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Cold-rolled Steel (CRS) is used to manufacture a range of structural steel products, such as purlins, steel floor decking, channel sections. TSSC combines 3D modelling software with CAD/CAM-based manufacturing systems to produce prefabricated members, purlins and frames for multi-storey buildings. We also design, fabricate and erect turnkey pre-engineered galvanized cold rolled steel buildings such as prefabricated industrial warehouses, accommodation buildings, steel structure poultry farms and commercial buildings. Cold Rolled steel buildings are economically efficient, prefabricated in the factory and easy to install on site.

Cold Rolled Steel Buildings

TSSC specializes in Cold Rolled Steel Buildings, which are lighter than traditional hot rolled steel buildings. The components are assembled together onsite, which means additional cost savings in the manufacturing process, transportation costs, and installation on site.

Cold rolled buildings from TSSC are ideal for industrial buildings, workshops, storage buildings, labor accommodation units.

Backed by decades of manufacturing and engineering expertise, TSSC offers a fully integrated building system including fire-rated insulated panels, roofing, and cladding and partition walls.

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