qatar – Insulating the interior with cold store panels

Cold rooms play an important role in storing perishable goods like vegetables, fruits, medicines, flowers, perfumes and more. Temperature-sensitive items are prone to spoilage due to excessive humidity and heat. The cold room walls should be covered with panels to have adequate insulation inside. Sandwich panels are used for building purposes in the construction industry. Do not delay if you own cold storage and still did not invest in cold store panels in Qatar, do not delay. The panels are made from two metal sheets on the two sides that cover the insulating core in the middle. These panels are used inside cold storage to offer long-lasting protection.

The types of cold storages

Cold chain logistics require temperature integrity and controlling the processes involved in coordination and integration. Quality is an essential factor when it comes to perishables. TSSC experienced personnel guarantees through understanding the specific requirements. Take a look at the types of cold storage:

  • Warehouse cold store solution
  • Portable cold rooms
  • Walk-in freezers and chillers
  • Refrigerated truck bodies and trailers
  • Offshore refrigerated containers


What is a cold room? 

A cold room is a large refrigerated room designed to store goods at a temperature below the outdoor temperature. Most cold rooms are located near shipping ports, used for export and import or in supermarkets, farms, hotels, hospitals, blood banks and pharmaceuticals. It is very necessary to maintain the temperature of the perishable goods to preserve the quality and for safety. When it comes to food products, failing to maintain hygiene and temperature might result in texture degradation, microbial growth, bruising and discoloration. 

Functional cold store panels from TSSC Group

Are you planning to insulate a cold room in Qatar? TSSC Group manufactures cold store panels in Qatar that are durable and lightweight. The panels can last for a minimum of 25 years post-installation. The panels offer strength, being resistant to temperature, wind, impacts and fire hazards. The cold store panels are made from profiled or non-profiled light metal testing for bending. TSSC cold store panels ensure functionality and tensile strength through structural aesthetics. The insulated panels do not require repairs or replacement post-installation. The panels require simple yearly maintenance. Cleaning the panels once a year is sufficient for the maintenance and functioning of the panels. The TSSC engineers ensure quality control through testing and certified metal is used during the manufacturing process. 

Why trust TSSC?

TSSC Group is the leader in manufacturing high-quality insulated panels and construction material in the Gulf countries. We have been in this business for more than four decades. TSSC Group manufactures specialty insulated doors available for transport vehicles and on-site facilities. The sandwich panels use various core materials like PIR, EPS, polyisocyanurate and mineral fleece. Please visit the TSSC website for more information. Get a personal consultation for your project—request a no-obligation quote.