Robust and durable sandwich panels in Qatar – The need for insulation inside commercial interiors

Saving energy by lowering its consumption is one of the main aims of engineering. New developments in the field of building and construction offer scopes for manufacturing lighter structures with lesser energy consumption.

Sandwich panels are made of two metal sheets on both sides and there is an insulated core in the middle. The panels are made of water-resistant foam that does not absorb moisture and humidity. The insulated panels can arrest the growth of mold, mildew and bacteria. The insulated panels are suitable for roofing, walling and cladding solutions. Sandwich roof panels are robust and durable that do not depend on the humidity factor. These panels offer excellent insulation and have certain mechanical properties that makes them suitable for commercial use. Premium panels use the Styrofoam core that is lightweight and remains in a honeycomb manner.

Simple installation process

Sandwich panels are easier and simpler to install and the entire process could take about 7-8 hours. The arrangement of the panels depends on how the clients want it to be. We have a team of experienced sandwich panel manufacturers in Qatar and expert contractors to handle the installation process. TSSC manufactures durable sandwich panels including accessories like fasteners, sub-frames and screws. The lightweight panels can be easily transported to your site without much effort or paying high transportation costs.    

TSSC Group – reliable industrial solutions

TSSC Group is one of the renowned insulated panel manufacturers in Qatar. We are an ISO 9001 company specializing in manufacturing insulated panels for commercial buildings, walling and roofing solutions. We have been in the business for more than four decades or more than 50 years and have a rich client base from industries of all sizes in East Africa. Our sandwich insulated panels are affordable, the cost factor also depends on the thickness of the panels. The choice of core is responsible for offering the thickness to the panels. The EPS core is considered suitable but the PIR core offers greater performance. TSSC Group manufactures and designs pre-engineered panels under the brand name EASY WALL.

Final words – Discuss your project with us

TSSC Group is one of the leading companies in the Middle East that manufactures building and construction supplies. Our solutions are designed combining excellence and innovation. The Harwal Group is the largest plastic converter in the Middle East, Gulf countries, and East Africa. You can book a free consultation to discuss your project with the TSSC team for a customized solution. Refer to the website for complete information, seasonal offers and discounts from the TSSC store. We have an efficient team to manage your project from the discussion, planning phase to timely delivery of your project. TSSC Group offers on-time after-sales support. Our certified engineers have constantly been researching to implement the latest technology while manufacturing insulated panels. We have a team of representatives who even visit your site if needed. Reach us for a solution for your next project, and request a quote.