No more temperature differences during transportation of goods from cold storage to distribution hubs

Transportation of perishable items has been made easier and more convenient with the advent of refrigerated truck boxes in East Africa. There was once a time when items were taken out of cold storage and they used to perish during long-distance transportation. These vehicles have brought improvement in business and logistics. TSSC Group is playing an active role in helping businesses grow and reach great heights. We design different types of insulated solutions in East Africa.

Solar powered trucks

We are using solar energy to manufacture innovative solar-powered vehicles. The S-series of the Celsius trucks have a solar controller regulating the battery charge so that the battery is not overcharged. The solar controller is resistant to water and can be mounted anywhere on the vehicle/truck. 

Refrigerated truck box 

A refrigerated truck box in East Africa is used for the perishable transport of goods from one location to another. The trucks have very low temperatures ranging from +15 to -40 degrees C. Our engineers use only 6 thermally-efficient panels. These trucks are airtight so that the cool air does not escape. These truck interiors can remain cool for 8 to 10 hours when the system is not functioning. These cooling vehicles have a low K value factor, low cost of repair, durable GRP flooring, light in weight, no joints and seams and you can choose flooring for the truck bed.

Ice cream boxes 

Does it sound tempting? TSSC’s Eutectic System helps to maintain a constant very low temperature inside the cargo box. The insulated panels are airtight and offer thermal insulation. 

Cooling pickup vans

The refrigerated pickup vans are fitted with cooling boxes inside the vans. The size of the box can be customized according to requirements. These vans are insulated, simple to maintain, and facilitated with a temperature-controlled interior. You can install flooring options like polyurea or aluminum coating. These are used in supermarkets and small restaurants. 

Mobile clinics are so convenient

TSSC builds medical clinic trailers for medical practitioners. These vehicles are safe and fuel-efficient. These mobile medical vehicles are suitable for vaccination drives, disaster response, lab testing, minor surgery and national emergencies.

TSSC Group – the pioneers in East Africa

TSSC Group has been renowned in East Africa for manufacturing insulated panels, building materials, roofing and cladding solutions for over 50 years. The company has clients from many industries and we are gradually emerging as one of the top companies in the country. We are a reliable truck body manufacturer in East Africa. Our insulated panels and cooling vehicle bodies are crafted to perfection. We design solutions for portable and non-portable refrigerated units. We employ the most updated techniques to manufacture insulated truck bodies. Our cooling solutions guarantee durability and thermal efficiency. We aim to offer affordable and efficient solutions for the long term. 

Final words

Please visit our website to explore the range of refrigerated trucks we offer. We design customized solutions for your project. Our solutions are green and environment-friendly. Talk to us regarding your project and get an expert opinion. We create customized solutions for your project —request a quote.