A few reasons to invest in customized warehouse sandwich panels in West Africa

Refrigerated warehouses are temperature-controlled zones to store perishable commodities and pharmaceuticals. To keep the logistics ideal, you need to ensure thermal insulation and optimal hygiene. Unfortunately, the scorching heat can be a deterrent factor unless you decide to invest in warehouse sandwich panels in West AfricaTSSC Group is one of the foremost sandwich panel manufacturers in West Africa. The premium-grade panels for buildings and warehouses get customized to suit the individual giant freezer requirements.

Customized choices 

TSSC uses various cladding materials to manufacture high-end warehouse sandwich panels in West Africa. Depending on project requirements, TSSC engineers and manufacturers customize the panels with materials like:

  • Polyester Pre-painted Galvanized Steel
  • PVC-coated Galvanized Steel
  • Stainless Steel
  • Stucco embossed or pre-painted aluminum


The surface profile of the warehouse panels is either smooth or ribbed based on the project requirement. The panels arrive in standard sizes or can be customized for other sizes. Different kinds of panels are used for the construction of the cold room. The ceiling and floor panels get manufactured in similar width as the wall. Our corner panels used with the wall panels provide partitioning in the application where several compartments are built. The U-shaped claddings ensure superior adhesion between the insulating material and the sheets and have shallow ribs to ensure dimensional stability and enhanced strength. The floor panels are equally strong to withstand a uniformly distributed load of 2.5 tons per square meter.


Polyurethane foam gets used in manufacturing the insulated panels. TSSC sandwich panel manufacturers in West Africa ensure that the foaming agents are eco-friendly and CFC-free. The insulated cold room panels are airtight and trap cold air while not allowing the hot air to enter the inner chambers. The insulated wall panel lasts for 40 years with minimal upkeep and doesn’t absorb any smell. The panels are non-toxic and do not support any mold or mildew growth. The panels are 100% waterproof and not vulnerable to water vapor. The warehouse panels do not cause any allergies and are ideal for the long haul.


The cold storage panels for internal partitions and ceilings are FM Approved, which means they are highly fire-resistant and contribute to reducing the fire load to a great extent. In case of an outbreak, these panels are self-extinguishing and exhibit limited or no flames. The panels limit smoke generation and reduce the risks associated with fire outbreaks. The regulatory bodies of UAE favor FM Approved panels for commercial and industrial properties, especially cold storage units.

Easy installation 

TSSC panels are lightweight and the fastest to install. The slip joint with cam-lock technology makes the assembling easier. The panels are strong and impact-resistant, offering maximum functionality. In addition, the panels are virtually maintenance-free and require only occasional cleanup by experts. Get the maintenance done by professionals once every year to ensure good performance.

Wrapping up

TSSC Group is a certified company with almost 50 years of experience. Our certified and expert engineers implement advanced technologies to get you premium quality products for all the projects. Book your free consultation today. Request a quote.