The refrigerated truck box in Saudi Arabia is a necessity – not a luxury

The hot climate and rising temperatures in Saudi Arabia are a cause of concern for many businesses. The cold store room in Saudi Arabia stores the perishable items from spoilage and damage. Food, beverages, vaccines, chemicals, pharmaceuticals are all stored in cold storage units that get manufactured with high-quality cold store panels in Saudi Arabia. Storing perishable commodities is easy, but transportation has become a big challenge. The freezer trucks can fail anytime due to various reasons. Therefore, what one needs is an insulated refrigerated truck box in Saudi Arabia. TSSC manufactures custom-made refrigerated trucks that are a necessity in hot climatic regions.

Thermal insulation works wonders 

Although many freezer trucks might be available in the market, only a few expensive ones are good enough. TSSC Group gets you a well-insulated refrigerated truck box in Saudi Arabia. The insulated refrigeration can store temperature-sensitive items within a range of -40 degrees Celsius to +15 degrees Celsius. The thermal insulation ensures that the items stay in optimal condition for a long time, even if the coolers stop functioning. The ordinary freezer trucks have dysfunctional coolers that malfunction every now and then. Insulation is essential if you don’t want to rely solely on the truck box’s air coolers. Even if the coolers fail to function, the insulation can ensure the temperature remains intact for at least 10 hours at a stretch.

Energy efficiency – Save for the long run 

The cold chain logistics need to make savings in the long run. The cold store room in Saudi Arabia definitely needs an insulated refrigerated truck for transporting the perishable items. It’s because due to insulation, the trucks are energy-efficient as well- which is a bonus tip. Energy efficiency ensures that the coolers do not need to work 24×7 to keep the inside temperatures at a specific Celsius. Once the inner chamber reaches the ideal temperature, the coolers automatically slow down as insulation starts working on the temperature control. The decreased use of air coolers lowers energy consumption leading to extra savings in the long run.

TSSC refrigerated trucks are ideal 

The refrigerated truck is a professional vehicle to help transport perishable commodities from one point to another. Uninterrupted refrigeration is essential for chemicals, vaccines, medicals and some pharmaceuticals. The steady temperature is maintained by premium quality cold store panels in Saudi Arabia manufactured with advanced technologies and innovative strategies. The effective cooling system has a good quality condenser system with optimal insulation to ensure you don’t face problems in times of unprecedented breakdown. In addition, the long-lasting air-tight technology increases insulation and energy efficiency. TSSC experts use only six panels to build the entire truck box that can be used to monitor, change and control the indoor temperatures during short and long-distance transportation.

Final Thoughts 

With almost 50 years of experience, TSSC is one of the building and manufacturing industry pioneers. The experts offer a customized refrigerated truck box in Saudi Arabia that is durable, well-insulated, energy-efficient and spacious. Get a free consultation session today. Request a quote now.