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TUFF Panels are a series of value engineered, durable sandwich panels designed for roof and wall applications in commercial, industrial, and agricultural buildings. Due to an innovative metallic textured technology TUFF panels have an extremely durable, impact and abrasion resistant top skin. The superior textured finish especially of the TUFF Panel also improves the aesthetics of the building envelope esp the walls. TUFF panels are manufactured with PIR insulation core and are compliant with various industry standards.



The TUFF Panel is designed with an innovative metallic textured technology that allows for strength while saving overall costs and are available in different color combinations providing a dynamic finish to your project

Features and Benefits of TUFF Panel include:

  • Superior Strength and Performance
  • Aesthetically Appealing Textured Finish
  • High Resistance to Buckling
  • Excellent U Value with PIR Insulation
  • Applicable for both interior and exterior * applications.
  • * TUFF PANELS are Civil Defence approved for Roof & Internal Wall applications within Dubai.

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