Are you planning to buy a new refrigerated truck body in Saudi Arabia?

There is a great demand for commercial refrigeration. These modern cooling vehicles are facilitated with remote control for accurate temperature monitoring and control. The demand for goods has resulted in better warehousing, leading to the growth of refrigerated vehicles. Transportation of perishable goods has been made simpler. TSSC’s trailers are facilitated with electronic door seals that make your vehicle smarter and keep the cold air in. You can add TSSC’s trucks and trailers to your fleet. Renowned companies use premium cold store panels in Saudi Arabia to design various cooling solutions. You cannot ignore the climatic factor as well. The weather in Saudi Arabia is extremely hot. It is difficult to transport perishable goods without any cooling. Ice is humid and is not a long-lasting solution. The refrigerated truck box in Saudi Arabia continues to be the only choice for transporting frozen goods, edibles, and pharmaceuticals.

The importance of commercial refrigeration

Refrigeration not only protects from food spoilage. Many products are shipped locally, nationally, and regionally and require refrigeration. Some items like medicines, personal care, chemicals and engineered goods can be spoiled if not kept in a dry and chilled environment. A refrigerated truck box in Saudi Arabia is not functional unless adequately insulated. The cooler inside the trucks works tirelessly to keep the interior chilled. Any leakage would result in inefficiency and cause the cooler to function more than its capacity to keep up the cooling. The right kind of insulation makes sure that a constant low temperature is maintained inside effortlessly. Installing cold store panels in Saudi Arabia helps in energy conservation. Good insulation inside your cold storeroom in Saudi Arabia results in greater efficiency and lower energy bills. 

TSSC’s reefer trucks

TSSC cooling trucks are equipped with cold store panels in Saudi Arabia that help to keep the items fresh for an extended duration. Our engineers use only six cold store insulated panels These cooler trucks can hold temperatures ranging from +15 degrees to -40 degrees centigrade. These compartments inside the vehicles hold the temperature for at least 10 hours after switching off the cooler.

Final words – the leaders in commercial refrigeration

TSSC Group has over 50 years of experience in offering insulated solutions. We are the leaders in offering building and construction solutions. We design refrigerated truck box in Saudi Arabia that are waterproof, durable and weather-resistant. Our vehicles are functional, robust and lightweight. We customize the cooling trucks based on your requirements. This makes transporting goods easier from the warehouse to various distribution hubs. TSSC Group will help you navigate the different complexities of reefer ownership. TSSC Group has ample experience in the transportation industry. TSSC Group offers superior refrigerated truck bodies in the country. We have the knowledge and resources to offer clients a wide range of commercial cooling choices. 

Final words

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