The rising popularity of prefab construction in East Africa

Prefabrication is modern construction practice that is gaining buzz due to its advantageous construction process. It involves manufacturing the building structures off-site inside a factory, and then transporting them to assemble on-site. Prefab buildings in East Africa implement construction methods inside a factory-controlled unit. This eliminates traditional on-site disruptions by extreme climatic conditions. Prefab buildings in East Africa have become a popular choice. The manufacturing of prefab buildings is easier compared to traditional construction. The different challenges associated with traditional construction can be ignored if you choose to install prefab buildings in East Africa

The advantages of prefab construction

Here are the advantages of Prefab buildings in East Africa. You get affordable and quicker construction, also no additional materials are required. The parts can be transported easily and the installation process is very simple. Prefabricated construction can be assembled and disassembled from one location to another location without much effort. TSSC modular buildings are a result of proper planning and designing are sustainable. The cost of construction depends on the scale and size of the project including the building materials, internal/external fitting and fixtures. Prefab buildings in East Africa are affordable compared to the traditional mode of construction. Some of the other benefits include:

  • Better quality control
  • No scarcity of labor
  • Environment-friendly
  • Affordable and time-saving
  • Enhanced security and safety


Our engineers implement lean technology

Prefab buildings in East Africa are manufactured in segments. They are built inside the factory which is located far away from the construction site and is transported to your location. According to statistics, approximately 60% to 90% of the building process is completed inside the factory and the assembling is done onsite. The engineers implement lean manufacturing techniques for offsite construction. All modules are stacked up for designing different configurations. The construction procedure is commenced onsite by using inter-module networks to arrange the units.

Invest in TSSC prefab structures 

TSSC modular structures are popular in East Africa. We have clients who are satisfied with our prefabricated structures. TSSC is an ISO 9001 organization that has manufactured construction and building solutions for more than four decades. Please discuss your project with our experts for an affordable and customizable solution. There has been a major shift towards prefabrication in modern construction. The builders have found a way to get rid of all onsite delays and complications. These structures have made the building process faster and smoother. The construction industry of East Africa has shifted towards eco-friendly construction methods. The expenses of real estate are rising in East Africa as the developers are implementing advanced technology.

Final words – Book a consultation

Some of the construction areas where prefabrication can be easily implemented include hotels, schools, colleges, hospitals, hostels, malls, and more. Quick completion of your project means cost-cutting and smarter construction. Our project managers take care of your project from the planning phase to implementation and we are renowned for excellent after-sales customer service. Request for a quote.