The perks of installing TSSC’s insulated roof panels in the UAE

Insulating the walls and the roofs play a very important role. The roof is exposed to heat, cold, snow, rain, and other weather conditions. The climate in the UAE during the daytime is extremely hot. When roofs get heated excessively, the cooler needs to work more aggressively to keep the interior warm. Bare roofs can be an issue especially in places where the climate is very hot. Install a roof covering system like a standing seam roof in UAE. Standing seam roofs are durable, insulated panels that can protect your roof for a lifetime. These insulated panels are designed to facilitate the expansion and contraction as the temperature rises. 

Energy-efficient and weather-resistance

Roof panels are energy-efficient so you will save money on the energy bills. The insulated panels can arrest the cold air indoors in airtight compartments. This lessens the burden on air coolers and reflects on the energy bills. The majority of standing seam panels are called ‘cool metal roofs.’ The advanced paint system has cool pigments that enhance solar reflectance and bring down your metal roof’s surface temperature. The heat absorption is arrested by reflecting the heat and emitting radiation into the atmosphere. The insulated roof panels in UAE are also airtight and weather resistant. The panels that have a greater R-value are a good indicator.

Low maintenance insulated panels

Insulated roof panels in UAE require minimal upkeep and low maintenance. You don’t have to indulge in everyday cleaning for the roof panels. Yearly maintenance by professionals is good for maintaining the panels’ durability. TSSC insulated panels look aesthetically pleasing and function well to offer insulation. You can attach snow guards and solar panels to the standing seam metal roofs. There are no fasteners that penetrate the metal roof panels and create extra leak points. Do you know that leaking screws are the root cause of roof leaks? There is no such worry related to standing seam roof panels. 

Long-lasting insulated standing seam roof panels

The roof has a three-layered design with a metal system fixed with vertical ribs and tapered or flat space right in the middle section. Standing seam roofs in UAE can last for 60 years or more. TSSC uses a paint system that matches the performance of roofing panels. The paint system does not fade out faster and we use bright and vibrant shades. 

Final words

TSSC group is one of the leading companies in the UAE that designs insulated roofing and cladding solutions. We offer building and construction solutions in the UAE. Insulate your roofs with TSSC standing seam roof panels in the UAE. TSSC Group is an ISO 9001 company operating for more than 50 years. Discuss your projects with our experts for a customized solution. We consider the building requirements before customizing. If you are interested in standing roof panels, look at the product specifications, colors, sizes and other criteria. 

TSSC Group has a special team to manage our project and facilitate on-time delivery. Book your consultation with us today. Request a quote now.