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TSSC combines cutting-edge 3D modeling software with a completely automated cold roll forming machine. The galvanized cold rolled steel structures are completely pre-fabricated in the factory and then assembled using the supplied nuts and bolts.

Cold Rolled Steel



  • 100% Pre-fabricated at the factory, which means no extra labor costs or wastage of materials.
  • No need for on-site welding or fabrication.
  • The design, fabrication and erection of COLD ROLLED STEEL frame construction is economical and effcient and is essentially lighter than hot rolled steel and Built-Up structures. (Lighter= less cost).
  • The system is value engineered and offers more accurate estimation data.


  • Faster manufacturing time compared to hot rolled Built- Up Systems means buildings can be completed and occupied in shorter times, with, reduced scope of climatic delays and reduced site disruption.
  • Assembled using nuts and bolts (supplied) which allows shorter construction and erection time.
  • Dry wrapped/covered structure can be delivered quicker, allowing other traits to move in and proceed.


  • Specifc software is used to design and ensure the structural integrity of light steel frame structures. Once the design is complete the data is fed directly into a cold roll forming machine by Tekla Software that produces and ensures accurate and consistent quality C sections. Bolt holes are punched online at the factory.
  • Controlled environment for galvanizing steel with certifed mill certifcation.
  • Frame system designed for all types of cladding such as single skin panels, insulated composite panels , aluminum composite panels, rockwool panels, and light weight concrete anels (EASYPANEL).
  • Full drawings provided with each building for easy assembly.
  • Bolted connections means the building can be disassembled and reassembled again.
  • Steel is 100% recyclable and is considered a green building material.


  • Industrial Buildings, such as Warehouses, Sheds, Workshops, Storages, Refrigerated Units,
  • Small to Medium Plants
  • Agricultural Buildings, such as Chicken Sheds, Breeding Farms, Machinery and Storage
  • Warehouses
  • Extensions to existing buildings

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