Why should you prefer to install prefab buildings in East Africa?

Modular construction is built inside the factory and the end products are transported inside the factory. There are expert builders for assembling the structures. Modular structures that are constructed off site are known as prefab buildings. There has been a lot of development in East Africa where there has been industrial and economic growth. The tourism and hospitality industry is now flourishing. Conclusion: there is less time so business owners and builders cannot depend on traditional construction. Modular prefab buildings in East Africa have helped to overcome the challenges of traditional buildings. Prefab structures are built with certain specific rules, guidelines and building codes. 

Energy-efficient and environment-friendly structures

Completing a prefab building in East Africa takes only a few weeks but traditional structures could take many months. The weather and other external conditions play a major role in determining the finishing time of traditional construction. Any weather changes can cause delays in the project if you are following the traditional method. TSSC modular structures offer flexibility and risk-free rapid construction. TSSC has a huge stock of building materials and construction supplies. These structures are energy-efficient and environment-friendly. The structures are low-maintenance and compact. Hence, they are apt for permanent residences. The modular structures come under similar permit and planning requirements as other structures.

TSSC modular homes have a standard design 

 The designs are oriented to match the site to get the suitable optimal energy ratings and lessen the artificial heating and cooling requirements. You can add the modules as an extension to your existing property. TSSC modular homes have a standard design but we can customize according to the requirements. Prefab homes reduce the total building time. We let the clients know all the progress and updates related to the project. Modular structures can be built to suit all climatic conditions, including alpine, desert, and cyclone-prone areas. 

 Prefabricated structures are durable and long-lasting 

Prefabrication is more durable compared to traditional buildings. The structures are weather-resistant and manufactured implementing the latest advanced technologies. The TSSC experts provide modular units that can last for many years with minimal upkeep. Prefab structures manufactured in a factory environment are stronger as individual structures are pre-drilled and attached with screws. This allows units to hold better. Each step of prefab construction takes place under the TSSC experts’ supervision, which ensures greater durability. 

 Discuss with our experts if you are planning your project? 

TSSC offers unique insulation solutions. Modular homes are fixed; they cannot be moved from one place to another. TSSC offers personalization options that include solid surface countertops, ceramic floors, wood species, cabinet styles, plumbing fixtures, external finishes, etc. TSSC Group in East Africa has been reputed for providing building solutions for more than four decades. We supply affordable prefab buildings. We are an ISO9001 company that offers construction and building supplies.

 Do all modular homes look similar? – Request for a quote

TSSC offers a lot of design options that help to create style. In addition, you can add the architectural details as the plans can be converted into modular structures. So please discuss your project requirements with us if you plan a prefab building in East Africa.