Propel your business with more storage space – investing in cold store panels in West Africa

A cold store room in West Africa is capable of handling perishable goods in bulk between production and marketing. It is used to store and preserve commodities in fresh condition by controlling different gases, maintaining the adequate temperature and the humidity levels inside the storage system.  Food industry and other sectors like biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, supermarkets, flower and florist and other medical fields use cold storages heavily . The insulation of cold storages is a very important factor. The advancement in technology has brought ample development in the commercial sector. Cold rooms should be free from dampness and humidity.

Units available in different shapes and sizes

Commercial refrigerated systems are available in different types and sizes. These custom units are fitted with the right amount and type of refrigerant system to meet your refrigeration requirements. You can choose the refrigeration types. You can also construct the units of different shapes. Portable and non portable units are available in customized sizes. TSSC’s cold store panels in West Africa are lightweight. This allows easy transportation and simple installation. The panels have a monolithic construction style formed due to injecting tough polyurethane foam at a high density in between metal cladding. 

TSSC is the leaders in designing insulated solutions

TSSC Group has been operating in West Africa for more than 50 years. We have been designing building and construction solutions for various clients. We offer insulation solutions like roofing and cladding, also commercial refrigeration solutions. TSSC is the leaders in manufacturing durable cold store panels in West Africa. TSSC’s  expert engineers develop updated cooling solutions like  cold store panels and refrigerated vehicles. The company uses ASTM certified metal during the manufacturing process. Sandwich panels have a shelf life of about 25 years after the installation process.

The panels are resistant to impacts, temperature changes and fire hazards. The panels do not require everyday maintenance or cleaning. TSSC Group offers yearly maintenance service. It keeps your cold room in great condition. We design sandwich panels to design energy efficient solutions. The panels use core materials that include EPS, PIR, polyisocyanurate and mineral fleece. Select the materials of the core depending on the need and the budget of your project. TSSC’s cold store room panels in West Africa are lightweight and functional.

Final words – Explore our inventory

TSSC cold store room in West Africa is designed to meet client requirements. Our team takes care of every detail of your project from planning to timely delivery. TSSC Group offers customized and functional cold storage facilities. Our team offers tailored advice and design solutions for you. Please visit the TSSC website for information and take a look at our inventory. Get a consultation for your project for an effective solution. We have a team of expert engineers to handle your project from planning phase to on time delivery. You can meet our team, call us or email us for suggestions. We will provide you with additional information that you need. Request a no obligation quote.